Seven Minutes Award Winning Short Horror Film by Neill Morris on Vimeo

Seven Minutes Award Winning Short Horror Film by Neill Morris on Vimeo

to all the short movie people
i have put your movies up because i love them.
and over people shunned to

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23 Responses to Seven Minutes Award Winning Short Horror Film by Neill Morris on Vimeo

  1. H NENGU says:

    Of course, the criminal is your stereotypical black guy wearing a hoodie.😒 giving the casting director a side eye. But, over all it’s a nice story with a good twist.

  2. Jarod Smith says:

    Yeah, this won no awards ever. No need to lie as a form of "click bait". That was the worst short film I’ve ever seen, no exaggeration.

  3. amit salvi says:

    you may like those movies but you know what you should put link in description of main creator channel
    so people should appreciate real creator. you are taking some one credit who use to be deserve.
    I am disliking this video because… this is someone else work.

  4. faisal love says:

    Very nice

  5. Lizabeth Ann says:

    awful acting.

  6. Elizabeth Walker says:

    Wow. Racist much?

  7. Johnny the You Know What says:

    Whoa, that’s weird. I just watched a different video that also had a Salvador Dali clock in it.


    Not racist at all …Jk ….wtf is wrong with society perpetuating the primitive : "if you are not white you are bad" yet we whites have done and still at it doing the most harm and evil shit.

  9. Aut Otoña says:

    a black guy just runs in and shoots her for literally no reason. fuck you.

  10. eric seiz says:

    So why did the black male wearing a hoodie shoot and kill her. That is racist.

  11. sadik shaikh says:

    that’s not horror but still liked the end.

  12. Hira Abbasi says:

    im not a black but the only thing struck me was the blacl guy who came to kill

  13. Dionne Danzey says:


  14. Vorname Nachname says:

    The reaper is one hell of an actor. Love his voice.

  15. РосМорг says:

    гавно полнейшее.

  16. c. j. macq says:

    I swear, morons on you tube don’t know how to criticize; they attack! I always try to find something worth praising then make some critical suggestions. this was a finely crafted and thought provoking short. (did you know russ meyer once made film called The Seven Minutes?) yours is an interesting concept I can’t get into without giving it away. but all I see is high production values, strategically placed, high quality special effects, skillful and unpretentious camerawork and EXCELLENT EXPOSITION! my biggest complaint of you tube horror shorts is their pretentious over-cutting in quick succession to cover for their lack of motive and exposition. neill morris; fine job and thanks for the film.

  17. Warren Harrison says:

    this short sucked.

  18. Nichol Dsouza says:

    Sad than scary…

  19. emordnilaP says:

    Not surprised by the number of comments about the black guy being the shooter. But let’s face it, people of all races, kill people of all races, and while ALWAYS making the black guy the shooter would be racist, so would NEVER doing so.

  20. vincent52 says:

    why dont she turn on some light

  21. eric seiz says:

    It is a free country(for now) so you can be racist. But because for now we still have freedom of speech you will be called out for it.

  22. End unit says:

    Great job, I’m a fan 🙂

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