Scrambled (2013) – Horror Short Film (Award-Winning)

Scrambled (2013) – Horror Short Film (Award-Winning)

A man awake late at night accidentally injures himself, only to find mysterious letters at his door in a series of increasingly bizarre events linked to a creepy urban legend that may actually be real. An atmospheric short film that gives birth to a terrifying new urban legend.


Written, Directed & Edited By – Faisal Hashmi
Starring — Abidur Rahman
Production Assistant — Rafey Hashmi
Extra — Linnea Sage (voice)
Music — Randin Graves

The film was shot in Dubai with no crew except the director and his Canon 600D. No budget. One location. One actor throughout.

Winner of Best Film at Murdoch’s My Film Fest in Dubai

Other Screenings:
Official Selection – Oshkosh Horror Film Festival 2013
Official Selection – Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival 2013
Official Selection – Malta Horror Fest 2013
Official Selection – South Africa Horror Fest 2013
Official Selection – Germany After Dark Horror Film Festival 2013

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50 Responses to Scrambled (2013) – Horror Short Film (Award-Winning)

  1. 《 Grizznups 》 says:

    This was pretty awful imo.

  2. John Smith says:

    This was award winning? I love how you see the cameraman’s arm in his laptop screen in the beginning haha

  3. SelfAwarePedant says:

    "If you lose any blood in the middle of the night, you get a visit from the blood fairy, who comes for the rest of it. You know, like the tooth fairy!"

    Yeah, I don’t think the tooth fairy comes for the rest of your teeth, though.

  4. Witty Vixen says:

    I thought it was odd the guy was listening to that type of music till towards the end it started up again. It was very fitting for the creep vibe.

  5. Derrick Fulcher says:

    Just started the video, guy eats a raw carrot like bugs bunny, he’s going to deserve what he gets.

  6. Merve says:

    1:10 is that fcking spongebob music

  7. Kallsin says:

    This was really good

  8. Trips says:


  9. Sean Stepp says:

    was that a scary version of inception? altho more simple and a lot shorter?!?!?

  10. Gato Mendez says:

    wtf is he cooking with a carrot and an orange? Rachel’s trifle?!

  11. This Anonymous says:

    So, basically if you’re on your period, you’re fucked.

  12. YAOG says:

    First of all, the people who keep mentioning that the cut was gone in a few seconds, you do realize that that was part of a dream sequence, right? The problem I have with this is when did he actually cut himself in order to summon that blood fairy? If the first two sequences are both dreams then that explains away some of the issues with the film, but doesn’t explain why the blood fairy is there or how he ‘lost blood’ accidentally while he was sleeping. The best part of the film was when the woman on the phone actually did some somewhat decent acting and started in about the blood fairy again. He checks the phone to see it’s unplugged and that was kind of creepy, even though there would be no reason for him to check that except that it was a dream sequence. Not bad for a guy with a cheap DSLR though.

  13. Veanne Kwabi says:

    Nicely done!

  14. White Chocolate says:

    never want to hear that song again, joking not very scarry but still good job☺

  15. Akhlaq Ahmed says:

    he did nice drama

  16. Joaquim Gonsalves says:

    I loved it!!

  17. gaurav goswami says:

    I think u hvnt watch it
    otherwise u cunt ask me "um why"

  18. Mark Robinson says:

    There’s a lot of average horror movies on YouTube, but this was very well done. The suspense built up nicely to a fitting conclusion.

    My only criticism would be that it was stated that the fairy had no shape or form, but there was clearly a shadow to symbolise her standing before him. That’s a huge contradiction.

    Otherwise, great job.

  19. M.I. Wright says:

    the tensest part of this film was knowing he was going to cut himself and waiting for it to happen

  20. Probablya Sloth says:


  21. XanderUnicorn says:

    So this must only effect guys, because what if a girl gets her period in the night? She’s gonna die.

  22. Gaming G-nia says:

    Check Out My Short Film Trailer Please Thanks

  23. 3D Interior says:

    The masage is ; dont warch a horror movie 🙂

  24. lil Yu says:

    u know who is going to get him Chucky lol

  25. Faisal Umehara says:

    He fell asleep on a chair?

  26. Daniel Lim says:

    These short horror films that rely on nothing but build up and show no ghost or anything at the end are getting really old. and what’s with playing 40s era music? that cliche alone is the scariest thing about this film. And who or what group of people are giving all these awards I see all these short films getting? is this like a weekly award equivalent to little children getting a star sticker on the wall because they spelled "bee" correctly?

  27. Jack Filpi says:

    No shit he cut himself with the way he was handling that knife. Someone send him to a kitchen safety class

  28. Linda Carter says:

    His finger was bleeding then a second later it wasn’t? ok.

  29. iFootballTV says:

    This should be funny video?

  30. buffalo mcFUCK says:

    wait who just plays creepy 60s music at the middle of the night

  31. Chrisyl The Missile says:

    Is it weird that I laughed at the end?

  32. gaurav goswami says:

    I wish I cud dislike it more than once

  33. Jazmine Shaikh says:

    Towards the end, when he wakes up for the second time, covered in blood, I went like, "Poor guy. Got his period for the first time. Look how terrified he is."

  34. Babe Boo says:

    with the title I think about Scrambled egg..😜

  35. Donutlover88 : says:

    If the blood fairy was real, people that are on their periods are screwed

  36. Raghi Pandit says:

    That was good!!

  37. Ajay Laxman says:

    the portion after he woke up for the second time really got messed up.

  38. Alizay Khan says:

    i just noticed the music in shortfilm :/

  39. Moonlight Glow says:

    for some reason,cheery music always ad to the creepiness of a video

  40. gaurav goswami says:

    I think u hvnt watch it
    otherwise u cunt ask me "um why"

  41. Sam Kingx says:

    2:52 boy at the end of the hall

  42. Dreamz Unlimited says:

    Nice Bro.. really loved it.. may allah Bless u ..keep growing 😊

  43. gaurav goswami says:

    non sense

  44. Seal Games says:

    this short was like good sex but no orgasm. needed to see at east part of the blood fairy.

  45. QueenofSpades 130 says:

    When he coughed up the letter I thought he was gonna cough up blood

  46. leebugg says:

    surely there was a better short film!!! this was alright but not award winning

  47. arnav badal says:


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