Scariest Movie Moments of All Time

Scariest Movie Moments of All Time

With all the great new takes on horror movies happening, we wanted to take a look at some of the scariest moments in the history of Cinema. What is it that makes us jump out of our seats? Why do some movies fill us with existential dread so effectively?

Check out our list and let us know what movies scare the bejeezus out of you in the comments!

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50 Responses to Scariest Movie Moments of All Time

  1. Poo Poo says:

    Jaws, just a fucking shark.

  2. beep boop says:

    Can someone please tell me what movie is shown at 8:20?

  3. Lighting Mishandle says:

    Get out was really good especially for peele’s first time directing I can’t wait for his next move

  4. 202cardline says:

    I remember this one scene from the original 2nd Ju-on movie when this girl trips over a ball in the middle of a park on a bright sunny day, and somehow the grudge kills her as she’s falling? She is then floating above her body, realizing she had died, watching her friend try to wake her up. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen, and now I know it was the existential horror that really got to me then.

  5. ishitv vats says:

    I’m going full screen y’all. Help me.

  6. omegastar19 says:

    I don’t think you are right about jump scares. Jump scares are cheap. Super cheap. There is nothing skilled about jumping up and yelling ‘BOO’. Anyone can do it. So when a horror movie uses a jump scare, I immediately conclude that they did not manage to actually make a scary movie and so were forced to rely on ‘BOO’.

  7. OneMinuteFixed says:

    I couldn’t sleep properly for two nights after watching the exorcist 2 as a kid lol

  8. Vanessa Heynen says:

    none of this is scary to i love most of this video but like most people agree the mist is a dick of a movie for making the use or even fathum the fathers son as sacrifice i mean you could have use the bitching in fear woman who thought it was good idea and sacrifice her instead RIGHT….

  9. Paint Splash says:

    That scene from Mirrors fucked me up! I was scared of looking in the bathroom mirror for months!

  10. Michael E. Patterson says:

    But nothing from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ made it onto this list? Not even in the clips from other movies?

  11. Rusty Nickels says:

    What about that time when Marv turned into a skeleton?

  12. Michael Maszk says:

    you didint mention anything from alien!!!

  13. adi gopiyani says:

    The Conjuring is missing

  14. PolarPoop says:

    I totally get why it isn’t on this list, but the entire second half of Sunshine (2007) was some of the most evil, mindnumbing terror for me to watch. And i can NOT put into words why this movie is so horrifying to me. It just is.

  15. Vie says:

    Oh fuck the jaws one got me wtf

  16. KK C says:

    That jaws one ways gets me XD

  17. Yangzi Rao says:

    nothing beats the Shining.

  18. Sithodah says:

    no mention of the ending to enemy? something about how it just sort of happens… its so uneasy and unsettling and doesn’t jump at you so much as it just blindsides you with the abstract…. scared the hell out of me

  19. Katia Florit says:

    I haven’t seen the film but that suicide scene really screwed with my head

  20. Jake Gordon says:

    watched cachΓ¨ a couple months ago. Can’t say I understood 100% of it on one watch but I would still definitley reccomend it. there is a simple story in it that everyone will get and it builds up to that disturbing scene, then there is almost a meta narrative in it that has a story not shown on screen but implied, that can be analyzed for years. really unique film.

  21. para mediccine says:

    why not just show the scenes? this is just you naming off how some movies did things well and critiquing…….

  22. Vie says:

    The scariest movie of all time is 10 cloverfield lane Jesus that got me honestly if u missed it at the big screen u missed out

  23. Liviana Dumitru says:

    To me atmosphere is everything. Those movies were nothing ever really happens to make us be afraid, but where the atmosphere is so fucking creepy that you’re on the edge of your seat the entire time (think of The Machinist and The Witch). Although nothing ever scared the shit out of me as much as The Blair Witch Project. That movie is so fucking simple and low-budget yet SO effective it amazes me. The character’s fear and uneasiness becomes your fear and uneasiness, to the point where it actually feels like you’re lost in that damn forest with them. This movie shows that not showing anything can be a lot scarier and intense than an elaborate and planned out horror scene.

  24. Herbert Plummer says:

    Don’t forget The Wicker Man (1973)

  25. villaparis2 says:

    That’s a awesome photo of Reagan with her head twisted around

  26. Michael Johnson says:

    Brilliant thought out list and well explained.Β  The vent scene in Alien is still my scariest moment of all time, and The Grudge is the only film to have ever chilled me to the bone.

  27. Kemal Trinanda says:

    why is it always movies in 90s or 80s or even 70s on every list. i mean the quality and the effect is not even really cool.

  28. 2012endofanerror says:

    Most horrifying movie of all wasn’t a horror movie: Deliverance.

  29. Louis Chiasson says:

    You had me at Mulholland Drive

  30. Fi Handley says:

    No. The scariest part of The Shining and possibly of all time is when the lady in the bathroom starts decomposing.

  31. William Patrick says:

    The Shining is a perfect horror movie. It nails everything, but most of all atmosphere, something not many can do.

  32. sakabatou86 says:

    Suspiria’s opening was pretty ruthless and very creepy. Also, that movie has the creepiest lighting I’ve yet seen.

  33. Perfumaphilia says:

    The bathroom scene with the old lady in The Shining scared the living shit out of me. I was just a kid when I first watched that film (loved the film then and still do), and I think I was a bit too young at the tender age of six or seven. It’s an effective scene to this day, but it was particularly effective because I had NO idea what was going to happen. Sure the music was creepy and all, but it was one of my first ever experiences with suspense movies, so I honestly had no idea what to expect. I’m almost thirty now, and that fucking scene still gets me. The diner scene in Mulholland Drive is a close second.

  34. Janusha says:

    At 9:10 The scene is ruined by the ridiculous idea that he would instantly be dead from slicing his own throat. You just bleed out and choke to death, thats it. Would take a minute of wild flailing and horrible spasms before actual death. Atleast.

  35. Richard Darlington says:

    Although the spider walk is in the book, it was not included in the original theatrical release of The Exorcist. By the way, the book was even creepier than the movie, if you can believe that! It’s too bad so many young people don’t read books. They are really missing out on some great stuff.

  36. Alexander Carson says:

    Donnie Darko used to give me really bad nightmares as a kids even though I loved it

  37. Aline Schneider says:

    The slow build in Fire Walk With Me when Laura goes to her bedroom to find BOB searching for her diary scared the SHIT out of me. The whole of FWWM has some creepy/scary moments but this one still makes me uneasy haha

  38. Alex Mitra says:

    Zodiac is a great movie that I’ve barely heard about

  39. jake kennedy says:

    lights out for number 6, it has one of the most consistent and longest running senses of impending doom, and i feel that the babadook has some pretty genuinely horrifying scenes and implications

  40. Narko Man says:

    Saw the spider walk scene when I was 6 years old in 2004. Couldn’t sleep till yesterday.

  41. Austin Cheesman says:

    The Ring

  42. 0riginal _Panda_Child says:

    SpongeBob SquarePants episode with the red dye flowing through the retirement home hallway (from the elevator) was from the Shining?!?!😡

  43. Angel Carmona says:

    The demon on the wardrobe jumpscare from the Conjuring was actually pretty good

  44. TheNerdyBassist says:

    #7 nearly gave me a damn heart attack :’)

  45. chicken noodel says:

    the insideous jump scare completely scarred me when I was younger and made me afraid to sleep sometimes. it definitely got you just when you thought you were safe

  46. Eliza Bennet says:

    Don’t Look Now is the film that scares me most (I couldn’t even watch the scenes here) and it rarely gets any notice. So, kudos guys.

  47. Frank White says:

    Scariest moment ever filmed is the E.T. jump scare by far…

  48. Phoenyx Diaz says:

    one you might have mkssed is the fear of the unknown in signs, that combined with the life long fear of the one shot in the street.

  49. Vie says:

    There wasn’t a jump scare in number 2 omg I’m so tense


    The only one that ever bothered me was Jaws or Lynch. The rest were just meh or funny.

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