The Farmhouse – Short Horror Film (2016)

The Farmhouse – Short Horror Film (2016)

FOLLOW MY FILMMAKING JOURNEY: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: What lurks in the shadows of the old, abandoned farmhouse? This is a simple, short horror film that we put together on the fly. The weather, vibe, and mood were all so perfect that day, we had no choice but to get the cameras out and start shooting! Enjoy, and thanks for watching! Like, Comment & Subscribe to stay updated with my latest content! VLOGS, TUTORIALS, SHORT FILMS, & PRODUCT REVIEWS uploaded frequently! My MAIN Camera – My FAVORITE Lens Right Now – My Favorite Canon Lens Right Now – The On-Camera Mic I Use – The Lavalier Mic I’m Using – My Drone – My Preferred Editing Software – My GO-TO Light – Send MAIL to: INFO@PIEDMONTMOTIONPICTURE.COM MUSIC: Triune Scores Horror Pack “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

Short Horror Movies Rating: 5/10

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40 Responses to The Farmhouse – Short Horror Film (2016)

  1. ladybug Vue says:

    creepy alright, why would anyone want to live there in the first place is probably beyond me

  2. damian andres says:

    Esta bien.
    Mejor que otras basuritas que he visto.
    Saludos desde Monte Grande, Argentina!

  3. Alexanderthetitan says:

    Creepy location, perfect mood/tone, overcast, scary score, beautiful cinematography, crows cawing… Quality horror film!

  4. kim black says:

    WTF was this supposed to be? A bunch of go no where shots of a farm, that ends with a guy talking to someone on a cell phone.. WHAT!. you owe me those mins of my life back.

  5. Iga Macura says:

    It has a great, creepy atmosphere. All of the shots are well made, I mean they look pretty nice, even a bit artistic, I might say. It’s great that there are no those predictable jump scares. Good job! 😉

  6. MotionBoatFilms says:

    The camera work is simply fantastic, a really good piece of work!

  7. REDBOX Productions Short Films says:

    Hey guys please go check out my horror films Emily on my channel and let me know what you think

  8. Stan Johanson says:

    Liked the short

  9. Lydia Redking says:

    I didn’t understand it, because I don’t speak English. Too bad, there is no subtiles.

  10. Table Top says:

    Honestly don’t know why this has so many dislikes, I really loved the cinematography and the ending was fucked up.

  11. Nautical Films says:

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous cinematography! The mood was so perfect throughout the whole thing! And I like your use of Triune’s horror scores pack, I’m a big fan of it. Great job!

  12. The Freak Show says:

    Check out this awesome horror film

  13. Molly Fixxxer says:

    It does have a certain ambiance, I will give you that. 🙂

  14. Kierstin Maye says:

    This was beautiful! The scenery was absolutely perfect for a horror short like this (and would be a place I would totally go lol) I loved the ending! Well done!

  15. Vanessa Portela says:

    Loved it! Greetings from Brazil 🙂

  16. Laura Hernandez Garcia says:

    Omg, I understand 😊, this is amazing short film 🎥

  17. ashok saxena says:

    I didn’t understand the movie as I don’t know Brazil language. please add subtitles.

  18. Celso Moraes F says:

    Very, very good! Excites the imagination! I subscribe your channel!

  19. Zethrael of Teldrassil says:

    Loved it … and I got it. The mood, the atmosphere, the scenery, the weather, the music, and the actual property and farmhouse were so foreboding, no one is going anywhere for lunch. Oh, and watch that top right window at 3:36. Great job!

  20. OMAR and WASIF says:

    Awesome short! Keep it up.

  21. Simon M says:

    Well shot, creepily atmospheric soundscape, satisfyingly subtle conclusion. Bravo Sir!

  22. lucia araujo says:

    Simple, smart and creepy, Loved the scenario. Great!

  23. The Piedmont Motion Picture Co. says:

    This is a simple, short film that I decided to put together on a whim, the weather was just too perfect to pass up! I shot this by myself, in about 2 hours, with only my GH4 and a tripod. Initially, my main goal was to capture the mood of the location, possibly for a future project, but the footage looked so good, I decided to add the simple story element just for fun. Enjoy!

  24. charlene icangelo says:

    I liked it, very creepy feel to it. I hope you do another part to this.

  25. Shyam Ragunathan says:

    Don’t know why this many dislikes! Nice short! The Location,the way each shots taken are amazing! It does gives the creepy feeling!Well Done.I do see your hardwork.You have done a decent one.Next time work more on the script,the story.
    Get some actors,put some more work and everything will be fine then.I released my short film one day after you did (dec 3).
    A horror Short film "SWEET DREAMS" inspired from the movie "The Ring"! Do watch and share 🙂 Subbed. Expecting more short films.Cheers mate!

  26. nasimul haque says:

    love the atmosphere you created.

  27. Sid the Jet Dslr Filmmaking says:

    Great story, loved the cinematography nice work, Sid the Jet…cheers

  28. Ruff Design Studios says:

    Great work. Love the mood, and the shot at the end was creepy.

  29. Midland Redux says:

    Very effectively done.

  30. Alliance60 Gaming says:

    Cool film! I really like the camera work! I also write short film horror scripts if you are interested.

  31. LifeHasProductions says:

    wanna come on my series interviewing you tubers add me on Skype LifeHasJacob

  32. Cindy Applebee says:

    Did not know what to except but this had a very creepy feel to it. I was scared just waiting for a jump scare. Nice set up.

  33. chrissy lanier says:

    Damn y’all did good!!!

  34. Ria Dudung says:

    superb ambience and scenery!

  35. 1250ececec says:

    Ehm what?! Atmosphere was awesome but too many "land/house shots" and….that was all…ou and the someone in the window…and that´s all…it was too "short". 4/10 points

  36. a non-official page of Lunatic Anthem says:

    wow! nice! really like the end.

  37. EJP79 says:

    That was creepy, did yall see the face in the top right window?

  38. Matthis Hahn says:

    super movie👍 top

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