#Selfie – Evil Dummy From Hell (SHORT HORROR FILM – Horror Movies)

#Selfie – Evil Dummy From Hell (SHORT HORROR FILM – Horror Movies)

Our latest release, #Selfie – Evil Dummy From Hell – SHORT HORROR FILM – Horror Movies, uses some of the standard horror tropes you’re familiar with. In this case, our stunning selfie taker is so preoccupied with hash tagging everything and the image she’s presenting that she doesn’t even notice she’s being stalked the entire time by an evil looking ventriloquist’s dummy. It’s an entertaining film but it’s got a message most of us can relate to in this world where experience comes second to the image we’re projecting. The film features our protagonist capturing her own image to upload to her Instagram account. She’s so into the job of taking the perfect picture at the perfect angle, that she doesn’t even answer calls or check the image once it’s uploaded.

Check out Scary Movie The Ring Parody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30WcaFYjgCY

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50 Responses to #Selfie – Evil Dummy From Hell (SHORT HORROR FILM – Horror Movies)

  1. Soozette says:

    its Slappy From Goosbemps movi

  2. Jacqueline King says:

    Subtiles please

  3. Thermal Blade says:

    Who takes a dummy that looks like that

  4. Howling Commondos says:

    really she walked into the front door like that.

  5. Stephanie Mullen says:

    I wonder who’s the real dummy!? At the end it said "What’s up with the dummy? (5 minutes ago) Then it said "I’m coming over after I take this selfie". (15 minutes ago) How in the hell was he able to send that 5 minute video if he was dead 15 minutes ago? They said after people take their selfies they are dying, so who sent that 5 minute ago selfie? That should of been switch around………

  6. Amber S says:

    You had no shame opening the door half naked, why not just run outside?

  7. Odessa Carter says:

    That’s creepe I thought I would be ok

  8. Dora Dix says:

    hey, it’s slappy!

  9. Cristian Hernandez says:

    jdnd djdmfj

  10. Robin Jordan says:

    Number one, why would she not get clothes on, two, why would she take a creepy dummy on her porch in just her underwear, three, why the fuck didn’t she act like a normal person when she looked at the picture of that dummy following her everywhere and open that door and leave!?

  11. ExtraExtream 7 says:

    Meh… Wasn’t too scary

  12. Anthony Watson says:

    has anyone noticed how they used a character called jason and the song selfie also has a character called jason

  13. GetWithIt says:

    Who answers the door in their underwear?!

  14. hayati kamaruddin says:

    Wtf, how many selfie she took in one day. She’s the scary bitch and not the doll lol.

  15. aDank mEme says:

    how’d i get here from slo mo guys

  16. Sana K says:

    Lmao the way the dummy lunged at her in the end.

  17. Nikola Lazarevic says:

    0:40 omg,ghost in the room

  18. Angel lights says:

    that’s not scary

  19. DrOiD sCaRe says:

    Oh hell nah dummy’s no i would have gotten the hell out of there or moved somewhere else or I will fuckin kill that thing

  20. - Skyler - says:

    3:56 did you get that from life is strange 😂

  21. high as fuck says:

    "#gofuckyourself" lol XD

  22. David Ibarra says:

    Those pics reminded me of Haunted House 2 with the Annabelle doll

  23. Thermal Blade says:

    No hashtags after every word please

  24. Rachel Gray says:

    she needs to fix the front door

  25. Brionna Bailey says:

    Why didn’t she just walk out the front door she was right next to it and why does the dummy hats selfies

  26. surge says:

    I don’t get it. Where the hell did the doll come from. Is this one doll killing everyone? Does the doll stick around after killing them? Gahh

  27. Jmoney Vevo says:

    That Dummy look like Slappy From Goosebumps

  28. pollypop says:


  29. Warofcalvin Le-banouvong says:

    What the fuck it a dummy

  30. Mislav says:

    Pretty creepy, but funny also! "Go fuck your selfie" LOL. That doll looked scary! I especially liked the last scene. Keep up the good work.

  31. GamingUser X says:

    1:39 she So Sexy omg

  32. Joseph Chan says:

    It looks like slappy from goosebumps

  33. Boomboxkitty The kittens says:

    I liked the #gofuckyourselfie

  34. I am BATMAN says:

    damn i always love dummy horror movies , this short flim is great & scary…


    what the fucking

  36. Hella Snowy says:

    Go fuck your selfie – Life is Strange anyone? Also, this wasn’t scary.

  37. Max Dodd says:

    My little pony is scary as hell

  38. Troll Lady says:

    Maybe He Wants Only To Fuck Her As Her Selfies , And Then She Slept with him 🙂
    Happy Ending

  39. Marek Blazo says:

    At least something sexy was in the video. :*

  40. Max Dodd says:

    The scary smiles

  41. Ivet Angelova says:

    Bet the creator wanted to stop this thing with the selfies😂😂😂😂

  42. shahab ahmed says:

    nice horror.

  43. stranger than reality says:


  44. Kemerly White says:

    wtf!!!!!? she was naked

  45. Ginger girly gamer says:

    it is so scary

  46. Percy Pringle says:

    Maybe the doll was a Hit Man, hired by t mobile and she was a Verizon customer

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