The Best Horror Movies 2016 ✠ Thriller Scary movies Hollywood

The Best Horror Movies 2016 ✠ Thriller Scary movies Hollywood

The Best Horror Movies 2016 ✠ Thriller Scary movies Hollywood

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49 Responses to The Best Horror Movies 2016 ✠ Thriller Scary movies Hollywood

  1. Taylor Lewis says:

    what is the name of this movie

  2. Barika Ibrem says:

    I luv dis movie

  3. Nakaila Jackson says:

    So ok what happened to the mom and this seemed like a good movie but at the end that was a bunch of bull

  4. Kira Graal says:

    i like the movie but i dont get some parts ;-;

  5. Shantell Litchmore says:

    what’s the name of the movie is there a part 2?

  6. mochaglass poof says:

    What’s the name of this movie?

  7. Safi Waseem says:

    What is the Name of this movie?

  8. samay jain says:

    God will destroy my troubles, and all evil.

  9. Kay Lately says:

    I love this movie yas on fleek

  10. rosenchrige tipsie says:

    okaaaayy..? The ending tho.

  11. Guillermina Roman says:

    Thank you nice movie!!

  12. Taylor Truesdale says:

    At the end it seems like the mom is acting weird, cracking her fingers abnormally and wearing an unusual ring while her kids look at her like she is crazy. Seems like the parents were taken over by the wife and husband who are dead… Just my opinion.

  13. caylee swesey says:

    do not play with that again

  14. Shajid Solanki says:

  15. Mynx _uk says:

    i got the ending, great upload thankyou, btw, you only get the ending if you carefully follow the film.

  16. Jen Rich says:

    and who is the blond driving? and I think the creepy stuff is in here.
    The Moors are legendary for being spooky with the mist and sameness it was easy to get lost. it’s a swampy freezing place. Luckily we all have GPS!

  17. SivTi Lim says:

    That sound 😱😱

  18. Cruz D says:

    That is scary 😭😵💢💀

  19. Titox Sky says:

    clearly they accomplished the soul transfer!😎😨

  20. HITLER ဟစ္တလာ says:


  21. Dennis guinsay says:

    the introduction is of the niciest movie ive ever seen..

  22. samay jain says:


  23. Yosra Ryan says:

    Worth the time

  24. Bryan Ramirez 2016 says:


  25. Marisol Mozo says:

    this is really scary

  26. Rima Mohamed says:

    that was nice movie but the end was confusing

  27. Charlie murphy Murphy says:

    All I wanted was to find a horror movie I was looking for then this came

  28. MsBlueRyan says:

    Altar- The Hamilton family move into a large country house
    on the Yorkshire Moors to supervise its restoration from a dilapidated
    B&B to the original Victorian grandeur. When Meg Hamilton, wife,
    mother and renovation expert first loses her London team after an
    accident, then a local Yorkshire team too superstitious to continue,
    she’s forced to carry on alone. The discovery of a secret attic room, a
    Rosicrucian mosaic, a bricked up root cellar and many other
    unexplainable events gradually convince Meg, her husband Alec and
    children Penny and Harper, that they’re not only restoring the house,
    but also its original Victorian owners who died 150 years ago. But
    before they can escape, the house – and its former occupants – force
    them to spend one last, terrifying night under its roof…

  29. Najiib Ismaciil says:

    filimkan filim fiican waaye runtii waan ku raaxaystaa walahi

  30. lokomokoy cam says:

    They running without the car keys

  31. Simonne M says:

    Another stupid movie, the end was like a slape on face , i didnt enjoy it

  32. Jacqueline Ligon says:

    I guess

  33. Joseph kirchhof, BOKKERIJDER says:

    thanks for the movie! 😀

  34. Skylar lewis says:

    I love your pic

  35. Graham Carter says:

    middle class people with middle class problems. working class people got more problems but wearing shoes on a bed ain’t one of them

  36. Antoni Garcia says:

    fuck you bitch it has hairy big dicks

  37. MIMI ELENA says:

    L-am mai vazut e tare

  38. Carrah Easterly says:

    horrible audio

  39. Dicken's Cider says:

    I had my ears covered through majority of this. ill have to watch it day time.

  40. mEgAsEtiAwAn Mega says:

    Like horror movies yes, his collection of ghosts all 😱😱

  41. Marsha H says:

    Title: Altar : Great movie!

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