Scream (1996), Movie Clip #1, “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”

Scream (1996), Movie Clip #1, “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”

Casey (Drew Barrymore) answers a phone call and gets more than she bargained for.

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50 Responses to Scream (1996), Movie Clip #1, “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”

  1. MistressPhantomhive says:

    If they sound attactive, i might XD

  2. Matthew higgins says:

    deez nuts

  3. Hannah James says:

    Why did Casey answer the phone because it was the masked killer did not answer it because Casey

  4. Azuel Zorro says:

    Never watched Scream.

    I should really get around to doing that, considering it’s close to Halloween. o.o

  5. sparklingwolf2 says:

    I love his voice

  6. DVRK says:

    #bestquotes Β 

  7. Allen Cardenas says:


  8. dieauferstehung says:

    his favourite movie is stab xD

  9. Sandz890 says:

    What’s my favorite scary movie? Day Man!

    Ohh ahh ahhh!

  10. Rift Gaming9958 says:

    If someone asked me my faverouit scary movie is I’d say 50 shady of grey

  11. keirantalent says:

    And then they hit it off and instead of killing her he took her out to see a film.

  12. MissMephisto says:

    Am I the only one who thinks his voice is hot even though he’s using one of those voice changer things?

  13. LOKBLUDOM3N says:

    Mine’s Friday the 13th.

  14. thyago fernandes says:

    Yeah, Freddy Krueger.

  15. HiltonPosts says:

    She stayed on the phone that long lol. As soon as I heard that creepy voice I would grab My long stick I keep next to my bed and run like hell

  16. Roman Krivenko says:

    lol like phone booth

  17. cesar perez says:

    like comedywell I

  18. da bij says:

    Some random creepy guy calls that u don’t know. lol lets have a fucking conversation. XD

  19. ZIGaro96 says:

    #1 doesnt the government listen to people talking on the phone? #2 lol

  20. Leandro Coutinho says:

    This is classic
    what’s your favorite scary movie ?

  21. Jamie Anne says:

    The first "Scream" is my favorite scary movie lol had a big crush on Matthew Lillard lol I’m lame I know

  22. konfoodcibus says:


  23. cheneeamoi93 says:

    Don’t speak to strangers, kids! Drew Barrymore is so pretty!

  24. Victoria Hamm says:

    i know its so sexy

  25. eec says:

    Would it been too much if Barrymore’s character threw the "boring conversation anyway" phrase as a joke/easter egg?

  26. marika allen says:

    I like love scary movies

  27. stjarna 3 says:

    I thought it was Christopher Walker from "disappeared".

  28. random comedy sketch says:

    after scary movie i cant take these seriously

  29. Franku P. says:

    ghostface. whats your favorite scary movie .girl. i dont like scary movies .ghostface. fuck my life.

  30. WhiteDragon Roar says:

    My favorite is scream πŸ™‚

  31. cheneeamoi93 says:

    Freddy Krueger used to scare me so much to death!

  32. Eternaldarkness3166 says:


  33. pharyn roller says:

    my favorite scary movie is resident evil

  34. Paul Stockdale says:

    My answer would be ‘I have a 12 gauge full of buck shot’

  35. Swaki says:

    I’m scream for Halloween

  36. Franku P. says:

    end of the scream franchise

  37. KC Voorhees says:

    My favorite scary movie is also Scream.

  38. CarEdy23 says:

    drew barrymore was the best actrees in the whole movie and she appeared for like ten minutes

  39. GhostfaceFrance says:


  40. funnyfan93 says:

    I always felt bad for Drew aka Casey in this openening scene… When you think its quite terrifying the thought of getting murderded in your own home! The whole place in the world where your ment to feel safe and secure and hide away from all the troubles of the world. Its an awesome movie with a very creepy introduction.
    When I first saw this movie I assmumed she’d survive because she such a big actress abit like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween!

  41. Not Normal King says:

    Drew does it Better πŸ˜›

  42. iiSwagerMonster x says:

    What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie ?

  43. kittyofpink says:

    Isn’t it ironic that she practically says "I like scary movies" when she’s in a scary movie. What a coincidence.

  44. Mc Satan says:

    "Is that the one were the guy had knives for fingers?"

    I love how that sounded sarcastic.

  45. Just Some Guy with a Mustache says:

    Mojo Jojo?

  46. Callum A says:

    I like how they just have a conversation

  47. marika allen says:

    Omg who is that

  48. Lady Creeps says:

    This scene is so unrealistic, it’s laughable. Seriously though, I like the concept of him asking her about scary movies, trying to freak her out and what not. But in reality, if some random guy you don’t know calls you, you don’t have a fricken full blown conversation with him like he’s an old friend! You hang up the phone and walk away. At least that’s what I’d do.

    It’s too funny. It just tickles me inside XD

  49. bulltrunch says:

    Scream 1 THE BEST!!!!!!
    Scream 2 just as good as the first in my opinion.
    Scream 3 ok pretty good at times not bad the ending was terrific and the Scream thing all gets revealed why it this sick thing started to happen in the first place. Sidney comes face to face with serial killer who started the scream thing since the Prescott’s family problem. Sad story.
    Scream 4 terrible not needed aloe very stupid sorry scream people who loved 4.

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