The Jester (Short Horror Film) Reaction

The Jester (Short Horror Film) Reaction

Original Video:
Reaction requested by: BrownBerry360

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49 Responses to The Jester (Short Horror Film) Reaction

  1. Blackswordman 23 says:

    The guy didn’t wear a costume

  2. sagar jadhav says:

    he turned him into a candy

  3. Gabinater says:

    I honestly would’ve loved to meet that Jester. That would be off the hook.

  4. Muhd Raziq says:

    look only silent soldier understand what it means at the end about that silent jester :3

  5. TheWickedViperGames says:

    He just should have fucking clapped

  6. Shazam 13 says:

    did his mask change to diamond

  7. Kaleb Zarcone says:

    here’s a theory,the jester was a Halloween demon,and the guy went to hell,and the jester only punished people not dressed up for Halloween

  8. LIL_DJ PROD. says:

    he stay fuckin wit her😂😂😂😂

  9. BlastXLB says:

    Him and Her are dating

  10. Yaiden Dol says:

    Ok like in all honesty that would be in a pretty amazing movie. Like he would be a pretty cool killer or whatever.

  11. Alondra Hernandez says:

    This is more like a NEED short film because he didn’t clap or say thank you

  12. SG Gamer says:

    he is the piece of candy

  13. SHANELL032007 says:

    Silent is gon beat dat ass keep playing like dat!

  14. Enis Vlogs Gaming Funny says:

    Fuck all Jester

  15. Virtuoso says:

    All the dude had to do was clap

  16. DC NIGHTMARE says:

    the man became a diamond on jesters mask

  17. Kiax. Amv says:


    She tired of there shit😂

  18. mike plays says:

    the jester is bad he is a murder or some kind of murder

  19. lukepyung 1 says:

    That’s the fuckin joker nigga

  20. Adam Jose says:


  21. deemo and alice says:

    no body outside

  22. Ruben Morales says:

    He banished the man cause he didn’t give a round of applause that’s all

  23. Thekidking621 Gaming says:

    he got scared when he said STFU

  24. Katie says:

    all that guy had to do was show apreceation for the jesters magic and he would have gone living as scene with the pirate and other guy

  25. Mr. Mister says:

    The legend goes that until the day of today, they still didn’t realize that the Jester turned the guy into a candy.

  26. jesus valenzuela says:

    He said awh ihit another one lmfao

  27. Chelsie Ward says:

    when he was on the ground he had time for those shoes to be off, Idc I’m gonna die trying

  28. Paul E says:

    those people clapped at the end.

  29. Gamer Raspy 191 says:

    when I saw the thumbnail I was like someone gonna die today

  30. Amado Carranza says:

    I would’ve ran once he covered his eyes.

  31. Jaime Alvarez says:

    because he forgot to clap

  32. L1nk says:

    He’s the Halloween spirit and he turns all the people who don’t celebrate into candy

  33. Dying Parade Of Vampires says:

    I think he turned the guy into the piece of candy that he put into that guy’s bucket in the last scene.

  34. Khurram Elahi says:

    I would say to the jester suhhhh dude because I have a moto always be werid in creepy situations

  35. Astro Raccoon says:

    he made him disappear because he didn’t have a costume? i’ll never go out on Halloween like that again

  36. Anthony style says:

    I will like if it was a movie but what will you name it???

  37. MRjackelBox says:

    you need to clap for the jester or he will do that

  38. kj 2 cold says:

    You look like the Russian flag she look like a lie an he look like a got damn banana or a lemon

  39. wwe db says:

    his palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy vomit on his sweater already mom’s spaghetti he’s nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd goes so

  40. Papa Pinku says:

    That girl is so cringeworthy.

  41. Reni main says:

    He was the candy the outher one was his last victim

  42. Amado Carranza says:

    all that happened because he didn’t wear a costume his fault. that’s why the 2 at the end were fine.

  43. Arrow Gamer says:

    I know what happened

  44. Death Gun13 says:

    he should of clapped

  45. cap green says:

    tick tock tick tock the jesters going to find you if you dont give him a applause.

  46. Anonymous says:

    He turned him into the candy

  47. FresnoCA93727 says:

    I think The Jester let those two last guys go because they were celebrating Halloween.

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