THE SHOES – short horror film

THE SHOES – short horror film

THE SHOES is a short film about demonic shoes who want to eat humans.
Writer & director / KEVIN MENDIBOURE
Sound / Fabrice Valsin
Color / Guillaume Heulard
The Cast
English dubing / NATHAN RIPPY

Best Scare at the 2016 Independent Horror Movie Awards (December Edition)
Nominated for Best Short at the 2016 Independent Horror Movie Awards (December Edition)
Nominated for Best Atmosphere at the 2016 Independent Horror Movie Awards (December Edition)
Nominated at Fright Meter Awards 2016 for “Best Short Horror Film”
Semi-Finalist at the 2016 Los Angeles CineFest
Semi-Finalist at the 2016-2017 Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

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50 Responses to THE SHOES – short horror film

  1. KratosaurusRex says:

    666 views WTF!!!!!! Am I that number?

  2. Brooke Pugh says:

    Very creative! Never seen anything like it before lol 😀

  3. Dhiya Abdullah says:

    this muvi fani act Tu mi

  4. Shreya R says:

    I always had a fear of getting stuck inside the elevator…

  5. Diane Winchester says:

    the actor is actually quite good.

  6. Inannawhimsey says:

    FunnyIt reminds me of a shortshort story I read in the 80s aboot a man who stole a crappy coat from the local salvation armyAnd what happened after…

  7. Bryce Wagner says:

    It was interesting. I liked the special effects.

  8. Natalie Quijada says:


  9. iamSGR says:

    cinematography is vry nice

  10. Alee Javaid says:

    Wonderful acting great direction super movie thanks for uploading.

  11. Dhiya Abdullah says:

    this muvi fani act Tu mi

  12. TATIANA CHECA says:


  13. Mervyn Lourdes says:

    Love you!

  14. kim black says:

    That was fuckin cool!. I really like the simplicity of it. Loads of fun. But I did want more.

  15. Gilberto Gonzalez says:

    what kind of camera do you use?

  16. Jema Griffiths says:

    Good but i dont know why someone would be so freaked out about the elevator being stuck the first time round? wouldnt you just push the buzzer and be like "hello? im stuck in the elevator.. Can you please send help" instead of almost losing your shit?

  17. Neljon Pascua says:

    When you trapped in an elevator, that’s the scariest and horror feeling as well.

  18. RATNADIP PAUL says:

    What the hell was that…not scared a little….story was really badddd….

  19. CCSTRC15 says:

    When I read the title I thought the shoes would be a pair of red pumps.

  20. Jazzy Moni says:

    Really interesting perspective. Enjoyed it.

  21. Pia says:

    Seriously?? Demonic Shoes??
    Anyways.. Great Job..Keep it up

  22. richard Wu says:

    Son of Beckham?

  23. Pine Peak Entertainment says:

    that was super cool! Great acting, script, fx and shoes 🙂

  24. Gilberto Gonzalez says:

    I have a question I want to start making short film but I don’t know what kind of camera to buy for a starter?

  25. Leila Jordan says:

    The actor was good. Not sure about the idea but at least it’s more original than most!

  26. Benjamin Roman says:

    Very original and good actor.

  27. Andrea Bargas says:

    Very interesting. I can’t wait for part 2.

  28. nasimul haque says:

    pretty good. loved the originality the story had

  29. Edward J. Cunningham says:

    Not a complaint, but was the actor speaking English or was it dubbed in afterwards? Anyway, nice horror film!

  30. jojolafrite90 says:

    Well.. That wasn’t worth watching…

  31. Jakub Wojciechowski says:

    Weirdest horror killer so far.

  32. Lennise Fuller says:

    4 wasted minutes😕

  33. Gunita Soram says:

    how the fuck did that video get award…..maybe they gave money for the award……THAT VDEO WAS A FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING SHITSHOW

  34. Willa Swift says:

    Nice! thank you

  35. Guruprasad Rao says:

    "Guruprasad Rao Google+" Google this one and press on the first link you get from the result. That one shows short movies I have shared on youtube and some of the best foreign language movies and English Movies. I have also shared this video there.

  36. Darren Holt says:

    not good. made no sense

  37. KousTube says:

    when the lift goes down…. you float …. its physics Sir.

  38. chapterwan says:

    Ah ouais, pas vu le temps passé, cool, bien 1 ou 2 plans de trop quand il va vers les chaussures, sinon haletant et sans temps mort. La fin déjà vu ailleurs, mais bon aller c’est cool bien.

  39. Hashim Mehdi says:

    Greatest fear, the shoes come to life.

  40. c. j. macq says:

    somehow I guessed the floor enumeration the elevator was going to stop at. for some  reason horror movies seem to have adopted the vague ending which is okay, on occasion, but it is alright to make logical movies WITH explanations now and again too. regardless, this was a fine short and thanks for the film.

  41. Jasbir Kaur says:

    Very scary.. Good work..

  42. quentin enjalric says:

    Great footage !!

  43. c. w. says:

    the lighting was very good for such a dim setting, i very much enjoyed the production value, and this idea – though almost laughable, at first – was actually melded into something terrifying, for several reasons! a lot of it had to do with the actor; though he said nothing at all, his performance was absolutely captivating. the end could have went a lot better though. :/ i think cutting it off at the scene where he disappears would have been fine, but that additive at the end where the guy picks the shoes up? unnecessary – and, well – unrealistic. what kind of lunatic picks a pair of random shoes off of the street? "oh, man, those are some nice shoes that are on the street. someone else’s foot sweat is built up in them? who cares! they’re rad!"

    and let’s be honest, the people wearing these shoes are kind of pretentious jackasses, it seems.

    still good, though. keep up the good work!

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  45. Jed Dietenberger says:

    Demonic shoes?

  46. ThatFoxLillian óÔÔò says:

    He went to Hell.

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