The Smiling Man (Short Horror Film)

The Smiling Man (Short Horror Film)

Shot on a budget of ZERO DOLLARS! The Smiling Man is originally a Creepypasta based on a true story written by: Blue_Tidal
YOU Can read the tale of TERROR here!!

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Video Credits
Directed By: Nathan Vogel
Starring James Elliott
and Cade Tarkas
Music provided by Royalty FREE! And some composing mixed and arranged and written by myself.

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13 Responses to The Smiling Man (Short Horror Film)

  1. S Sparrow says:

    lol the man’s dance

  2. Sean Chris Regner says:

    Oooooh! That was creepy!👍 Now I have my worst nightmare…thanks!👍

  3. Joshua Benson says:

    I started laughing at 0:52

  4. Tamera Keal says:

    well done guys.

  5. Jay S says:

    Can we get a behind the scenes

  6. Alfredo Navarro says:


  7. GLO BRO says:


  8. RYAN C says:

    That was awesome!

  9. Mr. Soul says:

    Yeahh its good that you put your own version in there but whats with cutting out him staring into the sky with the wild eyes doing a dance stride? Couldve been more creepy and have a better build up to be honest.

  10. Balore the giant says:

    this deserves more attention

  11. Snoezibol says:

    That last jumpscare got me good! Nice video! 😀

  12. kim black says:

    The only one who has done anything worth the time to watch this Smiling Man take is Scary Endings. All the others suck.

  13. Brandon Rocha says:

    why are there neighborhoods that are like that where’s everyone barbecuing and everything else

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