[SFM Bendy] “Horror Show” by Komodo Chords | BatiM Animated Song by Super Elon (feat. TheSpyBeetle)

[SFM Bendy] “Horror Show” by Komodo Chords | BatiM Animated Song by Super Elon (feat. TheSpyBeetle)

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Bendy and the Ink Machine Song by Komodo Chords – Horror Show Animation by Super Elon – Bendy and the Ink Machine chapter 2 – TheSpyBeetle
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50 Responses to [SFM Bendy] “Horror Show” by Komodo Chords | BatiM Animated Song by Super Elon (feat. TheSpyBeetle)

  1. Aleksandar Nikolic says:

    2:35 Easter egg

  2. Nessie Lolz says:

    why is ballora from fnaf and thomas the engine thing there…?

  3. Zipter 34 says:

    Holy shit I paused at 2:35 exactly where the hidden picture is

  4. Fnaflover123 ilovefnaf!! says:

    Omg I paused it at 2 :36 omg it’s sopoets to be at the end!!!!!!😱😱😱😱

  5. Javier Alvarez says:

    Did Thomas enter the audition to be an actor and he was picked?

  6. Taileia Glass says:

    Who saw squidward

  7. HyaenaGaming says:

    This deserves more views, honestly. I love how you gave Ink Bendy a personality, rather than just have him move around like in other SFMs. I *loved* the camera angles, especially where he’s walking towards Sammy down the hall, and seeing him doing ballet with Ballora… Oh man. xD It gave me a good laugh when he was messing around with Bendy’s cutout. This easily just became one of my favorite SFMs for Horror Show! Well done!

  8. Стас Краснов says:


  9. Javier Roman Maya says:

    Bendys hand came out of my phone screen lol

  10. FNAF HauntedCorgiFox says:

    Now THATS a Demon.

  11. Nacho Pyro says:

    Okay, I’m just saying, but did anyone, ANYONE see the long lines on Bendy’s fingers at 1:22?!

  12. Machoman RandywolfSavage says:


  13. jahzeel salazar says:

    like jajajajajajajjajajajjajajjajajajjajajjajajajja

  14. Edisa Basic says:

    Music video starts at 0:59

  15. Lisa Poole says:

    OMG XD BALLORA AND THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Carmelo Simon Caparros says:

    What happened to Alice eyes


  17. Bendy the dancing swag demon says:

    2:09 so boris is telling me to call squidward to play his clarinet and then for me to hi five alice? What?

  18. Yenndo And TheFNaFFan says:


  19. Kirby Pufnam says:

    3:22 | Look at Bendy’s Bowtie to find a Undertale Reference

    I think i’m the only one who found this, am I right?

  20. Cameronmysticblocks says:

    2:31 was that an undertale soul?

  21. Sans Skeleton and Home TV says:


  22. Zipter 34 says:

    Starts at 0:56 Thank me later

  23. bendyand the lover noahcaaui says:

    join us the ink domon

  24. Moises Ulin Romo says:

    I like this song and this animation :3

  25. AnonimowyPl Gaming says:

    1:46 Why bendy have 3 fingers.

  26. Komodo Chords says:

    Thanks a ton, Super Elon! This was awesome, cool, hilarious and I’ve been anticipating it for a while with zero disappointment 😀 Your animation skills are incredible, and you totally made my day.

  27. TheDimondFoxy Cardenas says:

    lol thomas the dank engine

  28. Karen King says:

    Thomas the tank engin XD

  29. Sam the Skeleton says:

    О дак ты шоль

  30. perry mackay says:

    i like your accent dude

  31. Rehana Nooria says:

    Nightmare bendy feet look like frog feet

  32. Zecto Blizzard says:

    2:34 bendy:ughhhhh why did I accept the invite to that party

  33. Dearna Leishman says:

    Uhh super Elon make a video of bendy and the ink machine song called"flow the ink"

  34. Yenndo And TheFNaFFan says:


  35. Eclipse Animations and Games says:

    Why is yellow eye used as bendy?

  36. SpringyGD says:

    2:09 Sponge Bob! Where’s that crabby patty? Oh, it was here the whole time, well I’m Gunnar put it on The floor for the mice to enjoy

  37. patty schmader says:

    Nice video

  38. Foxybitme87 says:

    You see Sammy, he’s just like; Bruh, my lord is so kewl, I luv his shows, I wacth them ova here every yea

  39. ScaryEnnard20 Animator-More says:

    What type of bendy is that on the end

  40. Ryan Meeks says:

    Btw it’s guilty fears not filthy fears

  41. ScaryEnnard20 Animator-More says:


  42. Antti Asikainen says:

    What’s app name

  43. Ink Sans' Precious Soup // ResoluteInkSans RBLX says:

    Quickly pause at 2:34.

  44. EPIC_bendy says:

    Ya well I have 3 monitors!

  45. ANIMATOR CILIK says:

    i saw the real ending on 2:35

  46. jahzeel salazar says:

    like helosuper Elon

  47. lord zombie says:

    Nice music 👍👍👍☻☻☻

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