Sparky and Eliza turn NOT QUITE DEAD!

So the other day Sparky and Eliza became NOT QUITE DEAD!

For those of you that know them, you will know that they have always been very avid supporters of Crazy D Lane’s independent feature film ‘Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead #IOTNQD and for those of you who don’t know… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Anyway, ‘INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD’ is a 10 year passion project by indie Filmmaker AD LANE (Crazy D Lane) – AD has battled for nearly 10 years struggling to get this film up and running and he needs all the help and support he can get. No matter how bad life got AD LANE HAS NEVER GIVEN UP and he has always inspired us and many others too, he taught us that no matter how bad it gets there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and when life smacks you in the face, to get back up and say you hit like a bitch!!!

This is AD’s dream, lets support him on his passion project.

IOTNQD is Inspired by 70s/80s horror films, 50’s SciFi B-Movies & modern British cinema, this is brutally raw & character driven, tackling subjects like mental illness, bullying & domestic abuse. You don’t want to miss this!! Be a part of a revolutionary process, the first of it’s kind, a classic in the making. This film will go down in indie film history!

Please visit the indigogo campaign to support the film in anyway you can.

If you can’t donate, spread the word 🙂

Source: Sparky and Eliza

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