Speechless (2017 – short horror film)

Speechless (2017 – short horror film)


A boy tries to find out if someone is really outside of his bedroom door.

Starring Ryan Craig, Shani Salyers Stiles and Scott Allen Tucker

Story by Dan Dark
Directed by Dustin Demoret
Produced by Dan Dark and Lauren Harper Dumoulin

Filmed by Bayonet Media

(c) 2017 Dan Dark

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50 Responses to Speechless (2017 – short horror film)

  1. XaeeD says:

    Did you fix that door just for this film or are doors really that high off the floor in America?

  2. Stromedy says:

    What was this shot on?

  3. Golden Retriever says:

    when you cant even open a door at the start XD JK some people (things) have problems and might even be disabled so yeh dint take this too seriously plez and good short

  4. Prem RJ says:

    its Little scary

  5. B Bistak says:

    I was expecting the mom’s reaction…would’ve escalated this to crazy wild terror…creature’s face did remove the scare factor however, the shadow of the thing was awesome, and maybe its finger shhh’ing ON the boy would’ve really taken the scare factor up several notches..add the mother’s reaction after and this would’ve won awards in my book!

  6. Boss Cass says:

    I feel like it would have worked better if it ended at 5:15.

  7. Sheikh Shahnawaz says:

    From one filmmaker to another, this was really well shot and graded. Loved the concept of sharing messages under the door. Great to see so much views on this so quickly! If you get a chance please check out my short films ‘Stalker’ and ‘Friend Request’. Would love to know what you think. Keep up the great work!

  8. Dan Birchfield says:

    Great job- loved it- thanks for giving me nightmares.

  9. Lenegard says:

    Wow…. Soooo creepy.

  10. Zach Howard says:

    That was creepy

  11. priya shah says:

    this makes me speechless 😨

  12. CAT . . . says:

    That monster’s handwriting ruined the whole film for me honesty. Damn, lol.

  13. Siimpaaticoo says:

    This is a great distraction since I have clinicals tomorrow.

  14. Heather Ions says:

    That was really good. I didn’t like his mum though.

  15. UnrealTerm04 says:

    Great short film… loved it. I made a reaction video to it.

  16. I Have No Life says:


  17. Tashu Arya says:

    d ghost was so funny!!

  18. Golden Retriever says:

    im the type of person who likes horror films…OH I MEAN DOG IM THE TYPE OF DOG O.O

  19. Jacob Jack says:

    hey wat happened at the last. All these short horror films have a mystery ending

  20. Molly Fixxxer says:

    That was one of the most amazing and well done short horror films I’ve ever seen!

  21. Stef T says:

    There’s a baseball bat right there kid hello!!!!!

  22. Nick Name says:

    when he saw his hand, i would write back:
    "nice hand mate"

  23. Equus 21-Aaron B. says:

    Welp…not sleeping tonight! Great job!

  24. anthony perez says:

    So good !

  25. percy jackson says:

    I wish i could snap pencils using the tips of my fingers

  26. carloscream says:

    AMAZING WORK! Kid can act!

  27. Eethan O'Connell says:

    Someone this seems like a story of a mother who refuses to believe her son is being bad touched by the man she’s let into the house…

  28. Mari -chan says:

    Poor little boy 😭😭😭😔

  29. mbear1 says:

    Best use of "jump" music!
    Nice job!!

  30. Shreya Swain says:

    Me the entire time: USE THE FREAKING BASEBALL BAT

  31. nikeboy production says:

    I know them Shenandoah is awesome and hi Ryan

  32. Rachael Read says:

    what were the noises at the end?

  33. Beluga Whale says:

    That was really good! Nicely shot, awesome atmosphere, I was on edge the whole time! Super good snappy editing. Only things that did throw me off was a little broken continuity shot, and why he would get out of bed in the first place; let the blankets protect you child!!
    Really amazing film though, I loved the acting and the set and atmosphere and the monster was great too!!! 10/10

  34. vilmarie santos says:

    it kinda mades me wonder if he were to be nice to it ,would it still rip his skin off ? lol i don’t know but i still like this

  35. Jake says:

    Nicely done. Would have been great if after the credits, it’s the next morning, the mom goes to wake up her son only to find a bloody mess all over his room.

  36. 1250ececec says:

    Very unusual..I like it and it was maybe like Babadook – maybe there is a Babadook thief (Dan Dark) 😀 But the sound was too much loud. 7/10 points

  37. Gage Steffens says:

    amazing cinematography guys!!!!

  38. Patrick King says:

    For a second, I was like, "Oh wow, commentary on how verbally abusive parents could easily be perceived as monsters and end up making their children feel powerless, like their voices don’t matter, rendering their children speechless." Then I was like, "Oh he dead."

  39. Mana productions says:

    very creepy. love the feeling it gave me! keep up the good work.

  40. Dinglebobman says:

    is this based on a real horror icon like jason voorhees called skinman?

  41. kim black says:

    Bot fantastic, but pretty good.

  42. Fuzzims McFuzzface says:

    Goosebumps all over me. Great movie guys. Great acting by "mom" She managed to piss me off for screaming
    at her kid like that. I don’t often get THAT absorbed into a movie!

  43. luna_ti.ck says:

    Loved it! The mom’s acting was superb!

  44. GrammaCat says:

    5:45 Harambe seeks revenge.

  45. Elizabeth Wise says:

    Really liked this one. But the scariest thing in the whole film to me were the legos on the floor!

  46. Zac Carmichael says:

    that mum is a misunderstanding idiot

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