The Rattler (Short Horror Film) Reaction

The Rattler (Short Horror Film) Reaction

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49 Responses to The Rattler (Short Horror Film) Reaction

  1. PEACHYARI says:

    Where has silent soldier been? I miss her lol.

  2. Minecraft BearGum says:


  3. Ahmad Coates says:

    yo yawl funny as shit keepin makin videos

  4. Randall Greynolds says:

    another great video guys good job like that informmercial

  5. Sven Bartes says:

    how her face got eaten l she didn’t saw it coming that monster did it.
    she capt running with her phone yoh, now look at her
    she didn’t made it
    short film good but nasty
    struggle pc yoh
    ps : this is some crazy shit how he peaked true the door
    and she ren to the bathroom and still doesn’t call for help well there you got it this what happens.
    in every short horror film they never know what to do

  6. STATIC 100 says:

    they was servin slim jims with ketchup 😂😂 bruh

  7. Mikayla Cady says:

    where is the girl who is usually in the video

  8. Misfit says:

    he has four bandanas on wtf

  9. SHANELL032007 says:

    Soon as it looked in that hole she should stabbed it in the eye with the end of that door knob. I keep scissors in my bathroom would have stabbed with those or hell poke him in the eye with the end of a toothbrush. Spray some bathroom cleaner in his eyes. Do something!

  10. nick valensi says:

    Send me that book

  11. Randall Greynolds says:

    i see how he got the name the rattler because he rattles all the doorknobs freaking people out before he takes their skin makes alot more sense now

  12. Mark Zapanta says:

    Yo. Please react to Goku and Trunks Vs. Zamasu and Goku Black.

  13. Mae-Ann Ringor says:

    jajaja I do really enjoy watching those two guys XD, I love it XD

  14. Carlos Rodriguez Sediles says:

    guys you should react to some brandon rogers, for example ”a day with mom” or ”no parents”, her videos are great and it would be a hilarious reaction, btw keep up the good work you guys are awesome! 😉
    (sorry for my english im spanish lol)

  15. Jennifer Statum says:

    React to the trailer of Ouija: Origin of Evil

  16. Oleilu says:

    I’ve probably watched this like twenty times and I still crack up every time Struggle Soldier says "I’d rather call the Ra-ra-ratteler"

  17. Deven A. Prather says:

    Well… I never heard of underarm being edible

  18. Stop It says:

    That skit was hilarious.

  19. nick valensi says:

    Damm that acting at the end was waaaaaay better than puffy hair girl from the purge election year


    Too many 5’s…too many 5’s.

  21. Veelasiren says:

    I lost it at "They were serving slim jim’s with ketchup"

  22. The Templar Order says:

    "Nigga they was serving Slim Jims with ketchup!" Had me fucking rolling

  23. The Red Hood says:

    Slim Jim with ketchup what type of bullshit is that

  24. Randall Greynolds says:

    that is absolut-ly wine lol

  25. braine0nbludd says:

    You’re in the bathroom… she could’ve grabbed the towel rod.

  26. Kendrick BaldwinTV says:

    MDogg: Another bad chick dead… Fuck?!

    Struggle Soldier: That’s what you’re worried about?

    MDogg: Yeah! She was bad as fuck?!

    Struggle Soldier: Well he thought she was good get it? because he was eating her-

    Me: Shut Up

    MDogg: Shut the fuck up 😂😂😂

    I’m done yo.

  27. wwe db says:

    if I had $1000000 I would kill people fun and get my car people to save me and sexy and have more guns

  28. Elizabeth Vasquez says:

    hahah haha xD !!!! there talk about the commercial !!

  29. Edgar Dominguez says:

    React to "Who’s Hungry"by David Ochs.

  30. Paris Castillo says:

    u know what’s funny whenever they watch shot horror films usually struggle soldier would be scared as fuck now m Dogg looks like he’s scared n struggle soldier is calm now

  31. Darious Costley says:

    who else laughed everytime when he was jamming to her ringtone? 😂😂😂

  32. Elisha Louis says:

    that movie was so trash

  33. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    you guys are beyond funny mad respect to you guys

  34. nick valensi says:

    I love Joe’s lame jokes

  35. Maicon Tracer says:

    Where’s the woman(friend your)?

  36. Alex Griffin says:

    6:22 same house the other woman got attacked by a mannequin in… Rent better be dirt cheap.

  37. Tati C. says:

    idk why but i thought maybe the rattler would possibly look like that guy from suicide squad since rattling mostly comes from a snake…idk, whatever :/

  38. nick valensi says:

    That wig lol

  39. Minecraft BearGum says:

    I love these conversations you have at the beginning of the vids

  40. Palatano says:

    Whenever I see (Short Horror Film), I click on the vid because they most likely have some hot girl

  41. Ted Zagaro says:

    They were serving Slim Jims with ketchup.

  42. Rawiri Sergeant says:

    lol DrMoCash look like pinky on friday after next.

  43. TeddysGotGrahams says:

    I love how M-Dogg raised his fists at the video only to wipe his eye and fix his bandana, and then back to raising his fists.

    Gotta look right before you knock a screen out

  44. Matthew O`Conner says:


  45. Black Dragon says:

    one of the stupidest thing to do when confronted by a psycho who eats ketchup-smeared mold is locking yourself up awaiting your death. "help aien’t coming. welp, time for me to die i guess".
    dumb victims who go down without a fight are ones i never feel sorry for. bitch had it coming.

  46. Moonwalker 58 says:

    How is struggle soldier going to afford the book if he doesn’t have any money

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