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29 Responses to THE JESTER – A Short Horror Film REACTION & REVIEW!

  1. George Gomez says:

    this short is based on Sam (trick r treat) all grown up

  2. I am Chris says:

    He didn’t mess with the two guys because they clapped when he finished the trick

  3. krnstrong says:

    no, it’s cos they clapped
    the jester already hinted after the magic card thing when he clapped himself
    it’s about appreciating the magic

  4. Foxy The pirate fox says:

    It’s more and less of a dark comedy I’m i loved it it’s one of my favorites but to me mabe a dark horror/ comedy who ever made this I give it 50 out of five stars ur a master of a great movie keep it up

  5. Crazy Jojo01 says:

    I’m actually happy that my account name was announced in the video

  6. Kenny 92 says:

    Kinda have a likeness to Jennette McCurdy

  7. MilleniumLad21 says:

    React to "Pokemon Rap – Pokemon Cypher 2016" from the channel "shofu".

  8. Gabriel Poole says:

    i bet he turned him into the candy

  9. The Doctor of Gaming says:

    Greg can you do more horror movie pitches with Jerry soon I like the Firday 13th pitch even though the actual movie isn’t happening anytime soon.

  10. ЕВРEЙ says:

    магия кино

  11. Golden Ferret says:

    Please react to paranoia horror short.

  12. Keith says:

    🎃 *#YoureAWizardHarry* ⚡️

    🔪 *#WhySoSerious* 🤡

    😈 *#MindFreak* 💀

    *Which is your voted favorite in relation to this story?*

  13. Codey Moore says:

    There short films are so good

  14. WESTSIDE GANG says:

    the magician did not attacked the last two guys because they clapped bruh

  15. Sweet Jaysus says:

    what a cool character concept
    to say or do something with false intentions, a _jest_, a trick, the one who does this a jester or trickster
    on Halloween you wear costume to ward off evil spirits, who would bribe you with treats to leave safely
    the ones in costume get a treat, the ones who do not, a trick, done in jest, from a jester
    …fuckin spooky~
    i want to see these guys do a full movie with this character, it’s really very creatively put together

  16. Jordan Griffin says:

    isn’t it because they applauded him at the end, while the other guy didn’t even though he kept doing tricks to impress?

  17. Raekwon Dupree says:

    no that is what happen when you don’t clap at a magician’s trick. Ever thought of that

  18. Codey Moore says:

    Hey Greg can you react to early man teaser trailer it’s a stop motion animation film trailer ps you are awesome I would like to do videos with you

  19. Issa Les Twins says:

    Damnit, everybody already made the Jennette McCurdy comments

  20. Darkness Spawn says:

    clearly the jester works fie samhain from trick r treat

  21. Mike Salucci says:

    Short horror doesn’t do much for me. I require too much context for the events.

  22. Millian Macalintal says:

    She looks like Jeanette McCurdy from iCarly 15 years from now.

  23. Masquerade says:

    Lesson of the day kids, always wear a costume on Halloween and ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS because this is very important, always applaud after a trick because magic is wonderful and that’s rude if you don’t clap.

  24. Richank Dubey says:

    Greg if you haven’t seen it then please react to Batman vs Deathstroke form Arkham origins. It was directed by Tim Miller btw,

  25. Stephen Castera says:

    Guy in the car kinda looks like Finn Jones (Iron Fist)

  26. COOlio HOOLIO says:

    hey you are copying ecomog media group

  27. Little Big Bunny Rabbit says:

    Watch the Birch by Crypt TV

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