THE MAIDEN (short horror film) Reaction

THE MAIDEN (short horror film) Reaction

Original Video:
Reaction requested by: @hownowwoolsack

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50 Responses to THE MAIDEN (short horror film) Reaction

  1. Chrisselle Ward says:

    The girls is gonna be an entity forever and it’s just gonna be trapped for good cause of the necklace.

  2. Kati ́s Channel says:

    full film yes of course please

  3. fayne champs says:

    why the girl don’t talk

  4. Jeremiah Brantley HD says:

    should i support you 500$

  5. Reixux ; says:

    if your new or you don’t know their names, the girl on the left is named Silent, the one next to the girl right next to Silent, is M dogg and finally the guy on the right is named Struggle by others

  6. real n061e6 says:

    i think i saw kin jon wung

  7. Savage Ryan says:

    james wan should direct this

  8. Sven Bartes says:

    wel can’t say this wasn’t great or un interesting, it was very special in a way I mean they way the little girl got dragged in the house like that. This is very good yoh they could make a filmé of it I mean they could Base on this to make an ativity movie from this short horror film yoh😆
    Struggle maid
    Ps : How the fuck are gonna sel a house that’s hunted like that I would be out long time end never turned back damn😆

  9. Astro Raccoon says:

    the was a fucking goat head and she just threw it out like it was a candy wrapper

  10. 40ozofstress says:

    YOOO!! I know what the Fuckking Movie Struggle Soldier was talking about! Haven’t seen that shit in soo many years, and I’ve been trying to find out the name!

  11. The modulator Is broken says:

    You guys are awesome great video 😁

  12. That Guy says:

    the film with Frankie muniz is called Stay Alive

  13. JudgeDread 305 says:

    "It ain’t worth it!"😂😂😂😂

  14. Joshua H says:

    The Maiden is a chiraq savage chain snatching people of all ages.

  15. Mafex says:

    React to a British shirt film called the brain hack.

  16. Chrisselle Ward says:

    Nope fucking up again fuck that shit who the fuck wanna stay there with that old ass lady.apparently she don’t know about the little girl got sucked back into the house. (Telekinetically smh bitch is crazy…) wtf is wrong with people something is out of place yet you still.

  17. re.mon3 says:

    please react to "Human form-korean body horror film"

  18. Darren Jackson says:

    The Asian chick is truly so sexy

  19. Tanner Tucker says:

    What kind of a horrible woman sells a house like that?!

  20. Navarro Base Commander says:

    "My tubs dirty."

  21. reyes robledo says:

    stay alive is that the movie I saw it

  22. K_Dubble_U says:

    M-dogg said Got her with the Rock Bottom lmao!

  23. Kendrick BaldwinTV says:

    I would beat the hell out that demon bitch if she dragged my daughter

  24. Chrisselle Ward says:

    Yea the fuck you can’t get rid of the pentagram.its a thing to trap entities with its not a good thing.

  25. QUITS LEARNER says:

    Who else died when struggle soldier said "my tubs dirty"

  26. Chelsie Ward says:

    That’s one commissions check I would pass.

  27. Nightingale690 says:

    wow struggle is annoying as hell always laughing at death that shit ain’t funny.

  28. fayne champs says:

    why the girl don’t talk

  29. Youtube Gamer Addict says:

    "You’re gonna be in the bucket next! Put it down!!" 😄

  30. Kendrick BaldwinTV says:

    the hell is wrong with bye bye man

  31. Tyler CEO NFGxFSUxInc. says:

    That Stay Alive Movie

  32. Zachary Cirello says:

    Why doesn’t she talk on any of the videos with her in it

  33. Tmack Gil says:

    pause it at 3:13 😂😂😂

  34. Rene Camero says:

    this is very similar to stay alive you guys should watch some clips its really good

  35. MIKEGX333 says:

    3:11 PRICELESS look from both u guys LOL!😀 I too was like "How u doin……"

  36. galo lopez says:

    "He took off his skin for me" great movie

  37. Chrisselle Ward says:

    Movie is called stay alive !!

  38. Shelle Wright says:


  39. 3nr1 004 says:

    3:22 LMFAO Dude chill !! Probably the best part ! U guys are the best

  40. boyish_lalonde says:

    "should I send a picture of me?"
    Legit tho, if you were selling stuff like that, I’d buy it.

  41. Robert Watson says:

    The whistle, Check it out. Short horror film

  42. Teedabeast 901 says:

    this bitch over here scorpion ppl "get over here !!!!!!"

  43. Lenny Galiza says:

    3:15 "My tub’s dirty" Lmao😂😂

  44. arcanian14 says:

    so im new to this channel. Does the guy in the middle not see the woman sitting next to him? Is that why she is silent like supposed to be an imaginary character or something?

  45. Basseman says:

    hmm, didn´t jump once, saw it coming. almost every time you could see that somethings gonna happen. like the bucket. would be more of a shock with just wetting the rag and then an arm or something.

  46. Crack Monkey says:


  47. Trinity says:

    How do I recommend a video?

  48. Chrisselle Ward says:

    That remind you in inscidious!

  49. Justice says:

    When you aren’t backed by a studio but you still make a better movie than Ouja, and bye bye man (insert salt bae meme here).

  50. Diane Winchester says:

    They are right. Youtube short films rock.  And they are free.  The situation is currently awesome.

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