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Short Horror Movie Review: Internet Famous | Short Horror Film

Short horror movie review of Internet Famous.


An amateur “Let’s PLay” YouTuber finds something more on his channel than let’s play videos of himself.

Written & Directed by Jordan Hudecz
Starring Andrew Cusimano, NIkki Burrage, and Jordan Hudecz
Edited by Jordan Hudecz and Andrew Cusimano

Short Horror Movies Rating: 8/10

Short Horror Film: Storage

The new acclaimed short horror movie “Storage” is now online. When moving boxes into a cellar storage a man and his daughter confronts a mysterious monster. Soon their ordinary afternoon turns into a desperate struggle for survival trapped in the creepy building catacombs below.

“This movie deserves to be turned into a feature length film. We hope Chu and Sundberg get the support they deserve.”HorrorMovies.co.za

“Truly terrifying! Storage is the real deal and packs a hefty punch in under six minutes of running time” – Chris Alexander, comingsoon.net

“A fantastic short” – Short Horror Film Spotlight

“A killer short to bring us into 2017. I hope we can expect to see more from this team” – iamcinema

“In five minutes this movie manages to truly scare you”  – MovieZine

A film by Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg
storagefilm @ mail.com