The Moonlight Man – Short Horror Film

The Moonlight Man – Short Horror Film

The Moonlight Man

A girl walking alone at night is stalked by a creepy monster called The Moonlight Man in this short horror film.

Directed by Danny Donahue
Starring Casey Fichtner as The Girl
Monster Played by and Music Composed by Philip Kreyche
Special Thanks to Hatchet Hall
Creature Special Effects and VFX Created by Danny Donahue

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47 Responses to The Moonlight Man – Short Horror Film

  1. Mathew Berger says:

    props man 👏

  2. Steve Jaxx says:

    Thumbs up for the hot girl Hatchet Hall

  3. Kat Win says:

    That was lame…

  4. Your Dad says:

    Lol you know the jump scare is coming when the music stops but still really great and scary

  5. Erskine Leonard says:

    so she see a stranger get in her car and grab her cell phone to call someone instead of taking her key sticking it in the ignition and driving off, smartest thing I ever seen in my life

  6. Tatty Karle says:

    this was sense less.

  7. MadeAUsername says:

    Horrible directing……..
    I rarely blame the actor/actress.

  8. Aabha Mishra says:

    The man can be a psycho

  9. Queen Ravioli says:

    I Loved it!!

  10. Rec And Cut says:

    Great Shorty!!!

  11. Helen Molatta says:

    its very cool. I like it.

  12. POOJA SINGH says:

    this was the first short film that made me jump screaming. Although she could’ve avoided this situation if she was not so clumsy.

  13. Noah Gault says:

    bro she can’t act for shit :/

  14. Digital Infotainment says:

    Moral of the story: Don’t drop your car keys in a dire situation. ;D

  15. The G.O.A.T says:

    I think she’s in the upside down

  16. Edie Mazzullo says:

    That was scary. Made me jump.

  17. Tanos says:

    Its still a love story?

  18. MaTriiiΧ † a.k.a. Tobi ™ says:


  19. Trackdealer Official says:

    Ist jemand von Multi hier?

  20. Rodger Roldan says:

    8/10 pretty good

  21. Mimi Singha says:

    y it was so difficult to pick the keys up at first place…duuuhhhhh

  22. Hiro Brimm says:

    Just stop dropping shit bitch!!

  23. George Ayvazyan says:

    OMG how do you think of these ideas or the way the monsters look..? I love it!!!!!! I’m all new at these short films and I’m trying to make a horror short too but don’t have the imagination lol….. do you mind hitting me up so we could possibly talk?

  24. CnMsquared says:

    That was cool!! we really enjoyed that. MAKE IT LONGER!!!

  25. aziz bichi says:

    very short ,😀

  26. koko samba says:

    You Killed Me People!! Especially When He Got In Car Boot With Her hhhhh

  27. Jasmine S says:

    Her acting makes me angry 🌝 & WHY WOULD ANYONE GET OUT THE CAR

  28. Lord Krythic says:

    "Film"? This shit is short enough to damn near be considered a gif.

  29. SurgeTitan says:

    She pissed off the moonlight man with her shitty parking. And how the fuck u drop the car keys like that. She literally let them go

  30. Reallxility says:

    Great Video and Makeup and effects Honestly Can see yous Getting Big !

  31. MadeAUsername says:

    LOL that’s like my neighborhood every few minutes.

  32. Soul taker says:

    The moral 2 is that put all the garbeg bag of your house in the other sit and the bag side instance of your sit and if the man try to enter they will smell and forget about everything and kill them self lol

  33. XaeeD says:

    You forgot to add "award winning" in the title.

  34. Jonathan Chowthi says:

    Good job! This is probably my favorite short horror film so far.

  35. Siimpaaticoo says:

    I have clinicals tomorrow and I’m spending my night like this. Procrastination at it’s finest.

  36. Emily Hammer says:

    I actually find it funny that all of this was caused by her dropping her keys. Like if I had even seen him in the first place my first reaction would have been to bolt. Also, if the doors keep opening then you obviously need to dash. And THEN when there is a strange noise YOU DONT STAY TO FIND OUT WHAT CAUSED IT. Like this is common survival sense😅


    who have stand outside at night ?

  38. dark9king9antonis9 says:

    +Danny Donahue Great job man. What programm do you use to montage your videos?

  39. Kevin Bush says:

    "moooom i’m on the dark side of youtube again."

  40. Aunty Ro Knows says:

    The face looks like that creepy pasta character…can’t remember the name lol. But I wish someone would do a short on the babadook, really like that character.

  41. techguy says:

    you can show anything in the name of horror movie and get views.

  42. kim black says:

    I couldn’t get my mouth to unhinge so I could close it for like 50 seconds. Awesome.

  43. XxFaceless GhoulxX says:

    This bitch fucking takes a flashlight out for weapon I would’ve ran like a little bitch I don’t give no fucks. XD

  44. Kazema Hussain says:

    shittttt mahhn…damnn scarryyy

  45. Talha K says:

    Nice. I wish I knew more about The Moonlight Man as a character. Who or what is he? Are you guys planning on doing more with the character or just leaving him as an ambiguous creature in this short?

  46. schwarzer rächer says:

    take your pills girl….

  47. FaeJewelle says:

    this was the supidest shit I’ve ever seen

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