The Problem with Horror Movies Today

The Problem with Horror Movies Today


In an in-depth discussion in the style of his “Analyzed Reviews”, Chris Stuckmann talks about what’s wrong with horror movies today, and how the audience is contributing to it.

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48 Responses to The Problem with Horror Movies Today

  1. sailormoon says:

    i hate jump scares…

  2. Con Mitro says:

    This video was brilliant; echoes my thoughts entirely. Much of today’s "horror" is either trying to see how many loins noises they can put into a single film, or how much gore they can get past the censors. A benchmark horror for me was the original Amityville Horror – the psychological aspect of the film was really unsettling and didn’t require jump scares or gore…

  3. A&B Productions says:

    Chris could you maybe do like a top 15 list of psychological horrors/thrillers? I’m really curious what movies you come up with

  4. zxx says:

    This might sound irrelevant, but for me Gone Girl has been more of a horror movie than any of the "horror films" made in the last 7-10 years.

    I mean, that movie stroked me psychologically. Without the need of jump scares, it kept me wanting more. I felt like I was inside a real world. Inside the brain of a psychopath. By the end of the movie, my jaw dropped and my skin felt cold.

  5. jennings mills says:

    I’m tired of the female warrior hero who’s made out to be more badass then the monster or serial killer.

  6. Shay Kaneski says:

    I freaking love jump scares it rushes my blood and makes me paranoid and after that i usually laugh at myself but after that the movie is more scary because of that jump scare.

  7. Jenny Bacon says:

    i love is video! xx

  8. NoNotActually says:

    Nowadays "horror movies" just make you jump which is pretty sad. A jump scare is not scary. It’s something that relies on your body’s natural reflexes and not something that makes you actually feel scared. It’s okay to have a couple in there, but when you have a film that’s only sources of scares come from the jump reflex, then you failed at making a "horror" movie.

  9. Timothy Brown says:

    I’m extremely late but, I just came across this video. I really hate when movies overuse gore as a scare tactic. I get it, it’s shocking but, it loses it’s shock value if you try it over and over again if you’re not going to bother mixing it up or making it a bit more varied.

    I’d also like to add, Chris, you bring up a great point. If Babadook was marketed as a movie about the lead character’s struggle with being a single mom which also hints at her reaching some sort of mental breakdown or breaking point than, it would have been so much more sweeter to discover the sinister creature that she conjured up based on her low-point.

  10. Wee Mad Max B says:

    Hands up who loved It follows!

  11. Vextuzy says:

    I agree I do like Psychological horror films, but I do enjoy slasher and jumpscare reliant films too. At the end of the day, it’s entertainment and if it’s a good movie, that’s all I care about.

  12. Sans Handlebars says:

    The Babadook sucked

  13. Kevin Dillon says:

    Great horror films are made by great film directors, not "horror directors". In my opinion the best horror films were made by directors who are almost always better known for their other films in other genres than the horror films they made.
    Carrie, made by Brian De Palma, probably better known for Scarface or The Untouchables. The Shining, by Stanley Kubrick, I would argue is more remembered for Full Metal Jacket or Dr. Stranglelove, or 2001.
    Or William Frienkin who made The Exorcist, at least at the time was more famous for having made The French Connection.

    My point is that these filmmakers want to make a good movie first, no matter what genre they are working in. They pick good source material, they spend much more time developing the story, they cast some of the best actors of their generation. These films have all become classics because they are good movies.

    If you have a ton of jump scares, or rely on some cheap gimmick, but you don’t tell a good story, then its not going to be a good film. As you pointed out, it may rule the day or weekend at the box office, but it won’t be remembered or ever be considered a classic.

    Right now i feel like the market is flooded with films made by "horror directors" and it may be that the more talented directors that are focusing on making master works are not inspired by the genre. But for us movie goers, we just have to be more critical about what we see, and be less of a "horror fan" and more of a lover of cinema in general. Look for films that move us and affect us more than just a jump scare. If we don’t do that, than we get what we get and studios will keep making crap.

  14. idicentertainment says:

    Babadook and the Witch are non scary horror movies that appeal to film snobs. It’s a new trend for sissy film goers who want to make excuses for non-scary horror movies. I want to be scared in a horror movie. Period. I don’t care about excuses.

  15. psycthom says:

    I liked most of Babadook but I didn’t like how the last sequence was almost slapstick Home Alone styles

  16. angelica garcia says:

    I love James Wan sO MUCH

  17. VileMK69 Z says:

    Jump scares have become way too predictable. You know its coming when everything has become quite………….BOGABOGABOGABOGA LOL!!!!!!!

  18. Captain Jakemerica says:

    Thank God for horror directors like James Wan and other great horror movies

  19. Lena Storm says:

    I wanna see a horror movie wich has super smart characters (actually smart, not "that person is a scientists and therefore is smart") wich avoid all that stupid horror movie clishee and STILL getting killed, because the killer/monster is even smarter. (Sorry for my bad english.)

  20. Fisho D says:

    Annabelle earned 231mil… fuck every single one person that went to that movie. Your money could have been spent on any other movie that year.

    And that Ouija movie earning more than John Wick… again… fuck every single person that went to that movie instead of John Wick, a movie, that became a legendary action movie pretty much immediately.

  21. Captain Jakemerica says:

    Damn after Chris made this video and the problem with action movies today those genres have been revived

  22. B. Lloyd Reese says:

    as James Rolfe said, the Universal Monsters are the gold standard

  23. Hannible Cyz says:

    Yeap, can’t agree more. The TRUE good horror movie is the one that makes you can’t sleep at night or able to explore and figure out the deeper meaning behind it, but not the "alright you got me" type of movie.

  24. MonsterMike says:

    I liked The Village. There I said it. I feel better.

  25. LinesOfNines says:

    I disagree with you on oculus, I found the majority of the psychological themes cheep and not fully explored to the extent that I personally would have liked. I, also, think the pacing was off making the viewer not really care about the siblings.
    I stand by my original statement when the movie came out, the flashback scenes were far more impactful, and they would have made a better movie.

  26. derrick bridges says:

    i think horror. is things that are twisted or messed up. gorry and creepy. ect. i totally agree with this video!!! well said sir. well said.

  27. Kyoko Kosplay! says:

    The Babadook is one of the best horror films I’ve seen in years, it’s been so long since I’ve felt paranoid after seeing a movie and feeling emotional connections with fictional characters while shaking in my seat seeing the torment they’re enduring. 10/10. However I refused to see Annabelle because I HATE dolls and because all of my friends who had seen it said it was terrible.

  28. Dallon Thorup says:

    The Babadook and Oculous were AMAZING!!! I can’t enjoy Horror anymore for all the reasons you pointed out. It’s watered down, cheap, and easy.

  29. Marli Andersen says:

    I completely agree with this. Silent Hill 2(my favorite game) had no jumpscares at all and is considered terrifying because of.. well… Its horror. The tragic and bleak plot, the foreboding as hell and lonely atmosphere. Horror is meant to horrify, get in your head keep you up. Modern stuff(most anyway) isn`t any of those things. Its cheap and more comical than scary, we NEED to stop this.

  30. pedro Carnelós says:

    Eerieness. For me its the ultimate scare factor, the feeling that something is… off somehow

  31. SkillexCon 2009 says:

    i agree with chris. jump scares are cheap af

  32. Shil Mama says:

    I guess I like psychological thrillers because I absolutely hate jump scares, I want a movie to have a good story, character development, and get under my skin. I’ll pass on the cheap scare.

  33. iLuvPandas says:

    Yer so very you r so very correct, now days u can see the horror or jumpscares in a movie coming from a mile away, I saw the ba ba dook too and it was awesome, personally I enjoyed, I also liked split, those movies are greate

  34. Scott B says:

    While I agree that these movies kind of suck, I will also point out that OF COURSE it’s all about the money. If you couldn’t make money from making movies there would be no movies.

  35. Nicholas Gordon says:

    Psychological thrillers are the scariest films to me

  36. Boleyn says:

    A shark is not a monster.

  37. Pinebro says:

    Do americans really pronounce horror "whore" ? That sound so weird

  38. Kevin Wu says:

    Am I the only one who is terrified by 2001 : A Space Odyssey? I watched it 5 years ago and I’m fascinated by the movie but the stargate sequence and the ending deeply terrified me. The idea of an unseen being with higher intelligence than human race makes me scared until now.

  39. jungle heart says:

    i couldn’t even get past the beginning of the babadook because the mom started masturbating with a vibrator… i think that is what’s wrong with horror movies today :/

  40. Milo Gin says:

    Very well said, things that lure are a lot more frightening than a movie loaded and dependant of sound. I expect the horror genre to change, it has a lot more to grow on still, and hopefully it does

  41. Rachana Kankapurkar says:

    I just watched a movie named goodnight mommy and it’s the best thriller movie I’ve ever seen. recommended to those people who love horror and suspense movies.

  42. DashhunterLP says:

    The thumbnail: When he puts it in the wrong hole

  43. Olynicole1234 says:

    I have not come across a single person who enjoyed Annabelle or the first Ouija, so I don’t know how they are chart toppers. The Babadook was a great movie, but the Oculus failed (IMO) in comparison. Wan has the makings of the becoming an iconic directer, his horror films have been hit, after hit.

  44. Crimsonskys says:

    Great video! Someone has finally addressed this. The whole jump "scare" fad is something I’ve hated for a long time now because it’s essentially ruined the horror genre. And the worst thing about it is that people actually like movies with jump scares….

  45. P90gaming says:

    Oh God NOO NOT THE BABADOOK worst horror movie ever made with the worst actors

  46. DasNamiLP (Let's Paint) says:

    Trailers are a big problem. I once searched a good horror movie for my friends and me. The trailer looked good, creepy with some ghost elements to it. The movie itself…. It felt more like porn made for 16 years old….

  47. Krystal Cole says:

    Love, Love, Love Oculus and Babadook. I thought the story was so well told in both of them. My friend can’t understand why I love them either because she said they were both too slow, but I think that people have such short attention spans nowadays that they want a movie scaring them every five minutes and can’t appreciate the impressive tension building of a well told scary story.

  48. sungleong says:

    one thing I really hate about some horror films is: Hey, there is a killer/monster roaming around, let’s split up so we can get killed more easily…….

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