Stoneheart | Scary Short Horror FIlm | Crypt TV

Stoneheart | Scary Short Horror FIlm | Crypt TV

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Director: Alex Haughey
Producer: Anna Grigorian
Sound Mixer: George Tataje
DP/Colorist: Michael Babyak
Script Supervisor: Coleen Dallons
PAs: Tyler Higgins, Brian Mok, Chris Andrew, Joy Goodman
FX: Mark Villalobos
AC: Genaro Marzan
Sound Designer: Luke Gibleon
Music Composer: Igor Nemirovsky

Ted: Jarred Kjack
Inessa: Sara Young Chandler

Crypt TV:

We love scary stories, we believe scary stories unite us and the best ones make us a little more connected to each other. Crypt collaborates with storytellers around the world to bring the next generation of monster stories to life — for you, for free, everyday. Follow us @CryptTV everywhere and find your #MonsterWithin.

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50 Responses to Stoneheart | Scary Short Horror FIlm | Crypt TV

  1. usernamedkjah says:

    Highly predictable… The chick is essentially a garbage person but will be hidden in the guise of being independent and aloof. They escalate the guy’s agression to attempt the viewers to have sympathy for the lead when he meets an inevitably and stupid end. Because "witches" equal girl power…

  2. Alpaca Gods says:

    respecting wamen 2017

  3. Francisco Silva says:

    That’s so good. I like to watch the videos of this channel. You are very good.

  4. Torsplan says:

    I appreciate the concept alot!

  5. Little Harley says:

    These shorts should be illegal. they’re like a drug, I can’t say no and I can’t get enough! I’ve been binge watching since Yesterday. somebody help meh.

  6. TheReal DahliusCrowsley says:

    "oh that’s rich". hahahahaha. good writing.

  7. Heather Ward says:

    Just discovered on facebook. Think I found my new favorite channel!

  8. T Belcher says:

    He deserved that lol

  9. Mils Eve says:

    I honestly wanted to beat that guys ass but the witch statue did it for me so I’m grateful

  10. Dean Nana says:

    Make it a movie pls!

  11. V B says:

    That was SO GOOD. 😮

  12. Moonlight Princess says:

    PLEASE DO A SHORT FILM ABOUT BEN DROWNED!!! Oh! And the kagome kagome legend! its about an orphanage in the woods that operated on live japanese childrens brains trying to make them immortal, now the spirits of the children haunt the orphanage, and whoever goes there, they sing and smile and dance around you in a circle singing kagome kagome, and if you flinch or move, they kill you, but if you stay still you live. They make scary faces at you

  13. Martha Maria Psihali says:

    We totally need a whole movie from this!
    I love your short films!

  14. Red Ken says:

    that’s what he get 😂😂😂

  15. Djam O says:

    The Guy had Lannister blood for sure

  16. Flame Frost says:

    It’s the same lady from prey

  17. Berkay Ulak says:

    Super disgusitng

  18. Israel Osorio says:

    me: oh well lets watch this
    *sees statue outside hes door looking at hem
    me: mmmmmoooooooommmmm its cursed!!!!

  19. BakedProtato says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the video is 420 long?

  20. Alanah Gelling says:

    This is a good one too, these vids keep getting better and better, although she should have at least said thank you…

  21. Blair Beaumont says:

    now shes going to lock up lol thanks a lot statue how the fuck am i gonna clean this up

  22. usernamedkjah says:

    Called it…
    I’m not concerned with the likes to dislikes.
    There are more sheeps than shepherds….

  23. Bronwyn Is A Windmill says:


  24. nba73 says:

    Dam with that boss I would have quit years ago

  25. InvestigaTube says:

    I like this 👻👻🔪🔪🔪🔪

  26. Mia N says:

    Great quallity!!

  27. Nerd_Overlord says:

    that was good :V

  28. CobaltTungsten says:

    Interesting premise, but had a more "Justice" feel than a "Horror" tone. Although, if I may, I think a better idea would have been to turn the statue into more of a Judge and Executioner while he’s put on a form of trial for his ‘Sins’ against people. More than just having a domineering attitude, if he has fired people despite them being in dire need of money, forcing people to pull extra hours which puts strains on their families. Things of that nature, but while on trial it’s the ‘Ghosts of his Past’ literally coming forth to condemn him, usually people who either died because of his actions, or people who’ve killed themselves because of the positions he’s put them in. The statue could be much more than just "The Protector of Women", it looked more like our Lady Justice but with her eyes open, meaning she could be justice that isn’t blind. Could even be the woman in this video is more like the jury, it lies in her hands to either condemn or absolve him for another day. If she condemns, then the statue kills him. If she absolves him, it just goes back to being a statue. Although, in that case, while it’s slowly getting closer to him threateningly and the choice is up to her, it would end more on a cliffhanger, letting other people decide what happened.

    But that’s just a thought.

  29. Barbell Whores says:

    best part is the length of the movie (smoke grass everyday) if u know what i mean hahahaha


    ahh they look so fun i wanna do one!

  31. Flashex 341 says:

    That statue’s seen some stuff.

    I really like these types of things. What with the supposed monsters protecting people? I think it’s nice and you guys really nail down the concept of it.

  32. Sweet Bitterness says:


  33. GΣΣΚ 1107 says:

    I wish that was real too, what do you think? Both Birch and Stoneheart, real

  34. Justin Mills says:

    that was great like always

  35. Petar Kolobarić says:

    You scared me great work CryptTV

  36. Bronwyn Is A Windmill says:

    I absolutely love that actress!

  37. catalin breazu says:

    please what is name movie pls ???

  38. James Matthew Gallagher says:

    I would’ve loved to see the character’s fright turn into a smile for a split second before going to black.

  39. alisha Waseem says:

    amazing❤❤❤can i borrow her😜

  40. Zombie Hunter13 says:

    Lol if I was that chick I would’ve already beaten him to death by that point

  41. Sheri-Rae says:

    And I thought the weeping angels were bad

  42. Titan master race says:

    Thats it!!! I subscribe

  43. Rosalina, Mother of all Lumas says:

    I need more of this monster.

  44. Jill Valentine says:

    En español como la consigo

  45. Ovais Ihsan says:

    i wanna make a short film got a great idea

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