The Ten Scariest Short Films Ever Created

The Ten Scariest Short Films Ever Created

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Here’s the Short Films

10) Playing With The Devil:
9) SkypeMare:
8) 2AM: Smiling Man:
7) Bedtime:
6) Cam Closer:
5) Snap:
4) Play Time:
3) Bedfellows:
2) Alexia:
1) Don’t Move:

Thanks a million for watching, it means a lot 😀

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49 Responses to The Ten Scariest Short Films Ever Created

  1. masterchief 18471 says:

    i San te smiling

  2. amine haddadi says:

    Il ya beaucoup de talents dans ces courts métrages, ces réalisateurs et acteurs doivent être plus soutenus, ils font un très bon travail en attendant que quelqu’un leur donne une chance

  3. Sam LockeTV says:

    Number 6 HAD ME

  4. Mike Mitchell says:


  5. MrTomkat030 says:

    Play time, great… but fuck that

  6. Chad Regina says:

    I was fine up until the phone call in bed lol I have no clue why that one got me the most haha

  7. manoj kohli says:

    i rarely comment on any video(lazy af) but great job mate, great job👌

  8. Crno Dete says:

    Deburke321,you suck,man! Could you crop some film,I know they’re all short,but you had to play them whole! Really unprofessional!

  9. Leonard Habig says:

    I wonder how long I would last watching all of them

  10. kaka Kar0tcake says:


  11. fibble drip says:

    how can you take the ‘snap’ one serious. so many cliches, music sounds like its from the 80’s and the guy needs to learn to draw emojis

  12. minnie1247 says:

    BHD brought me. Very good compilation sir. That last one effed me up. LMAO xD xD

  13. Jazhua Vanboven says:

    Skype-mare should be called dumb girls with knives. It’s like all good sense runs out the window when faced with the possibility of a home invader.
    Remember they are human not -fucking- Jason Voorhees. Granted her friend just did get butchered but it’s fight or flight! I would have screamed bring it the -fuck- on!
    ✅ Any hand guns
    ✅ Ninja Stars
    ✅ Swords
    ✅ baseball bats
    ✅ The entire cast of dragonball Z

    All of the mentioned above can do serious damage. I’m guessing you figured out I’m pro-gun?!

  14. malinovka himmelsdorf says:

    wow wonderful

  15. Hanan Hanad says:

    eyes closed thoughout this

  16. What Did I Just Watch? says:

    I made it to #6, but I’m in bed in the dark so now I have to find something funny to watch.

  17. Jacqueline Ushet says:

    is it me or when the smiling man skips he does thariler

  18. Michael Mendez says:

    Umm You definitely got the wrong Smiling Man movie. That is honestly horseshit next to the actual one thats praised

  19. Willem Willem says:

    This aint scared me

  20. Danny Brown says:

    I am the one

  21. rr rrny says:

    did anyone else at least TRY to go full screen ?! i didn’t lol fts

  22. joshjak says:

    At 3:39 haha he is doing the Lonely Island Creep dance

  23. Ana and Sam says:

    The last one though

  24. Markel Bannister says:

    "Play time" Is like a new insidious

  25. iryn pahlewi says:

    OMG! the Smiling Man is as creepy as sh*t!!

  26. Emilion Waldvogel says:

    the smiling man is really funny to me

  27. Shadowz says:


  28. Porco-Dio FIlm says:

    Eh, number one was pretty lame honestly.
    Nearly all of the other 9 were as good or better.
    I’m more into the psychological side or horror, it was too predictable and in your face.
    Not very scary.

  29. James King says:

    Damn that girl on skypemare had a fat ass. No wonder the guy took her.

  30. amine haddadi says:

    there are many talents in these short films ,these directors and actors needs to be more supported ,they are doing a really good job waiting for somebody to give them a chance

  31. Liam Mackinnon says:

    wot fake

  32. Harreh Bruh says:

    The only one I’ve watched is bedfellows and I’ve read the dancing man

  33. lisa mcnamara says:

    Number 4 I hate creepy dolls!! They should all be burnt

  34. Godman250 says:

    It won’t load

  35. Khaye M.E says:

    Welcome to the comment section. where u are safe from whats ⬆

  36. BuRnLion says:

    I has the chills

  37. Harreh Bruh says:

    Number 9 shocked me

  38. Shakea Muldrow says:

    If they do it right I think that they could make the 1 short film into a really good movie but without over doing it… The smiling man would be a good movie but Jim Carey shouldn’t do it only because of his well known role as a funny man. Although Jim’s movie 23 was very well preformed I think he should be the second or last choice not the first. The short film about the nap chat to me was kind of corny but if they work out some kinks it could be OK. The short film about the cell phone was OK but me personally after seeing the woman dragged across the floor I would have left ft her the phone and the house 😂 😂 😂

  39. MEMESTAR says:

    watching this at 3 am, fullscreen, headphones, and max volume, it was nice knowing you guys, see ya

  40. Simon Jesuit says:

    Liked most of the shorts did NOT like them being called ‘FI-LEMS’, but hey, that’s the way the knife goes in.

  41. Carrie Wilson says:

    at the end of the second one I was like "aaaaaaaaasshole"

  42. Thys VandenBos says:

    Disturbing, but full of cliches… Good to watch before bed for that quick, nice, cold, creepy feeling without having to wait for the story to develop through a long movie… Good work, keep it up! It certainly will help me sleep like a baby tonight. Make some more such compilations soon, please.

  43. toddles9 says:

    Number 8 was made into a cartoon by Llama Arts.

  44. Dolphin Girl 131410 says:

    So if the camera in Cam Closer can see dead people, why couldn’t it see the apple?

  45. Ticonderous1 says:

    how did the chick in Skypemare get stabbed ??

  46. Comedian Internet says:


    How I walk when I’m trying to get a midnight snack from the kitchen

  47. Baseiii Voltik EU says:

    10:25 those whispers are from Assassins creed multiplayer.. just sayin’

  48. wave_zinxter says:

    4:56 the story is " my kid told me to check under the bed for monsters i did it for her amusement . When I looked under there was another her saying there’s someone on my bed

  49. Gwen says:

    Yesss bedfellows is my favorite short horror film

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