The Calling – Creepypasta Short Horror Film

The Calling – Creepypasta Short Horror Film

The Calling (of Charlie Cuddles)

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50 Responses to The Calling – Creepypasta Short Horror Film

  1. c. j. macq says:

    this was quite well made and enjoyable. that little message to the viewer at the end was a nice touch and that mask, make-up was just fantastic! thanks for the video.

  2. amit salvi says:

    Ok! come only you have to pay for air ticket πŸ˜›
    and visa all those stuff
    anyway nice movie but 10% bit boring

  3. MOSUGOJI says:

    I would welcome a visit from such a charming guest. He could spend some time with my other two friends. Mr Homelite and his associate Mr Wood Chipper. I certainly hope that my guest wouldn’t be in a rush to depart since his visit would be a lengthy one,especially when Mr Wood Chipper gets on a roll.

  4. 25UltraGamer says:

    This creepypasta film was horrifyingly awesome. Especially when there’s a bloody text that made it so detailed. Jayk Pound worked on this very hard and getting all the programming a good result. =D

  5. Angelica Bigot says:

    I love Panda’s!

  6. Chardai Dempsey says:

    he looks like Jeff the kill with a panda mask but great movie

  7. jonathan allen says:

    you look like dantdm

  8. Gmo_ sniper SK-RU-EN-CZ says:

    Whats the name of the video?

  9. Jess Martin says:

    I’ve only just found your channel like 1 hour ago and I watched like nearly all your vids. I love them so much please don’t stop making videos they are really good

  10. Jakeeynick says:

    Wait panda-man, you look cool and all, but I didn’t call for you, I just wanted to watch something cool, but if you do come, we could have a nice party if you want, I got video games

  11. The crazy vloger And gamer says:

    PIZ DONT COM!!!!!!

  12. Alpha Mike says:

    It’s panda from dude perfect

  13. alden tryphena says:

    im 7 i like horror also no thanks for this shit horror videos

  14. Mike Lara says:

    I hope the f#&$ you be one dead motherf*$&#

  15. Sahil Karkera says:


  16. Phantom Squad says:

    Great job Jayk

  17. Fenrir the Rrowdy says:

    Furries Gone Wild

  18. Brodify says:

    Jayk- not even that scared
    Me-Holy crap GTFO AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sagethemaster 5092 says:

    Is this real thing to watch

  20. Xenos and More! says:

    Challenge accepted, Charlie! Tell you guys what: if I reply to this comment within a week, then I’m not dead from watching this video.

  21. FABULOUS Afton γ€°arminγ€° says:

    that was really good, keep up the good work. I like your vids πŸ™‚

  22. Will DeShane says:

    I watched this and now im dead. Thanks.

  23. Sam Hunter says:

    That’s really good. Really good… Good job, folks!

  24. Slender Canada says:

    Yeah some is true some serial killer are fictional, but some are real but its very scary when you watch horror movie or you read the news paper, but this movie was good.

  25. Jake Johannesen says:

    Those are very odd blood stains on your hoodie

  26. Phantom Squad says:

    Who else made the mistake of watching this at 3 AM?

  27. 4N1K3T P4T1L says:

    been waiting since 2015…………

  28. grim reaper says:

    I just subbed, that was awesome! I loved the ending!!!!!

  29. Alex Flips says:

    so every time someone watches this video they die what if it went viral then how would he kill like 50 million people

  30. munnasim sim says:


  31. kshiti sharma says:

    why not have railed windows? curtains?

  32. vincent52 says:

    this movie woulda been better in HD full screen without the black bars on the side

  33. jonathan allen says:

    am i right poeple

  34. John Nodoe says:

    Good movie. I like the ending how it leaves you feeling eerie.

  35. LillyFoot says:

    lololololololol that wasn’t scary! it was cool! πŸ˜€ nice video!!!

  36. Nordic Wolf25 says:

    Charlie Cuddles isn’t real

  37. Jess Tarriero says:

    Bitch, I didn’t call for you!

  38. Samantha Lewis says:

    Aye I didn’t call for you. But if you wanna come hang out that’s cool. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  39. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr says:

    Hey Jayk, although I can see where you are getting your ideas from, your flicks are very ,very good….All the best.Cheers!

  40. Renee Morrow says:

    Panda, panda panda panda panda panda

  41. Nebulous Panda says:


  42. Sebastianmania says:

    Whoever made this has a fuckin messed up brain

  43. Mirajane Strauss says:

    OH NO HE’S COMING JAYK WHY! (i know it’s a joke haha)

  44. Bulbasaur Squirtle and Charmander says:

    can you do were the bad kids go or the smiling man

  45. Music BBHMM says:

    Good night…

  46. _-_Awesome Girl_-_ says:

    hahaha its really great it scared me great job….thumbs upπŸ‘

  47. Mike Bernal says:

    Is That Real

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