The 20 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time (Best Horror Movies)

The 20 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time (Best Horror Movies)

In my opinion the 20 scariest and best horror movies ever made!!!
Many guys here are extremely confusing the movie genres!!! So I need to explain it! First of all movies like “the 6th Sense”, “Pans Labyrinth” etc. are NOT horror movies! It’s fantasy/mystery drama!!! But especially DRAMA! Ok than an other very popular movie to mention here is Shining! For me Shining is NOT a horror movie!!! Shining is a psychological thriller with some kind of horror elements!!! And so is the silence of the lambs or SAW too (etc.)! Ok, the next “mistake” which make the most guys here is the confusion of HORROR and SLASHER movies!!! Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street (border case), Halloween, Scream (a very bad movie IMO!!!) etc. are SLASHER MOVIES, and yeah right it is a sub genre of horror! But I strictly distinguish and seperate them! In my opinion SLASHER MOVIES are not even scary but more shocking and terrorising! For me it’s a difference! And movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn Of The Dead, The Hills Have Eyes etc. are SHOCKER MOVIES (or Blood-Curdler) with SLASHER elements which can be counted as real horror movies too (in any case more than slaher movies!)! One of them is Martyrs too, which I put in my list because it also has some little kind of paranormal horror elements! But this is a question of the individual type of a human and what makes him fear! The preferences of my list are the typical real horror movies with mainly paranormal, mysterious elements!!! Or with “alien elements (sci-fi)” like The Thing or Alien (I forgot to put in)! Finally it’s an individual question of the character what makes him fear! But my list is mainly consists of these genres: the typical paranormal horror, fantasy horror and horror drama! So please argue only on this genre level! SUMMARIZED: IMO there are two kinds of horror movies which should be strictly distinguished and have their own top list: horrror movies where the scare factor is achieved mostly by a paranormal, mystery effect which could be subtle but also aggressive (contains all horror genres except slasher like paranormal horror, horror drama, horror thriller, sci-fi horrror, monster horror, mystery horror etc.) and horror movies where the scare factor is achieved mostly by brutality, cruelty and blood! These are SLASHER MOVIES, with always the same typical outline: a stupid, naive group of teenies are terrorised, hunted and brutaly hacked to death by a mentally disturbed murder! Seen one, seen ’em all!
And only cause a movie is not on my list it doesn’t mean that I didn’t see it!!! I’m a big horror fan!!!

This would be my actual Top 20 (as of: 14.10.2016)
20. Rec
19. It Follows
18. The Others
17. Dead Silence
16. 1408
15. Evil Dead (1981)
14. The Grudge
13. Babadook
12. Silent Hill
11. The Ring
10. Blair Witch Project
9. Sinister
8. Martyrs
7. The Descent
6. The Thing (1982)
5. Drag Me To Hell
4. The Conjuring
3. Insidious
2. The Conjuring 2
1. The Exorcist

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48 Responses to The 20 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time (Best Horror Movies)

  1. SR SKIER says:

    Evil dead 2013 is so creepy

  2. shane donohue says:

    even though dark skies is i guess sci-fi? I still think its up there on the list. I think you did a good job though nice list man

  3. bucktown pa says:

    Where is The Shinning. Why narrow down horror sub genres bit pointless. How tf is Mirrors better than Evil Dead. Scanners. Suspiria. Blood in Black Lace. Inferno. The Changeling. Hellraiser. Smh Google bruh

  4. typical me gaming says:

    hahah i was scared in the begining but then the commerical poped upp lol

  5. JoiLove says:

    I read some of the caption and I agree Slasher movies such as Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm St, and Scream aren’t scary. Just as old horror movies like The Glob, and BIRDS aren’t scary. There are some Classics Sub genre horror movies that are undeniably scary, such as Exorcist. But Slasher movies have never been scary to me. Suspenseful, grueling on the eyes, but not really scary.

  6. XenoPop says:

    May I ask why the fuck Poltergeist and Alien weren’t here? Both have slow tension that build up to a horrifying event. Horror ain’t just about jump scares and ghosts.

  7. La Di-Da says:

    Some of the movies on this list are some of my favourite movies.
    Does anyone have any non-gore more paranormal or psychological horror movies they can recommend 馃檪

  8. THE RAVEN says:

    16:05 can someone link music?

  9. Lastkingof33 says:

    this person must be under 25

  10. MoOsHw says:

    Is from scariest to least scary? Cause having Sinister, The Conjuring, and Drag Me To Hell so high up on the list is just… baffling.

  11. sh a says:

    Conjuring and Insidious are both shitty Hollywood movies made for the typical low iq consumer

  12. Chris Auble says:

    I get the filling the person who made this list is relatively young, there are some classics on here but mostly newer stuff that didn’t all suck but not really top 20 material

  13. Kranthi Talapaga says:

    really!!! women in black???

  14. shane donohue says:

    Oh Babadook was a really good one too even though its fairly new. If you guys havent gotten a chance check those two out, I dont think you will be disappointed

  15. Covenantal Apologetics says:

    You’re kidding right? Mama was anything but scary.

  16. Beastmode7899 says:

    my fav horror movie

  17. Dirkschneider says:

    "Many guys here are extremely confusing the movie genres!"

    You’re the one confused here. If The Shining is not a horror movie you have distorted the concept beyond recognition. Do you acknowledge ‘Psychological horror’ as a sub-genre? If so, which movies would you put in that genre?

  18. Echelon Betha says:

    I can’t watch a video made by someone who puts ”It follows” or ”Drag me to hell” in a list of best horror movies of all time lmao bya

  19. Nicholas Adams says:

    I love almost every movie you listed!! Movies are VERY subjective though (haters need to remember that). For instance, I have a legit phobia of The Grudge. I cant even look at the cover art. But my friends dont think its scary at all. My wife is terrified of clowns, and can not watch IT. But i dont find IT scary in the least. Down deep, so many of us love to get scared. When I watch Insidious, or The Conjuring 2, I feel that genuine sense of terror. I think the movies that make you fell that belong in a "TERROR" genre of Horror films. What causes me to feel extreme fear, is eyes. Like the eyes of Mary Shaw in Dead Silence, the Japanese girl in The Grudge, or the demon in The Conjuring 2 when shes in the painting. Then of course, sound is what really adds to the terror. That damn throat sounds the Japanese girl from The Grudge makes scares me more than anything ive ever experienced. Im 33 in case anyone is wondering. LOL.

  20. CyberFas says:

    the original Omen should be here

  21. Bob Whackett says:

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this list. People don’t understand that movies and music are subjective and not everybody is going to like the same shit.

  22. Richard Bain says:

    Here is my top 20 horror movies of all time IMO
    20. Dead Alive
    19. Terror Train
    18. The Funhouse
    17. Friday The 13th (1980)
    16. House On Haunted Hill (1959)
    15. Child’s Play
    14. House Of Wax (1953)
    13. Theater Of Blood
    12. Freddy vs Jason
    11. Christine
    10. Psycho (1960)
    9. Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
    8. Stephen King’s IT!
    7. A Nightmare On Elm Street
    6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    5. The Exorcist
    4. Dawn Of The Dead
    3. JAWS
    2. Halloween (1978)
    1. The Shining

  23. Waisale Vuta says:

    All i have to say is The Conjuring definitely doesnt belong in #6. Its much better than than the Exorcist.

  24. Meeky Dunko says:

    Is it just me or does The Exorcist seem extremely overrated?

  25. Luis Ortega says:

    Die y for 65th young money

  26. Verquinn says:

    absolute shot

  27. d眉艧眉n眉yorum 1 says:

    The Cold Pray (fritt vilt) is the best horror movie form me.

  28. Justin Hall says:

    None of these are scary. Go to liveleak and watch real suicides and murders caught on tape. That’s scary

  29. Jaileen Vazquez says:

    Top 5 for me is
    1. Dead Silence
    2. The grudge
    3. The woman my black
    4. Drag me to hell
    5. One missed call

  30. Raquel Martin says:

    scared me nearly half to death

  31. Davros Caligula-Bimble says:

    I agree with a few of them, but how did The Conjuring get in there? That is such a boring movie. I note there are almost no classic horror movies, but rather the shock movies of the last few decades. Some are worth watching but disappointed that "Scariest Horror Movies of All Time" clearly means "Not including the first 70 years of movie history".

  32. Daniel B says:

    The Changeling (1979), and Salem’s Lot (1979) deserved notice. Just my opinion.

  33. Rain Cloud Therian Wolf Pack says:

    yup horror movies are only about ghost they can’t be about anything else

  34. SUPER AMV STUDIO says:

    i love dis movies

  35. nelson padilla says:

    Weak ass list man

  36. Traviie Santana says:

    Anybody else watch this without the sound??

  37. CuFa says:

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  38. CuFa says:

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  39. Raeyne Jaymeson says:

    Look at the list.. You think only paranormal horror is the only sub genre. Oh, that’s right.. You aren’t aware that there are other sub genres of horror.
    Do your research, moron before you come up with a list of horror movies.
    Here’s an idea..
    The Shining is Psychological horror
    Sinister is Paranormal horror.
    Do your research on horror movies, dumbass.

  40. Master Disaster says:

    why do you call this slideshow a video?

  41. Pa Ca says:

    All grudges movies are awsomes!

  42. Michael Fortner says:

    well after scrolling through the comments and this guys top 20 I manage to find 20 more films to check out!!! Thanks, BC I thought I’ve seen it allllll……. guess not. Pretty good list lots of new cinema.

  43. Domi and Brody Show says:

    Dead silence the best in the list too me I’ve seen a lot of movies like this

  44. NumbZkull says:

    I wouldn’t say scariest, because let’s be honest, who actually gets scared on horror movies these days. I’d say most enjoyable movies.

  45. Echelon Betha says:

    it’s fun cause in your description you talk as you were an expert lol, and according to that, you should know MARTYRS, is NOT horror movie..

  46. nonamed _ says:

    the list isnt bad (except Drag me to Hell, which shouldnt even exist)…. but your made up theory on what horror is and is not, is laughable. Next time, stick to the list, embrace criticism and avoid excuses.

  47. Luis Bravo says:

    wtf, Where is Dario Argento? ok, I really don’t consider that 1408, silent hill, SINISTER, DRAG ME TO HELL (even when I like this movie), insidious and THE CONJURING 2 should be on the "The 20 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time (Best Horror Movies)" list and I can’t believe that you put Martyrs in the 8. place and the blair witch project in the 10. You really need to watch good horror films:
    路 Suspiria 1977directed by dario argento
    路 Rosemary’s baby 1968 directed by roman polanski <3
    路 Ringu 1998
    路 Let the right one in 2008 directed by tomas alfredson
    路 Audition 1999 directed by takashi miike
    路 The witch 2015
    What you like in horror movie are jump scares but the truth is that nowadays all the movies are made the same the director abuse of this resource and now all the new movies look the same.

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