The best horror movies 2017 Full HD – new horror movie HD 2017

The best horror movies 2017 Full HD – new horror movie HD 2017

The best horror movies 2017 Full HD – new horror movie HD 2017

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47 Responses to The best horror movies 2017 Full HD – new horror movie HD 2017

  1. REALITY AND BEYOND FINDING The Truth Together! says:


  2. lee Hunter says:

    if no one has yet seen wolfman you must see it great film

  3. robert McCreary says:

    Great movie thank you I really enjoyed this movie

  4. Dee Joyman says:

    Really enjoyed this movie. Scary things happen on the Blood Moon. This movie scared me and kept me on the edge of my seat. Thanks for up loading it.

  5. Eli Cohen Cohen says:

    Why Oliver that werewolf female reminds you of your wife,or you a terrorists Arab bum boy.

  6. Beverly Hartshorn says:

    At times I can’t hear it.

  7. Debbie Young says:

    good πŸŽ₯

  8. Azhar Abbasi says:

    third class..

  9. Dor fuller says:


  10. Robyne Williams-heller says:

    What’s The Title?

  11. janis Moon says:


  12. Angel For Animals says:

    Blood Moon (2014): A stagecoach of travelers, a gunslinger and two outlaws arrive in a deserted mining town lit by the glow of a reddish full moon. As their worlds collide, they are hunted by a beast that only appears on the night of a blood moon.

  13. Bam Bailey says:

    might be ass

  14. Norris L Cooks says:

    C i mments r creeper th a n the movie nowicant sleep

  15. Charlene Morris says:


  16. Kaye NineTwo says:

    I thought it was a good movie for a lower budget film. Maybe not the greatest monster in the world, but had fine acting and good suspenseful moments. If you’re expecting a Brad Pitt movie…don’t be so unrealistic. If you’re wanting just a fun horror movie with lots of western cliches, it’s definitely worth watching. Better than most of youtube’s low budget horror movies.

  17. Chit Thu says:

    i love zombie films 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  18. Angelo Patterson says:


  19. Anthony Gould says:

    was entertaining, thanks for the download.

  20. Roby Simmons says:

    I love zombie films😎😎

  21. Angela Tirado says:

    fuck this movie

  22. Humbler32 says:

    What was the name of that Movie?

  23. dawn It is says:


  24. trac nunya says:

    Hollywood Dubbed Tamil Movie Crocodile HD | English Super Hit Latest Film HD

  25. Daniel patrick says:

    Blood moon

  26. feronicana rere says:

    ___________________________*Annabelle 2 : Creation FULL HD [[ 4K ULTRA ]]*_______________________
    *Annabelle2* _____ __ _ # *NEW horror*

  27. Wayne Butcher says:

    I liked that …hope you all do from the UK

  28. t louise x vlogz says:

    didubrush your hair this morninge

  29. lee Hunter says:

    if no one has yet seen wolfman you must see it great film

  30. Pentcho Rouynekov says:

    no sifi.

  31. Ignacio Ramirez says:

    great movie, thanks for posting movies like this that scared and make you jump back

  32. 中山レニー says:


  33. Christopher Myers says:

    it wasnt bad I liked it

  34. rahul p says:

    how casual they become in the end. nearly in every such type movie.

  35. imran hdcse says:

    is the old movie not new you are lair

  36. 2mwillis says:

    what a waste of film

  37. Eli Cohen Cohen says:

    Story line is good, though who can say what roamed the old West,.. we have the demonic Arabs who love to get married to little Nine year old girls,slit the throat of the unbelievers…crash planes into building with innocent people, strap a sucide west go to market filled with women dressed like assassin’s creed and blow themselves up in the name of their religion….

  38. Arsalan Arsala says:


  39. t louise x vlogz says:

    that wolfelooks like you

  40. lee Hunter says:

    if no one has yet seen wolfman you must see it great film

  41. Eman Name says:

    No Title?? Cretins conforming mindlessly like sheep toward a cliff.. this species is doomed.

  42. Eli Cohen Cohen says:

    IF the savages, who practice this religion, should be all deported, to where they came from garbage refugees,

  43. asamia alabadi says:



  44. The Bastard's Chamber says:

    Damn fine film. Entertained throughout. Loved the twists.

  45. Michael Lyons says:

    I enjoyed this movie. I am a big werewolf movie fan so I tend to not be to critical, even if it has a few shortcomings. Shaun Dooley played his part perfectly. Reminds me of some of Clint Eastwood’s characters, a man of few words and get it done action. Had to smoke those little cigars to round out the look. As is the case with most of these movies we see far to little of the creature. All in all it was fun to watch on a rainy saturday.

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