THE HAUNTING – Short Horror Film (Full Length)

THE HAUNTING – Short Horror Film (Full Length)

This is the full length, uninterrupted version of my film, “The Haunting”. It tells the story of a new homeowner who, just days after moving in, begins to see and hear things in his house. Before long, he becomes the target of a maleviolent entity, who will stop at nothing until he is gone, or dead.

This film, in an edited version, won the Reel Generation Film Award for Best Orginal Short Film.

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28 Responses to THE HAUNTING – Short Horror Film (Full Length)

  1. Kris Harkin says:

    Bit of a slow start but a good ending.

  2. krayezy kat says:

    was this made in Ohio?

  3. Frederick Henderson says:

    This is got to be the dumbest kid I know he deserved to be scared.

  4. Joshua Morgan says:

    terrible ending, obvious plot done millions of times, bad use of sound, sorry guys, i respect you for trying but you failed here and need to up your game in every way if you want to make even a 2 star film. Camera work was okay though.

  5. krayezy kat says:

    no wonder it looked familiar, I live in Louisville ky.

  6. Tim Hamilton says:

    not gonna win an Emmy, but I did enjoy it. good job guys!

  7. Debbie Dattilo says:

    Loved it. Very we’ll done!

  8. Fiona Cahill says:

    I certainly will watch ‘slender’ that you mentioned. Im sure you guys are headed for the big time…pity though ,as us utubers looking for gems for free will be at a sore loss my friend. Goodnight from a hopeful Irish gal, , living in the UK……im not dropping hints but don’t ya think thats a great first scene? Lol….

  9. LivingDead _Girl__16 says:

    yeah this is good, i wish i could make film lol i am trying to learn but maybe i can make a zombie one!

  10. C.S Productions says:

    No. It was filmed in the summer of 2011 in Louisville Ky. Close to Ohio though 🙂

  11. Mrs. M says:

    If you are student or professional you make a great movie much better than those big film maker in Hollywood they spend millions to make Horror movie but they all are repeating Script that’s why people don’t waste their time and they don’t go to cinema anymore I like your movie because it’s happen in a modest house not in the big and old house far away from town and usually these houses are the only house. Good luck one day you are going to be famous.Do not lesson to anybody Don’t change the way you make your movie.

  12. dan oliver says:

    Well I made it to 13 min. Just one actor. A one man show.

  13. Fiona Cahill says:

    I truly enjoyed it.. very entertaining. ..please keep me aware of anything else you make. I really did enjoy it.

  14. Fiona Cahill says:

    This was surprisingly good guys! I really enjoyed the effects, very creative and atmospheric , gave me a couple of jumps, and believe me im hard to scare. Keep up the great work. Much appreciated.

  15. C.S Productions says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Its the reason I make movies. Be sure to check out my new movies Slender coming out in a few weeks

  16. Ibrahim Bashir says:

    Love from Bollywood…i extremely enjoyed it.
    It was amazingly suspensed and thrilled with haunting.
    Amazing work im subscribing..please do keep all the subscrubers up to date with any more of such amazing works.

  17. RedneckVoodoo says:

    Whatever. Kid took the time to make a film and it was better than half the shit on Netflix. Don’t like it? Go make your own. I give a big thumbs up for the effort.

  18. Armani Germanotta says:

    nice film….keep it up!!!

  19. MichaelAndLisa Cohn says:

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  20. deadkansas says:

    check out an independent horror/adventure film my friends and I made.
    DEAD KANSAS – here on youtube.

  21. Joshua Morgan says:

    trying to be honest: bad acting, kinda funny how unenthusiastic/non chalant he says "he wants us dead or gone"bthen has to be there alone and looks very unphased, terrible acting.

  22. C.S Productions says:

    Thanks!! Look for our "Slender" short horror film coming out in a few weeks

  23. qwyzl says:

    it’s "endorses", with an "e", not an "i".  if you’re going to put text with your films, you should learn to spell properly.  other wise it won’t look as professional as you’d doubtless want it to.  I would suggest you either have a dictionary on hand or you have some one who knows how to spell on hand to double check your text. 
    not trying to be mean – but if you’re gonna use text, the words should be spelt properly.  there’s enough illiteracy in this country with out film makers adding to it.

    7:37 – would’ve been cool if the hands of the clock in the back ground had been spinning around wildly when the guy’s back was turned to the it. 

  24. Aditya Dubey says:

    great film

  25. Drummer GirlGlamorous says:

    Wtf did I just watch…gay shit

  26. Mark Conklin says:

    Quality work gents, I’d love to be a part of the team… and I’d work for free. Please contact me

  27. Amirah Kukan says:

    Valiant effort. Well done. It needs some tweaking . The sound could have been better. And you were in danger of a lot of the scenes being cliche. Acting needs work but your on the right track. You’ll get better and better as you make more. Well done again

  28. DrArchivist says:

    Not bad. You’ve got a little ways to go before you’re Spielberg, but overall, pretty good for a student film.

    Acting- Needs some work
    Dialog- Weakest part of the film. Also the hardest part to write. Believe me. I know. Especially in horror films.
    Suspense- Pretty good. As others have noted there are a lot of cliche horror movie type scares, but you also have some genuinely creepy moments that surprisingly got under my skin.
    Cinematography- This is your strongest quality. You really do craft a shot well and are really good at creating a visual narrative. You have a lot of talent in this area.
    Editing- good. You probably could have cut a few wandering around the house scenes, but overall your editing is quite good.
    Story-a bit cliche, but I’ve definitely seen worse. Even in Hollywood productions and independent movies with a much bigger budget than this one. So I’ll give you a break and say good effort overall.
    Sound: good and bad. You have some really good sound effects combined with moments where I struggled to hear what the characters were saying.

    Overall, I give you mad points for trying, and I see enough talent here to encourage you to keep going and master your craft. You’re not quite there yet, but keep going and maybe one day you will be!

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