“THE GUARDIAN” Horror Short Film, Horror Short Movie

“THE GUARDIAN” Horror Short Film, Horror Short Movie

Horror Short Film, Horror Short Movie

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50 Responses to “THE GUARDIAN” Horror Short Film, Horror Short Movie

  1. jackflack1516 says:

    Creepy and Fun, I like stuff like this but hate Saw or torture films, they have no class but this short has alot of class. Keep that guy as well and use him in other films, he never spoke a word but was a fine actor 😀

  2. ABL36 says:

    lolol that was awsome and funy. Good job though, its hard as hell brinign 3D animations into the real world. I liked the part where you could see the skeleton in the mirror the best. that is a good camera angle

  3. roco6699 says:

    Great combination of live Action and Animation. Well Done.

  4. LiveNewArts says:

    check out halifirien, it’s a short fantasy movie

  5. Bread Monster says:

    1 like = 1 💖 for skeletons

  6. Spirescu Andrei says:



    Great fun! …for a zero budget production, it was fantastic work!

  8. EvolutionGamer92 says:

    very good job

  9. Matthew J Van Howe says:

    that was fun and entertaining! great job.

  10. Antonio Piras says:

    Complimenti, continua cosi’ 😀

  11. Kurt Kliebisch says:

    YAYY pretty cool ! 5*

  12. TruckerWarren says:

    Wow, that was pretty awesome

  13. Isabel Montes says:

    I love skulls

  14. Alex K says:

    редкостное г..

  15. Ratio Tile says:

    That’s the same freaking skeleton from the Amazing Bulk.

  16. Aleksandra Pereira says:


  17. Darius Poptămaş says:

    foarte captivant

  18. Ace of Blades says:

    AWESOME MOVIE!!! this deserves alot more views =(

  19. SidJustice1 says:

    I liked that. It reminded me of ‘Clash of the Titans’ a little bit.

  20. treebella23 says:

    That was very good. 🙂

  21. Alien Shark Boy says:


  22. bloodrunsclear says:

    Very nice work! I think Harrihausen would be proud 🙂

  23. The Renumerator says:

    Good effort.

  24. Snorre Productions says:

    mmmm…. nice 😀

  25. fred puccino says:

    come fate per gli effetti speciali bravi

  26. zerokomma says:

    Cool flick , buddy. Kudos.


    Lol the skeleton goes surfing with his sheild

  28. Riky Riccardo Tanca says:

    avrei aggiunto un’ultima scena con lui che serve il the con il vaso agli ospiti frustrato dalla moglie.. un finale ironico ci stà!

  29. king UNIT says:

    Veramente bello, mi piacciono questo genere di cose, mi ha ricordato i nemici di Tomb Raider 6.
    Io purtroppo non so usare né Maya né After Effects, niente di niente! Grandi (e grazie per l’amicizia)

  30. AB Productions says:

    Haha, when the skeleton is on his sheild behind the car that surfing tune comes on, lol, that was hilarious. Anyway, the skeleton looked pretty cool.

  31. Force888Mind says:

    pointless but fun ^^

  32. TheGameMaster00 says:

    Pretty cool. I actually enjoyed it. Hope too see more in the future.

  33. WormyT says:

    Very Cool.
    I love the music and mood of the film.
    Great job!

  34. cartthew says:

    dude nice i love it

  35. Dr. DAC says:

    Great work, man!

  36. HOLOKRON says:

    Brilliant mate !! Very funny and well done indeed. Hope you’ll be working for me one day.

  37. Sofa Kingharry says:

    good for a 4/5

  38. Liustares says:

    *¡¡¡Excelente cortometraje!!! Me pareció muy interesante, realmente fue entretenido, ¡¡¡Felicitaciones!!!

    *It’s a great short film!!! I think it’s pretty interesting, and really entertaining. Congratulations!!!

  39. Roger-Carlos Teng says:

    you’d better close the window man

  40. Waizt rőtőkő waizt says:


  41. Jerry Saravia says:

    Excellent work…very well-done.

  42. Niko Giove says:

    Ottimi corti, interessanti.

  43. Dennis Mulcahy says:

    Y’know, if an armored skeleton pops out of nowhere and tells you to put something down, you put that something down.

  44. Esauriti Production says:

    Grandissmi. Splendido lavoro! Complimenti!

  45. roman17m says:

    muy buen video de terror o suspenso

  46. damdam019 says:

    very cool…and all this with ZERO BUDGET!

  47. iamjosef12345 says:

    lol the skeleton is shield boarding lol xD and this was pretty cool when the skeleton got back up i was like run dammit run lol xD and btw i hope ur making more vids in the future im subscribing

  48. arzak1 says:

    Ottimo lavoro. Complimenti


    I love skeletons♥♥♥♥

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