The Jester | A Short Horror Film

The Jester | A Short Horror Film

After a closing shift on Halloween night, a man stumbles upon what seems to be the embodiment of Halloween itself. Trick or treat? This film was shot over three consecutive nights for a budget of around $500, and a crew of four. Original Music scored by RAFAL GOSCIMINSKI If you liked this video, SUBSCRIBE to stay updated on more short films. That’s all. It’s super easy. We’re always active on social media. Say hi. Facebook: Instagram: @colink93 Twitter: OUR WEBSITE, where you can check out our photos, videos, bios, and stay up to date with our blog:


Short Horror Movies Rating: 7/10

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48 Responses to The Jester | A Short Horror Film

  1. BoomThat Book says:

    i need that mask

  2. devin erick says:

    why is this not a full movie?

  3. Anónimo Buena Onda says:

    Me gustó.

  4. MINI_ GAMER89 says:

    If I got tied up like I would’ve got up and hopped

    (Look Mom, I’m a kangaroo)

  5. Cody says:

    he just wanted some aplauses cmon.

  6. Jasper Bubblegum says:

    That Was Awesome

  7. FlamingJampack says:

    I just want to see what happened to the guy

  8. normalhumansoul fukoff says:

    dam y’all should make more of this keep it up 💯

  9. Yo Mama says:

    was the hardest part learnin the tricks

  10. reymart christian Cruz says:

    I would be more happy and say sick awesome mask,

  11. TeGoedBedacht says:

    youre make awesome vids, i like so much Sketches

  12. Reapers Prince says:

    really loved this. i hope you guys keep making short films like these

  13. Agares Eligos says:

    "You all right?"
    "Yeah I’m only getting tricked by a murderous joker, and you just hit me with your car……….this night is going exactly how I planned it!!"

  14. Stefbks says:

    Hey! I love the short film, where did you guys get the outfit for the Jester? This would be something I’d defintely wear on Halloween.

  15. SuperCraftian says:

    Genuinely creepy. Hope I don’t run into this guy on Halloween.

  16. Zenomous says:

    Heyy, Thats pretty gud

  17. night stalker says:

    wtf!13k subs!? that’s not enough!!

  18. FrostySparkles says:

    The Jester was kind of hot? Love me a horrifying creature with fashion sense.

  19. Sharath Chandra says:

    in the end I had to applaud so that Jester doesn’t creap out of wardrobe or from under the bed.

  20. william parker says:

    this needs to be a full movie! badass

  21. bigsmooth2001 says:

    Is that a sinistro mask?

  22. Suvendu Mondal says:

    man i hate fucking clown 🙁

  23. Demetri Janaz says:

    Jester is an asshole. If you want people
    To clap to feed your insanity then learn some better magic. ALSO, wtf is wrong with some of you people in these comment sections actually siding with a homicidal maniac… sexy? You people are fucked and need some reprogramming.

  24. Owen Hansen says:

    The Jester was the only one who knew how to act, SMH

  25. TheLegend27 says:

    i would shove his own cane up his ass all the way

  26. supreme awesomeness says:

    never trust jesters and clowns, unless they work for the government and they are in weird costumes. no actually, never trust clowns and jesters.

  27. Gary 828 says:

    You guys did a great job; this is the best short i’ve come across in recent memory. The Jester villain is mysterious, creepy and intriguing. I want to see more. This should be the opening for a feature film. The Jester needs to happen. But don’t jack it up the way so many studios do extended stories. Remember how creepy and effective the opening of The Conjuring was w/ the mysterious Annabell doll. Then they made a feature that was totally lame. The Jester should be a feature, but it has to remain low budget b/c that’s a huge component of the creepiness. If this was made by a big budget studio, it’d probably suck. Again, I bring up Annabell. The filter you used worked really well and the score was effective, too. Just very well done all across the board. The only thing I would say could use improvement would be the actors if you wanted it to go to the next level, but the actors you used weren’t bad; they could just be better. The guy who played The Jester was really good, though; his movements were frightening. This is probably the creepiest thing I’ve seen since "Hush" in April last year. If not a feature, this should be a web series or something. I want to see more of The Jester villain. Great job, guys. God bless.

  28. Karrot says:

    Make this into a full movie

  29. Kadral Cris says:

    Awesome work. Ya just got a new fan :d. Brb gonna watch the rest of your vids.

  30. Doge says:

    why didn’t dat guy made a zen rollover with his balisong?

  31. Manuel R Gandica says:

    what kind of camera was used for this?

  32. Ole Ortmann says:

    well made. but not really creepy.

  33. Joe Coghlan says:

    When this popped up in my feed I didn’t think much but, honestly, I am pleasantly surprised. This is an excellent piece of cinema in my opinion, no over use of blood or violence, an air of mystery and a rather charming villain! Oh and it gave an explanation for why they fall over!

  34. Born to be wild says:

    These short films I find are better than professionally scripted ones lol

  35. Justin Smith says:

    Looks genuinely amazing. Great camera work, editing, and soundtrack choice

  36. Breach&clear says:

    That’s impressive camera work

  37. Fernando Ramirez says:

    I don’t like the way he where’s his top hat

  38. Taylor Keller says:

    Moral of the movie,. Always take candy from a stranger with a smile

  39. MAKK 99 says:

    have some halloween spirit lol just a cheesy guy, of course he got fucked up i would’ve fucked him up too lol

  40. Hulloian Katian says:

    This was a creepy pasta….. at least give credit where it’s due….

  41. Vaibhav Chauhan says:

    Super boring👎👎👎

  42. Jonsy General says:

    Was soll daran gruselig sein 😂😂😂😂

  43. angel el del sombrero says:


  44. Big Frank says:

    What camera was this shot on? Amazing btw!

  45. Deredere Gamer says:

    why he run..i would give that guy money dam

  46. mrkoolaidman615 says:

    I appreciate this kind of thriller/ horror. Nowadays too many Hollywood horror movies are dependent on pure jumpscares and anticipation. This is a horror that comes subtly and ambiguously. The acting was pretty good as well

  47. Daniel Lasker says:

    Brilliant short film! Story, cinematography, set, lighting, costumes, props, locations and acting on point!

  48. Fanckjcf20 says:

    lol thats great for a new payday carácter xD

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