Short Horror Movie – “In Chambers”

Short Horror Movie – “In Chambers”

“In Chambers” is a dark, enigmatic, unpredictable short horror film coming from Norway, the rising country in the horror genre (“The Troll Hunter”, need we say more?).
Filmmakers Aleksander Nordaas & Bendik Heggen Strønstad are soon going to release their full-length horror movie “Thale” (yes, you’ve seen the trailers here!) – which is already making vibes around the net, and touted as the “quirky nordic follow up to ‘Troll Hunter’! ” – featuring the mysterious “Huldra”. Want to know more? sure – go to and get there all the updated.

Our big thanks to Aleks and Bendik for allowing us to feature their great short here – we are always keen to let aspiring creative producers get exposed and engage the great horror fans audience – which is without doubt the best in the world, isn’t it?

Produced by Yesbox Productions –
Producer: Bendik Heggen Strønstad
Written / directed / edited by Aleksander Nordaas –
Cast: Silje Reinåmo, Erlend Nervold, Morten Andresen, Jon Sigve Skard

Watch out for the upcoming feature film from the same producer and director: “Thale” (2012) –

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50 Responses to Short Horror Movie – “In Chambers”

  1. clarie91s says:

    The ending is so sad… The man thinks he’s lucky not to have a number on him, but is oblivious to the fact that he’s never gonna wake up/leave that place. His wife holds onto hope that someday, he will wake up, but the female protagonist knows that he’ll never wake up (if she finds out the old man is the man in the chambers).

    This is my 2nd time watching this and I’m crying again.

  2. Eddie Marais says:

    I can’t get over how good this film is. Far better than most Hollywood shit.

  3. Chronos says:

    So beautifull

  4. God of Thunder Designs says:

    Even better on second viewing. Wow…

  5. Letizia Zolis says:

    I dint get ._.

  6. Kanwaljesh Johar says:

    can any one explain me what happened in this short film I m really confused 🙁

  7. Veda Afos says:

    one of the best short horror films i’ve watched.

  8. Bob Eagle says:

    Oh Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. daretofall17 says:

    Honestly, this is, by far, the best horror short film I’ve ever layed my eyes on. The cinematography, editing, lighting, everything was perfect. And the acting was phenomenal!! Amazing job!

  10. ProjectZeil says:

    lighting, camera and special effects are really good! the actors are also pretty good!

  11. SunRunnerNY says:

    Wow! That was really good! Loved it!

  12. TrephineArtist says:

    Not sure I’d class this as horror but its a good short film anyway.

  13. stera Perowski says:

    haha mula nahasana

  14. Biljana Malesevic says:

    Beautiful! Now I am on Horrornymphs

  15. Hayden Chapple says:

    i love it

  16. MPA2000 says:

    Sad that the poor sap has been in a coma apparently since WWII.

    Kind of reminds me of Jacob’s Ladder because "If you are holding on to life, then you feel like devils are tearing you apart from it, but if you let go and find peace, you’ll find that the devils are really angels."

  17. María Verónica Viñas says:


  18. Avi Shulman says:

    very nice

  19. Emre ÖZ says:

    İts a super short film with a great scenario

  20. Christian Karcher says:

    Haunting, but what an absolutely beautiful yet wretched way of looking at limbo. The atmosphere created in this ten minute short was more powerful and invigorating than most major motion pictures. Bravo Norway.

  21. LisaGuADTR says:

    I dont get it

  22. Condom Printer says:

    I get it now, it represents the waiting room for people in a coma

  23. Christian Karcher says:

    Still come back to this. Should have millions of views by now, such a shame talent like this goes unrecognized.

  24. Jarrod Day says:

    Well done I love it

  25. Kunal Joshi says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you.

  26. God of Thunder Designs says:

    Fantastic. Beautiful. More please

  27. Jarrod Day says:

    This was amazing well done!! This is being liked and favorited by me!! And I’m subscribing!!

  28. CZsWorld says:

    Great visuals and editing. Wish the story made more sense.

  29. edoelrickun says:

    that’s…pretty good. but now i feel sorry for that one guy…

  30. Venus Mars says:

    Can anyone please explain the significance of the potatoes?

  31. Kendrick BaldwinTV says:

    What the hell happened?

  32. Caroline Wiggins says:

    Really atmospheric. I watched it twice. The soundtrack is suitably ethereal and mystical. Not so much a horror – too beautiful! But great.

  33. Jackathan says:

    I would totally watch a full-length version of this…

  34. shahbaz saeed says:

    truely beautiful

  35. henry marin says:

    I saw thale I’m confused because it’s the same actress. Is this a follow up to the ending of the movie

  36. TheJok26 says:

    is anybody else amazed with the boobs of that blond girl? anyway a great movie!

  37. Craz Yjay says:

    +Kanwaljesh Johar all these people had loved ones about to be killed or die, and rather than let them live with the agony, he kills them in sychronicity with there familys deaths to save eachpther the guilt and they spirits can live together in the grouphome

  38. norwin dagohoy says:

    Very nice

  39. alfredagain says:

    Thankyou, horrornymphs. I’ve watched it twice now. Norway has some very talented film makers. I saw ‘Thale’ last night. That lady looks even better with a tail!

  40. Aschwin van den berg says:

    does anybody else recognize, the song at 7.03 …?? what movie or game is it from…? Please Tell Me..!!

  41. -l- BAPHOMET -l- says:

    Great short film! Congrats!

  42. Shiraz Ahmed says:

    Really amazing. 

  43. HeR MeS says:


  44. MDuncan1958 says:

    Well done short film.  The storyline was explored in depth in a film called Sublime, released in 2007.

  45. Daniel Alexander says:

    watch?v=-B2EFQXfuPs Please check this out! My friend and I made it for school and it turned out pretty good 😀 Check it! 😀

  46. Dream Vore says:

    guys open ur eyes! its outside of the Matrix! thats all!

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