THE STAIRS – Short Horror Film HD

THE STAIRS – Short Horror Film HD

the stairs is a short horror film.
A young man is facing a presence in his house.
the stairs are the only barrier between them …

“THE STAIRS” est un court métrage d’horreur.
un jeune homme se trouve confronté a un présence dans sa maison.
les escalier seront le seul obstacle qui les séparent …

Réalisé par Josué ESPARON
Musique : Annabelle & Conjuring soundtrack

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Horror short film
The Stairs
Horror video

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50 Responses to THE STAIRS – Short Horror Film HD

  1. wrcpatrick says:

    that wasn’t much of a barrier…

  2. Yamini Kursange says:

    that was not blood

  3. Postghost says:

    Worst acting I’ve seen in a while.

  4. quentin enjalric says:

    Bon film !

  5. Darius Cards says:

    wow very scarry …. can´t see shiiit! Here´s a hint, dark is good but it´s not gooood, when you see shiiit!!!! ok

  6. Maxmas ken says:

    myyyyyyyyyy nigga faggot

  7. Christopher Diaz says:

    what a waste of red wine

  8. Adam Painter says:

    I have a problem with foreign films…only because I can’t speak the language lol. It was an awesome film.

  9. Lauren Is Trash says:

    Thats alot of wine

  10. c. j. macq says:

    despite the high production values i’m afraid many of these horror shorts are becoming redundant and their endings are becoming WAY too vague. for instance, this film was very well made; well executed in all respects but its too derivative of 95% of every horror short on you tube and the ending, like all those other horror shorts, just doesn’t make any sense. thanks for the video.

  11. Nelson Lopez says:

    Suscribe? But isn’t Subscribe

  12. Evan Girl says:

    This is not scaryXD It’s funny XD WTF?! XD

  13. Messy Kira says:

    Wer kommt auch von CreepyPastaPunch?

  14. anshulpwrr07 says:

    hilariously funny

  15. LazyRj Official says:

    666 dislikes

  16. Pratik Katyayan says:

    the maker of this is asshole…lick my dick so that u can make some better than this..

  17. Steve Regal says:

    *screams in German*

  18. Kalaina Shaw says:

    why am I watching this scary stuff, knowing imma be scared?

  19. Siddharth Rane says:

    that fapping at 0:20 doe

  20. ght456 says:


  21. Funk_o_Girl says:

    If you’re scared
    Come join the comment section where we have everything you need like

  22. Veronica Haney says:

    My 16 year old screamed!!! ROTFLMFAO !!!!!!

  23. Night's Shadow says:

    Not scary, but had a good idea. It just didn’t have that vibe.

  24. Aurora Castro says:



    Had head phones in, full screen not in the comments, and in a little room.
    Ha Ima savage

    Also had a friend across the room, all the lights on. Full day light and the tv was on.

  26. Willa Swift says:

    Nice! thank you

  27. Libby Marsh says:

    shit actingg

  28. Garths World says:

    It’s a laugh watching this with no sound

  29. Lennise Fuller says:


  30. Shreya DAS says:

    Very poor story

  31. Vivos Life says:

    Welcome to Comments!
    We have Cookies and warm Milk♡
    Now you’re safe

  32. Miss Vanity ASMR says:

    "damnit i spilled my koolaid again"

  33. Izzy Warner says:

    I masterbated to this.

  34. Ash Wati Jugul says:

    00:15 frame from the exorcist

  35. Sam Dilworth says:

    so did he stab the 👻?

  36. Elena Geadau says:

    suge my bagette de francais stupid

  37. Scott Ironmonger says:

    Very creepy! Luckily I don’t live in an apartment which has stairs, but anyone who does, switch the lights out and watch this! :D.

  38. Florian - mon says:

    Die haben das gleiche Telefon wie wir und wir haben eine Treppe……. sollte ich mir sorgen machen❔😯❓

  39. Toreii says:

    C’est ok. Pas très terrifiant

  40. NightWing says:


  41. Tiger Roar says:

    next movie title The Toilet Commode
    That ghost roaming entire house whats the mean of movie title

  42. Toxic Facade Gaming says:

    Cranberry juice??

  43. Roza anime lover says:

    I can’t see anything in the dark

  44. SA1 times says:

    not understand

  45. Toby643 says:

    Horror movies in a nutshell

  46. Peter Kenvin says:

    Hmm. Creepy. The only thing I would say is that, blood has a very particular look to it. To open a film with "blood" coming down the stairs, it needs to look a little more authentic – personally it took me out of the film for a moment.

    Then I thought – what if its not supposed to be blood? That got me using my imagination and in fact made it creepier in a way. Its an exercise in the beauty of visuals without explicit explanation – allows the mind to go where it wants to. 🙂

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