THE PASSAGE – Short Horror Film

THE PASSAGE – Short Horror Film

The story of a young man named Michael and his personal nightmare amidst a journey to hell.


Justin Colon,
Kristen Doscher,
Victoria Ng,
Richard Sacher,
Dan Parenti,
Judith Anna Di Donato,
Bryden DiGennaro

Written and Directed by Anthony Altamura
Screenplay by Anthony Altamura & Amedeo Barone

Director of Photography Alex Seefried

Associate Producer Amedeo Barone

Michael Barone,
Michael Nicholas Wolf,
Anthony Altamura,
Alex Seefried

Executive Producer Robert Fingerman

Special FX Makeup Lauren Molina

Visual FX Artist Alex Bricoli

Art Director/Costume Design Michael Nicholas Wolf

Original Music/Score Justin Manas

Additional Scoring by Randy Leboeuf

Sound Design, Re-Recording/Foley
Anthony Altamura, Justin Manas, Amedeo Barone

Additional Foley Sounds Tim Irons

Production crew Daniel Ginsburg,
Djoana Gueorguieva,
Amedeo Barone,
Dave Falconer

1st Assistant Director Alex Seefried

Aerial Cinematography Propeller Heads

Drone Operators Parker Gyokeres,
Alex Seefried

Set Photographer Djoana Gueorguieva,
Dave Falconer

Props Distributed by Cousins Furniture,
Finders Keepers,
Ricardo Rodrigues

“When You’re Dead”
Written and Performed by Joe Becker

in association with FREED VISION FILMS


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50 Responses to THE PASSAGE – Short Horror Film

  1. Jeanne Westmoreland says:

    This short film was fuck’n Awesome… Great Job….I So Loved It…More Please…

  2. Flicko Zicko says:

    Two and a half minutes in and already terrified! (I’m gonna do a play by play reaction in the reply section, dunno why)

  3. Bret T says:

    Disjointed and disturbing nightmare. Very impressive effects. Well done!

  4. Ryro Films says:

    Check out my channel if you want to see someone who does and loves the same as you. Btw I subscribed 🙂

  5. WarTorn Productions says:

    Scary af we do stuff like this too thats sick

  6. Jennifer Hawkin says:

    WOW! Very unnerving!

  7. Owen Ogletree says:

    This was amazing! What a scary movie you made right here; there’s really nothing scarier than the subject of this video. Great job!

  8. Nikki Likes says:

    Yup. Suicide = Hell.

  9. Ekue Atilio says:

    A nightmare you can never wake up from great film had a few of those dreams my self!

  10. scott chester says:

    Beautiful.. thank you for making this

  11. Jonathan Pierre says:

    "I am the blackest act. I am the monster that lurks in the darkness. What lies in the belly of the beast and every starving child. I am the father of lies. You will seek the end of your suffering…but you will never find it. And you. YOU’RE MINE."

  12. Vyrisus says:

    That was fantastic. Good work.

  13. Cameron Gallagher says:

    Just found this film! LOVED IT! Mind Blowing! I wish this had a larger budget, because this has potential to be a feature

  14. Paul Ziolo says:

    ‘Modern’ people would not suffer all these silly fugues, flashbacks, hallucinations, horrors and other bits of Sartrean existential nonsense if they would but forsake the pursuit of money, sex and power and turn forthwith unto Christ Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life, trusting in His saving power and saying: Suscipe me Domine, secundum eloquium Tuum ut vivam, et non confundas me ab expectatione meam!

  15. MR Purple says:

    Wow this movie was intense

  16. Troy Bough says:

    That was the creepiest and scarry one i seen on here yet!!!

  17. Dan Strickland says:

    Great short.

  18. moses knows says:

    Nice work guys, well shot, good makeup etc…. Subscribed and liked… If you have a sec. checkout my newest lil horror short, "FRIGHT HOUSE" (dr-cut)… Thanks so much, Moses…

  19. Jason Berry says:

    This was horrifying. Like seriously, this is beyond scary, like a nightmare come true. Excellent job

  20. Jacob Conard says:


  21. carlo mango says:

    A masterpiece of horror

  22. ChevKen says:

    That was effing fantastic!

  23. surge says:

    This was just annoying

  24. Chuck Sweeney says:

    It was well worth the wait! A great horror story that doesn’t rely on jump scares, but instead finds the root of horror in something that you can not escape. Great job Nightmare Film Crew!

  25. Shahzain Brohi says:

    Ending so scary

  26. UpgradeFour says:

    You guys sure love annoying audio cues.

  27. Nick Mercado says:

    Damn i loved it

  28. Guzzo TV says:

    That Was Stupid He Clearly Needed To Cry Out To Jesus

  29. Kael Champs says:


  30. SativaGamer420 says:

    So was he suffering from nightmares or was he a a schizophrenic who killed himself when he could no longer trust anything he saw or heard?

  31. Loki Laufeyson says:

    Anyone else scared? Me either.

  32. PublicOfficial says:


  33. Josue Meza says:

    it’s okay I didn’t wanna sleep tonight anyway

  34. Vexed Viewer says:

    this is good

  35. maximo447 says:

    Insidious demon ?

  36. Ed Caf says:

    Absolutely fantastic job Anthony! Top notch work

  37. Shahzain Brohi says:

    Very nice

  38. Josh Shields says:

    very creative and scary.. and true horror film

  39. God of Thunder Designs says:

    Some great imagery there!

  40. BUD BRAND says:


  41. Henriett Höss says:

    is it similar to the book by Justin Cronin?

  42. Jason's Nightmares says:

    Very cool!

  43. isiaih polendo says:

    This why you don’t try mushrooms

  44. Prénom Nom says:

    The music in the beginning was so loud and awful… couldn’t go through this. What a shame, the movie seemed promising though.

  45. Sarah Khurshid says:

    Ok so he committed suicide and he goes to hell. What was the role of the gf in all this? Was the guy mentally ill?

  46. Julian Gerdes says:

    shit this was great

  47. Rafael Starks says:

    love it

  48. FrostBound Records says:

    So awesome! Love the originality.

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