Speechless (short horror film) Reaction

Speechless (short horror film) Reaction

Original Video: https://youtu.be/eypyc35Bet4
Reaction requested by: ivan lopez

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49 Responses to Speechless (short horror film) Reaction

  1. ひKing Anthonyひ says:

    Aye what’s with the bandanas? For like image?

  2. Rickarius Garrett says:

    please React to Geostorm Trailer 🌆🛬☈🌪🔥🌊

  3. Leezy346 says:

    lmao…that scream 😂😂😂

  4. aPpl pie says:

    Sometimes when i pull on it….i rip the skin.

  5. Mindslide Gameworks says:

    omg, they had me crying at the end, lol!!!!

  6. AD4L - Thug says:

    After M-Dogg start yelling, I can hear his neighbors, "You hear somebody yelling?" Somebody else say, "M-Dogg must be biting da hell outa somebody. He just letn us know whats goin down. HANDLE DAT SHIT M-DOGG! DON’T LET DAT NIGGA GET AWAY!"

  7. The NuttyNiNjA says:

    Shit, a can of beans, peanut butter, and expired milk would have been treated like it was a gift from god when I was younger.

  8. Jeremiah Jackson says:

    hey guys i jest SUBSCRIBED so im a new subscriber leave a like on my comment

  9. Avalon Parson says:

    That window diving joke got my ass!! Great video guys! 😂😂😂

  10. Brenda Sexton says:

    there is a thing on youtube how they made logan

  11. Krystle Bowers says:

    HILARIOUS thanks for reacting and just being here,plz REACT TO MORE short horror films PLZ

  12. Jack Pandora says:

    it was my birthday on the 4th and as a belated birthday, could yall do a reaction to Downstairs the short horror film?

  13. nory setha says:

    fuckin marching band… im dead lmaoo

  14. Sydney Hummel says:

    I know Ryan personally, he goes to my school and we were all super proud of him

  15. Anthony Thompson says:

    Lol I was like I hope the kid gets killed so the mom can feel bad for being an a**hole

  16. STATHIS says:


  17. Dustin Demoret says:

    Hey guys, I was the director on this project. Hilarious!! Thanks for reacting! Hope you enjoyed the film, we definitely had a blast making it.

  18. Dragon Ryan says:

    react to orisa new overwatch character

  19. MIKEGX333 says:


  20. NoName James says:

    lhh I fucking love this channel

  21. Nate B says:

    9:00 the funniest part 😂😂😂

  22. VaxyWolf24 says:

    Don’t you just hate when the boogeyman gets you in trouble and rips your skin off yeah it’s a pain in the ass

  23. CrownJewels says:

    LOOOOOOL Ya’ll just made my day! Thanks for the laugh XD Best reaction channel ever!

  24. Anna B says:

    Omggggg I’M CRYING! I’M LEGIT CRYING!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

  25. WATCHD0G says:

    Man it would be a dream come to watch a horror movie with y’all. be laughing the whole time

  26. peoampha says:


  27. Jon G says:

    M-Dogg yelling "rip your skin off!?" Had me rolling around nonstop laughing!!

  28. ibrahim abi says:

    love the new intro

  29. Zaine Barnard says:

    You guys are too damn hilarious (‘:

  30. Brandon Stollings says:

    That short horror thriller was stupid as hell but y’all are so hilarious!!

  31. Adonis Hannah says:

    I love when yall break character in the middle like that lol

  32. Sven Bartes says:

    damn I’ll would be strapped first yoh 😅 get the fuck wapenized as fuck no one getting MF😆
    even if I have to use my snot rub it in his eyes 😆 or bite his vains like crazy no way I am having pain like that😆 I would bite to 😆
    Struggle doors
    ps : yoh this one is crazy bougey men ripping of skin of children the fuck no I am not letting that happen MF 😆

  33. Szymon Bober says:

    Why does he have that hole under the door?

  34. shaunziimirotic says:

    Omfg you guys stay killing me!!!

  35. deandre menefee says:

    😅😅😅😅😅damn this shit is funny

  36. ikram buschi says:

    there is a short movie called the jester by colin krawchuk,i think you guys would like it

  37. Michael Savage says:

    lol😂😂😂 these guys are funny great short horror film reaction keep it up

  38. brianna distel says:

    The marching band part and the noises y’all were making at the end killed me. Love you guys, and this is by far one of the funniest reactions y’all have done 😂😂❤️

  39. Christian Nachor says:

    that was so funny lol

  40. Yabsira girma says:

    how that was scary as fuck 😀😀

  41. Luckyy says:

    this was funny as fuck

  42. Tony The emerald speedster says:

    Omg M-dogg that scream bruh 😂😂😂. Made my damn stomach hurt. Bite a finger & scream smh.

  43. Ronldbx6 says:

    You guys are too silly XD!

  44. billa 2988 says:

    is mdogg 5 foot 4??

  45. Herve Jr Larose says:

    "He’s here, get him, get him, get him" 😂 😂 😂 😂

  46. Justice says:

    For once I wanna see them show the aftermath. Like the mom walks in like "oh shit…well I should of listened to my son. Why didn’t that nigga bite and scream!? The window’s right there!"

  47. TheDeathbyPurple says:

    This is why you guys are the best lmao!

  48. Mitchell Meyer says:

    You guys are gonna lose your shit when you see the Shadow of War gameplay.

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