The Scariest Movies! – CineFix Now Roundtable

The Scariest Movies! – CineFix Now Roundtable

It’s Halloween so what better time to talk about scary movies? Find out what scares the Cinefix team. Subscribe:

We decided to talk about scary movies for Halloween. Unfortunately it turns out the Cinefix crew doesn’t really care about scary movies, isn’t scared of ghosts, and have terrible choices of movies that scared them. Even though we don’t have great suggestions for scary movies you might learn a little more about our strange psychology.

What movies scared you as a kid? What scares you now? Do you believe in ghosts? Does reality and injustice scare you more than monsters and the paranormal? What did you learn about the members of Cinefix from this roundtable?

Let us know in the comments below!


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49 Responses to The Scariest Movies! – CineFix Now Roundtable

  1. Jonathan Capogrossi says:

    I’m going to agree with The Shining, I saw that on HBO as a maybe 9 year old kid and as soon as the movie ended we were ordered to turn off the lights and go to sleep…this is NOT a joke..STILL remember that ha ha

  2. jdunnatl says:

    I love your videos, but this is just a disorganized mess. Too much talking allover the place and wasting time – especially in the beginning.

    Your channel is still one of my favorites, but this video is a disaster.

  3. Abhishek Mondal says:

    Favorite scary movie – Rose Marys Baby. First scary movie I watched – Jaws.

  4. Llorandoconelalma says:

    to me was thirteen ghosts (2001) a glance of one of those ghost was enough

  5. Eyerish .B says:

    The girl in the red shirt is annoying as hell.

  6. Max Nobel says:

    I feel like horror films that bury the lead are the most effective. When I’m expecting to be scared it’s a lot harder to get scared. The baby in Eraserhead and the first murder in Death Proof got to me in ways most horror films don’t.

  7. Corey Harrison says:

    I saw Arachnophobia (1990) when I was five or six and that terrified me.

  8. DeadLeaFMoth says:

    4 Scariest films that I saw as a kid that I think still hold up well today: The Boogens, The Pit, The Blood on Satan’s Claw & Horror Express

  9. Gwen Brown says:

    MIRRORS! makes you feel creepy about mirrors! also Pan’s Labrynth the Ogere with the eyes in his hands really gave me chills!

  10. The Rocking says:

    I saw The Shining when I was 8. The scene with Jack going after Danny in the maze got me as well as the elevator and the Bear suit. Now though watching it the last shot is more what gets me.

  11. Gwen Brown says:

    Fire In The Sky! the terror this man goes through at the mercy of these creepy, dirty, inbred- looking aliens! it’s kind of like Deliverance in space! lol!

  12. Michael Carpenter says:

    Have you guys ever done improv or anything? you seem like you have that kind of dynamic.

  13. Bea Bo says:

    Skeksis makes me think of blind pew from muppet treasure island who scared the SHIT out of me as a kid

  14. Corban Noah says:

    First movie-related thing that scared me was actually a TV show: Gooey Gus from "Ghostwriter". THAT was super messed up for a little kid to watch

  15. jm860421 says:

    a couple of modern truly scary movies are without a doubt Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring, The Descent, High Tension and Creep(2014 . Creep fucked me up beyond anything and its so damn bizarre and utterly creepy.
    Creep(2004) actually made me think twice before going down to the metro late at night so that one was pretty effective as well!

  16. Carlos Anderson says:

    Hilarious opener.

    "What do you need to…facilitate moving forward…"

  17. Jammez says:

    I got really scared by the scene in Disaster Movie where Alvin and the Chipmunks attack the Juno parody girl. This was when I was 7

  18. Nia Aqua says:

    why am i watching this beforw bed? all i can think about is what scared me shitless and even now, makes it hard to go to sleep

  19. The Jenna Pearl says:

    Revenge of the Sith. Palpatine zapping Luke FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT.

  20. Shelby Y says:

    man I watched dark crystal as a small kid with my little brother all the time we loved it Yeah it’s scary but it’s amazing it’s a real story

  21. Gwen Brown says:

    i don’t like needles! so that scene in SAW 3 when she fell in the needles! i could feel it! also in the rock opera Tommy, i was a kid and i saw the scene with the iron maiden full of needle and it was creepy! also Oliver Reed, i must have had residual memories of him in the musical Oliver! as a kid i had nightmares about the episode of little house of the prarie when laura thought mrs olsen got her head cut off with a sword by mr olsen!

  22. itsaninsidething says:


  23. Deet Cologon says:

    The movie that freaks me out the most is the English version of Funny Games. It just feels so hopeless, which is the point.

  24. trd 12 says:

    My goodness her laugh makes me cringe.

  25. Jammez says:

    Shriek 3 Scared me when I was 5

  26. Kami Lee says:

    The only horror movies I’ve ever seen are The Birds and Coraline (I fully consider the latter a horror movie). But y’know what really messed me up? Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared. Technically it’s a short film, so it counts. But I had NO idea the "Creativity Montage" was coming and those images stuck with me for weeks. Later I actually watched the rest of the videos and enjoyed them, but my first experience was not a good one.

  27. feelingpaulie says:

    It’s interesting………..I grew up on horror/scary movies, but I’ve still yet to see one that has actually scared me. But I really want a movie to scare me, so I’m always on the lookout!!!! suggestions anyone?

  28. Nickolas Belliveau says:

    When I was a kid I got really afraid of a dramatic re-enactment on Dr. Phil.

  29. Saltofpetra - says:

    Scariest movie for me is Outbreak.

  30. Matthew Bradley says:

    The ring bored me to death.

  31. MalinDeMunich says:

    The tension of watching her handle that can, knowing that she’s about to drink what she spit out, calling out to the screen for her to turn back, and then boom the can tips while she happily gulps it down… that… THAT was one of the scariest things caught on video.

  32. This Anonymous says:

    That fucking laugh.

  33. Leo Bergmiller says:


  34. Jennica D says:

    Holy fuck can you all stop talking over the short haired girl? I’ve been watching these videos back to back and it keeps happening, like stop. The main guy with the dark hair and glasses loves to hear himself talk I swear

  35. Michael Morrison says:

    It’s great that you guys are having such a good time but I had hoped for an actual discussion about scary movies and why they are scary. As one of you remarked, that’s a really interesting topic because fear is so personal a reaction that everyone has a different take on the films. Maybe you could do another slightly more focused round table on this topic?

  36. Jay B. says:

    I never watched horror movies, they just really messed me up, they still do actually, even as an adult. So yeah I never watched anything super bad. The scariest movie I saw was the fifth kind. It’s a documentary style movie about aliens and it scared me so bad. There was this one scene where she gets possessed (by aliens I guess?) or something and her mouth opens all freakishly and it leaves her looking like her jaws all dislocated. Idk it was just freaky. This was at a time when I was obsessed with ghost hunters and any show like that. I just ate that shit up. But yeah the fifth kind freaked me out since I thought it was real. *spoilers*

    Its not.

  37. Anne Silva says:

    the first movie to scare the shit out of me was "monster house, la casa de los sustos" i was around 6 or 7 when i saw it on tv

  38. you are that which sees that you see says:


  39. you are that which sees that you see says:

    the diner dream sequence in mullholland drive

  40. blueberrypanquakes says:

    scariest movie I’ve ever seen? Let’s Scare Jessica To Death, which despite an on-the-nose title is a very creepy, low-key horror for the most part. a lesser-known gem. First movie that scared the shit out of me? A cheesy 80s flick called Waxworks, about a museum of monsters that come to life when you enter their displays. my sister and I were about 8, and my mother told us we couldn’t go play because we’d be too loud. we had to eat Popsicles and sit there watching. there’s a scene where some vampires have this guy chained to a table and they’re eating his leg. not just sucking his blood, literally cutting his leg off in chunks and eating it. I still hate Popsicles.

  41. Jonathan Capogrossi says:

    I’m 45 so the horror movie I saw as a kid that terrified me was Phantasm, and I didn’t even SEE the movie as a kid, I just saw a SCENE from the movie with that flying ball that kills people is chasing the kid through the mauseleom….I slept with my back to my bedroom door for like a year so the flying ball from Phantasm wouldn’t get me

  42. you are that which sees that you see says:

    as a kid return to oz is horrifying

  43. you are that which sees that you see says:

    Neon Demon by wending refn is one of the most horrifying movies ever.

  44. Ryan Seee says:

    Great Talk! The first two times I was legitamitely scared as a kid was-

    1.) WATCHING the troll turn kids into dolls in ‘Ernest Scared Stupid’.
    2.) SEEING the wide-eyed expression on Mrs. Futterman’s face in ‘Gremlins’ when she hears her husband yell after they breakout of his shed with the bulldozer

  45. hallesdad says:

    saw the Exorsist when i was like 9, but the scariest damn thing i have ever watched is OPEN WATER…. f&^%ing terrifying…

  46. MrJapanApan says:

    1: Blair Witch. 2: Silence of the lambs. 3: Pet cemetary. 4: Alien. 5: Nightwatch (nattevagten) 6: IT. 7: Rec. 8: The exorcist. 9: 28 days later. 10: The chainsaw massacre.

  47. Gwen Brown says:

    the first silent hill movie had the most surreal beings that were very scary. also the 70’s vrs of invasion of the body snatchers, when the dog with the man’s head on it comes out. as a kid i always wondered if there was a man with a dog’s head walking around somewhere.

  48. Lauren Atkins says:

    Ernest Scared Stupid literally scared the sir out of me as a kid. Also the first scene of Ghost Ship. I cried and watched Who’s Line is it Anyway with my mom instead lol

  49. Jack Canonach says:

    For me, it was an old movie called ‘Dog Soldiers’. There were werewolves in it. the part that scared me was when it was a silhouette of a werewolf against a flame. it looked human enough but werewolfy enough to enter the uncanny valley

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