Tainted Milk (Gory 3D Animated Horror Short)

Tainted Milk (Gory 3D Animated Horror Short)

ORDER THE BLU-RAY: http://www.amazon.com/Where-Dead-Go-Die-Blu-ray/dp/B006HGXGWK

ORDER THE DVD: http://www.amazon.com/Where-Dead-Go-Die-Various/dp/B006HGXGZM/ref=sr_1_2?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1324435443&sr=1-2

ORDER THE LIMITED EDITION DVD/BLU-RAY AND VHS AT http://www.unearthedfilms.com

Watch the trailer for part 2 “Liquid Memories” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mByBTMJpVg

Watch the trailer for part 3 “The Masks That The Monsters Wear” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w2_rjRzUkk

On the night of a Lunar Eclipse a young boy, Tommy, is informed by his dog that the devil is living inside of his mother and that it must be destroyed before its born.

Joshua Greene As Tommy
Ruby Larocca As Mother/Lady In The Well
Joey Smack as Father
ScreamerClauz As Labby
Victor Bonacore As Smiling Man
Passenger Of Shit As Mutant Cookies/Various Screams
C1b2 As The Shadow Man
Brandon Slagles Eye As Itself

Written, Directed, Scored & Animated by ScreamerClauz

This is the first episode in a mini-series of short films all taking place in the same town during a lunar eclipse. Each episode will feature different stories and characters , Most of the stories will criss-cross with each (but not like that kiddie rap group from the 90s, fuck that!)

The Third part entitled “The Masks That The Monsters Wear” is currently in production, all three films will be release on DVD and possibly Blu-ray when the third film is completed. Visit http://www.screamerclauz.com for more information!

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50 Responses to Tainted Milk (Gory 3D Animated Horror Short)

  1. Loli Hunter says:

    some junji ito shit

  2. Toma Gwyn says:

    What a deep, thoughtful, and creative film…

  3. Gomez the Artist says:

    Tips for the future-

    Better voice acting.
    Jesus Christ amateur animation school artists do better. Hire one of them. They need it.
    If you’re gonna add more religious statements or satire, be a bit more clever.
    I seriously cannot tell if this was supposed to be comedy or legit horror. If you’re going to mix the two, at least examine how other films were able to mix the two.

    Stuff that was Okay-
    The music.. Maybe? (Rob Zombie would’ve made this project better, and he’s not that good of a director. Great musician, but meh in movies.)

  4. ZT MAN 1 says:

    James I want to cry now.

  5. Mama Usagi says:

    build up took 4ever

  6. BM Nyanpasu says:

    I like it when the dog sucking my dick

  7. Mak Gnik says:

    i actually liked the dogs speech pattern everything else was fukt

  8. croc aroo says:

    Seems like a schizophrenic child who developed it upon being in an abusive house hold. The abstract imagery and religious themes are big schizo points. The dog disappearing and showing the boy with blood on his hands or on top of his mom is evidence of that. Also the way the mother was upset of the woman in the well but called it a thing shows that he’s been showing signs of schizo psychosis. Also the voices and hallucinations fighting for control is a sign of schizophrenia.

  9. Where Is The Pie says:

    Ok reddit 50/50

  10. Kawaii Monster Tom says:

    …… Who came here from reddit

  11. Bryan Natividad says:

    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 9

  12. Matthew Weston says:


  13. Jack Griffiths says:

    haha so fuunt

  14. Patrick Buffa says:

    Never watch this ever

  15. Alex Osullivan says:


  16. Abraxas says:

    i watched this shit on mushrooms and lsd at the same damn time

  17. Skylor Franco says:

    – magic *snort* * snort *

  18. Ian Nielsen says:


  19. SirButterBreadTheDankest * says:

    Uberhaxornova brought me here

  20. MrFlipSenpai says:

    *"I have the weirdest boner right now"*

  21. Matthew Gino says:


    Had me dying on the floor laughing

  22. Cj McKnight says:

    Why does the Dad sound like rick from rick and morty?

  23. King Jemi says:

    Wonderful 🙂

  24. TheEngineerTCR says:

    faggot dog

  25. spagghetti n' meatballs says:

    Best voice acting of the century

  26. Rae Derps says:

    10:00 Satan Skrillex?

  27. ZT MAN 1 says:

    James I want to cry now.

  28. Sub Ripper says:

    Lately I’ve been exploring the depths of YouTube for weird shit.. I think it’s time to start going back up now.

  29. Alec Miller says:

    This is not horror this is fucking retarded the voice acting sucks the animation sucks and the """""horror""""" is just gore porn.

  30. MistaRyu says:

    Wtf did I just watch

  31. halleclaire says:

    wait wait wait…. this was supposed to be a serious thing ???

  32. SamFisher says:

    The fockin’ dog is eating his cock and he says "You some kind of faggot or something" I’m dead just had a seizure while laughing and hell has good wi fi btw *Hears hellhounds* Shit, gotta go.

  33. BazDS says:

    Isn’t this technically child porn tho

  34. RapidFireRocket says:

    Da fukk

  35. Blunt Happiness says:

    At 10:10-10:15 it sounded like techno

  36. Crowson-GamIng says:

    What is the meaning where did you think of this i need to know

  37. oreo cat says:

    So… Basically he killed his parents and fucked his dead mom. Wow 10/10 would never see again.

  38. dat_suicidal_boi 666 says:

    Wtf is life

  39. Jeff Nielson says:

    no, no, no ,no ,no ,no. noooo. no, just no, no no. bad touch, baaaaaaaaad touch, no, no ,no ,no,no.

  40. xXlatinloverXx says:

    Wow YouTube clearly doesnytcare

  41. Silly Muffin Headed Hippie says:

    *B* *O* *N* *E*

  42. The_Comic_lord _ says:

    Who else Came Here From Uberhaxornova/James?

  43. Spinnenhonig says:

    I don’t know why, but i love this

  44. Cholofill says:

    This is gonna be in a Top15’s video, I’m calling it.

  45. Heyli says:

    0:44 welcome to the family, son

  46. Kokomo says:

    So much explaining needing

  47. Crispyrox says:

    Can we collab? I have many horror ideas that I need to express. Can we work together on a gore project?

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