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Sunny Family Cult | Scary Short Horror Film | Crypt TV

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“Sunny Family Cult”

Written and Directed by: Gabriel Younes
Producers: Andrew Cummings, Brendan Garrett
Director of Photography: Kyle Fallon

1st AD: Vernon X. Odemns
Sound Designer: Jakob Unterreiner
1st AC: Joe Cheung
Gaffer: Camilo Gabriel Lara Jr.
Key Grip: Pablo Ruff-Berganza
Production Designer: Tyler Evans
Editor: Alex Splice Jones
HMU/SFX: Meg Wilbur
Score: Nicholas Morford
Color: RKM Studios
Production Company: Anthem Films
Art PA: Cass Vogel
Production Assistants: Brendon Holl, AJ Frydman

Trew Mullen
Rudy Pankow
Tavis Balkin
Chloe Godard
Adam Stern Rand
Todd Cooper
Jen Halbert
John Kviklys

Crypt TV:

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Crypt TV recently won a Webby for its film, β€œThe Birch,” which has garnered 14 million views (and counting) on Facebook. Crypt was also honored as the digital keynote at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. There are no plans to stop the scares or to stop producing our short films. Make sure to check back daily for your digital scares!

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50 Responses to Sunny Family Cult | Scary Short Horror Film | Crypt TV

  1. GARETH DAVIES says:


  2. Plasma Productions says:

    "WE NEED TO GET OUTTA HERE!!" T…t…there’s like 18 windows Around the house

  3. AnimeRoblox255 says:

    I would just join them. And while I can if I have an opening I would run

  4. Two Wings One Boy says:

    I want that mask

  5. AiLovesAnime says:

    Oh oh, may i join! πŸ˜€ Looks fun!

  6. AKK nΓ₯ skriver anym E says:

    You should behind the scenes too. BTW I love this short film it should be a movie about it 😱😱

  7. Max888 says:

    Fucking idiot how are guns lame in a situation of self defense πŸ˜’

  8. Abbykirk Kirk says:

    I live in iowa

  9. Core games says:

    Mouth movement and the words are way off horrid dislike

  10. Madeline Larson says:

    This is great.

  11. †Mengi † says:



  12. skylor parker says:

    You say yes to join the fucking cult !

  13. angelinaxx17 Roblox says:

    5th wheel gone wrong

  14. Kaitlyn Pickering says:

    That girl reminds me of amanda seyfried

  15. WeThe Bean says:

    "i got these guns to protect you" "ew no".

    how all of my relationships end

  16. aninha Silveira says:

    Todos os videos deveriam ter legenda

  17. sad. * says:

    If I was that guy I would have joined them then escaped

  18. Caleb Swallows says:

    I have high anxiety and this is fucking scary sister speaking

  19. Kitty Kiss says:

    Not gonna lie, I thought this was some burger advertisement in the first couple seconds before I realized the video was playing…

  20. TNPS Master says:

    pls mak movy

  21. Hanna Felder says:

    You make this soooooooo cool 😍

  22. Beyblade bros Breakers says:

    Make a" 2 one plz

  23. α—°α—©α—ͺIα”•Yα‘Ž ᒍEα‘ŽKIα‘Žα”• says:

    Is this real

  24. Just TuRtLeMaN says:

    This should be a full length movie.

  25. Sky Gaming says:

    If This Is Real I Love To Join This Family If It IS Real I Dont know Why I Love To Join This Family I am Crazy

  26. Kiara Orozco says:

    this is gooood *heart eyes*

  27. Yulissa Romero says:

    Im so happy i found this channel. Btw i subscribed can’t wait for more πŸ™‚

  28. Aubri Anonymous says:

    Me: I’ve been given the chance to not die, sure i’ll join you!

  29. Emily Farrell says:

    Is this real

  30. Lauren Wuz says:

    I’m the guy with the striped shirt always the damn wheeler

  31. Coraline Jones says:

    I wanna be part of the family πŸ™

  32. Ricardo Costa says:

    I love it, but wanted to know if the stories are intertwined ????

  33. I'm that cool girl .-. says:

    Idk why people say they want to be in a family like this.Killing people for fun?? But anyways good short film

  34. hellrider22393 says:

    these girls are hot πŸ™‚

  35. Vincent The Tiger says:

    I would join them to be honest. I would love to kill people I hate.

  36. Lost Frequencies says:

    sooooo BOREDDD

  37. Emma Cordero says:

    Idk why this was kinda funny πŸ˜‚

  38. Fabeeha Shaikh says:

    This is crazy😡😡😡

  39. Amrat Thandi says:

    What a wonderful family

  40. Sir. Drp says:

    Dont you just love happy family endings

  41. hellrider22393 says:

    dumbass,I would have joined for her

  42. CryptTV says:

    Subscribe for weekly new videos like Sunny Family Cult!!

    And if you’ve got time to kill, feel free to binge on countless short horror films from Crypt TV πŸ™‚

  43. Jordan Ryan says:

    Interesting premise, and cults make for really atmospheric film material, but the whole "he’s dead" and walking out with blood all over you and no one seeming bothered at first was kinda dumb.

  44. Kimi &kiwi says:

    Love this short horror film!

  45. Tashana Williams says:

    I’m the guy in the blue stripes

  46. Kiona Norcross says:

    oml why do i even click this..

  47. Aaryahmsp says:

    I thought the beginning was an ad so I was 30 seconds into it without even knowingπŸ’€

  48. Dawn-star- Pierre says:

    Okay that scared me to dieth

  49. niamh flynn says:

    when you have spare time

  50. Nathan Clifton says:

    that girl was sexy af

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