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LOVE HURTS – Short horror film

LOVE HURTS – Short horror film

I am sorry that there is no music at the end titles, but although there should be no problem with our use of the endscore, we had to mute it for youtube.

Cast: Medi Broekman, Nasrdin Dchar, Déna Massque & Sergec Geworkan

Director: Shariff Nasr
Script: Terence
Executive producer: Arno van Rossum
Producers: Floor Schroeijers & Robbert Bruijs
DOP: Bas Andries
Gaffer: Martin Roozeboom
Art: Paula Loos
Sound design: Michaël Sauvage

MUSIC MAN – Short Horror Film

Music Man; Supernatural Horror starring Sophie Brooke and Fares Christopher Boulos. 2015-2016. Directed by Andreas Avgousti.

Short Horror Movies Rating: 8/10

Short Horror Film: Storage

The new acclaimed short horror movie “Storage” is now online. When moving boxes into a cellar storage a man and his daughter confronts a mysterious monster. Soon their ordinary afternoon turns into a desperate struggle for survival trapped in the creepy building catacombs below.

“This movie deserves to be turned into a feature length film. We hope Chu and Sundberg get the support they deserve.”HorrorMovies.co.za

“Truly terrifying! Storage is the real deal and packs a hefty punch in under six minutes of running time” – Chris Alexander, comingsoon.net

“A fantastic short” – Short Horror Film Spotlight

“A killer short to bring us into 2017. I hope we can expect to see more from this team” – iamcinema

“In five minutes this movie manages to truly scare you”  – MovieZine

A film by Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg
storagefilm @ mail.com