Sleight (2015) – Horror Thriller Short Film

Sleight (2015) – Horror Thriller Short Film

Plot – A late night radio host goes off on a rant about his disdain for magicians. But when a man claiming to be a magician calls on air, things get increasingly sinister.

Written, Directed and Edited by: FAISAL HASHMI

Director of Photography – RAFEY HASHMI
Composer – TRAN BACH
Executive Producer – KURT BARRETTO
Production Assistant – ZHULDYZ BEKOVA
Make-Up – ANN JC
Still Photography – KEVIN SEBASTIAN

Best Film Finalist – Midwest Horror Short Film Festival 2015
Official Selection – Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2015
Official Selection – Almost Famous Fright Film Festival 2015
Official Selection – Middle East Film and Comic Con 2015

Shot on the Canon EOS C100 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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(C) Hashmic House Films 2015


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50 Responses to Sleight (2015) – Horror Thriller Short Film

  1. Joe S.B. says:

    A great short horror film that deserves respect. It personifies the inner deep scary emotions. You have all respects.

  2. Arpan Tribhuwan says:

    That really was something worth watching

  3. Setiawan Yoga says:

    "If you believe it and it will be reall" this is the best !! I read all
    Of the comment and they have same feel i hope this movie will be remake for the theater

  4. Nathan 'Dethron' says:

    Great dialogue

  5. Dawn Finch says:

    that was really good

  6. Jose Gallardo says:

    Need the name of that ending song tho

  7. Richard Morse says:

    I never comment on anything buy I was Blown away by far the best short horror film I’ve ever seen bar none bravo

  8. Young Wizard & the sAint says:


  9. Liam Mckullin says:

    OMG! i spend way too much time watching horror shorts online and this is my new favorite. but id also recommend "Downstairs" and "The Thing in the Apartment"

  10. Adam Painter says:

    That was awesome.

  11. MsSecretlady says:


  12. Maddie Byers says:

    oohhh this is really good

  13. Isabello Schnabbnello says:

    great ! :)grüße aus deutschland

  14. kim black says:

    Damb it ya got me! What a wonderful thrill ride. I absolutely loved it. Great job folks. Keep em coming πŸ˜„

  15. Young Wizard & the sAint says:


  16. DayNNightOG 4 says:


  17. Joshua Montague says:

    Hashmic, I’m also in the acting biz. I’ve done both physical and voice acting. After making a well-done film like this, I would LOVE to work with you possibly on a project! 😊

  18. Queen Johnson says:

    I still got scared, even though I expected a jump scare, after the magician said, "No good trick ends without a surprise". XD

  19. Dee Green says:

    I really enjoyed this. Of all the horror shorts I’ve seen, I think this is my favourite! Great twist. I didn’t see that coming! I was prepared for the bark of a dog, at some point.

  20. Chris Egar says:

    Bingewatched horror shorts all of Saturday and this one was my favourite by far! Incredibly well done

  21. Ty Xiong says:

    WOW. This is well-done. This needs more views. So much of the bad short horror films get so much views yet these good ones never get any. But this is nicely done. The acting, dialogue, cinematography, editing, everything were on point. Good job!

  22. Jakub Wojciechowski says:

    Everything was okey, except extremly predictible ending. That spoil story a little bit.

  23. Young Wizard & the sAint says:


  24. Elizabeth SΓ‘nchez says:

    woow que cool

  25. Ellen Georgian says:

    I love broccoli.

  26. Ratri says:

    Of all the horror shorts I’ve browsed through so far this has the best dialogue and line delivery, hands down!

  27. Robert C says:

    By the way, I’m considering picking up a c100 for my own short films, what lens did you use?

  28. Neeharika Nene says:

    That REALLY was something… Loved it

  29. Don Giovanni says:

    This was like an adult episode of R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour

  30. Debra Wolf says:

    This is a masterpiece.

  31. Joshua Montague says:

    "No good trick ends without a surprise."

    That was a little catch there……..AND THEN IT HAPPENED!! BIG SURPRISE! 😱

  32. Abhimanyu Roat says:

    I was cautious from, "… Surprise in the end".

  33. logithss 21 says:

    This is amazing…

  34. Mike Sowder says:

    good stuff guys, thanks for the fright night!!

  35. alytaromy says:

    No good trick ends without a surprise….

  36. bubbacas23 says:

    loved it. The acting was so great, that I got sucked into it. This should have been a feature length film. Perfect

  37. Young Wizard & the sAint says:


  38. Prachi Mathur says:


  39. Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum. says:

    Should’ve been a dog at the end. Hahaha

  40. Violet Bishop says:

    ok, this was beautiful. absolutely amazing! it makes me wonder, at the end, was she really there or was it his thoughts? I tend to look deep into things, ha. Kind of a problem of mine, i over analyse everything. all in all, it was a master piece, well done

  41. paulo carnaxide says:


  42. Sonali Rai says:

    This is THE best short horror film that I have watched till now. Really got me! This is a really well made film! Loved it!

  43. Sarah Bell says:

    I watch the video over and over. I read the comments. (I’m deaf. Mind you, I can’t hear the voices. If anyone would mind to explain what’s happening to me, I would be pleased.) I still don’t really understand the plot here.

  44. Robert C says:

    First short I have watched on YouTube that actually made me believe I was watching a movie & not just a Youtube video. Really spectacular job. Great dialogue, sound design, and shots. Very impressed.

  45. Lyr Blackwell says:

    Maybe she wouldn’t have appeared if he said he didn’t believe…

  46. Jason Berry says:

    Great short film πŸ‘πŸ‘ It’s like, I figured it was gonna end the way it did, but I didn’t at the same time. Needless to say, the ending almost made me have a heart attack.

  47. Joe S.B. says:

    Great short horror film, and great acting performance altogether with an important topic. Congratulations.

  48. torils65 says:

    Great job! This was really good!πŸ‘πŸ½

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