The Top 10 Scariest Scenes in Movies

The Top 10 Scariest Scenes in Movies

But, wait! There’s more! Hand on to your seat, baby! ‘Cause this one’s a screamer!

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50 Responses to The Top 10 Scariest Scenes in Movies

  1. Anjali Mishra says:

    Nah! Couldn’t manage to scare me at all.

  2. Blood_Reaper 7 says:


    Me: *takes out a bag of lego bricks and dumps them on the floor* game on, bitches.

  3. Michał Wojteczek says:


  4. First Nation 123 says:

    There was even scarier scenes in The Shining

  5. Cedrio says:

    essas cenas sao horriveis seu idiota

  6. WitnessTheShitness says:

    This shit was aids I nearly slit my wrists

  7. Helmut McFranklinstein says:

    For me it has to be the scene in Stephen King’s / Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s lot where the little vampire kid floats outside his brother’s bedroom window and scratches at the glass to be let in. That was about the scariest thing I had seen on screen back then. Of course over the years it has lost its power, but back then it was bloody scary for 12 year olds (like me) watching it.

  8. Renlie Roes Minhee says:

    The Insidious Scared me so much Hahahahaha I Dropped my earphone And Shouted "FUCK" 5:40 Hahahaha Yes I agree with this Top 10 <3 Thank you 🙂

  9. Alexis Adams says:

    Wow that’s 6 minutes of my time wasted

  10. Random Gaming says:

    Your prob 3 years old -_- I would put texas chainsaw massacre saw and would you rather

  11. Janik Bollh von horst says:

    I wish we had true scary movies. I want to see deep web shit and satanic ritual crap.

  12. gpuppy1234 says:

    Ok the shining, pyscho those scenes have no right being here. We have come along way from jason and freddy krueger. Today they are doing something right with insidious, conjuring, annabelle. Horror is moving in the right direction

  13. Jodoin Maxime says:

    Insidious…what a shitty movie

  14. Tabish Beast says:

    I’ve watched many sacry scenes i only found paranormal activity scene scary

  15. Heta Heta Dance says:

    I watched this when Annabelle let me down

  16. DJ Migs of Binghamton says:

    Insidious? # 1? Really?

  17. adamzez says:

    Top 10 most famous horror movie scenes is what you meant to title it

  18. Christine says:

    How is this scary XD

  19. TheJoker998Fame says:

    It’s strange to say but for me one of the most scary scene ever is from the movie Mulholland Drive, Who has seen it knows what I’m talking about

  20. KillerLeroy03 says:

    The first one made me jump a little XD

  21. Vishal suryawanshi says:

    this are not scary

  22. Happyfunrun says:

    Jump scares? Really?

  23. SativaGamer420 says:

    I would agree with you about this scene from insidious, but that movie completely fell apart halfway through. Right about the time they started talking about "the further". Its like they pulled back the monsters mask and what they found wasnt a ghost or demon, just a giant blob of disappointment and bad story telling.

  24. lee Ystenes says:

    that was a long trip down the stairs

  25. Xxxtentacion Summoned satan says:

    If someone in this comment section said they didn’t get scared then they are kind of idiots

  26. Zilaur Rahman says:

    Fucking like of shit

  27. flip scooter says:

    grudge sucked kinda.everyrhmg else good

  28. Chris Mora says:

    Where is the thumbnail from

  29. Tlough YourBro says:

    The last one scared the shit out of me and gave me goosebumps

  30. ali shahid says:

    എന്തെല്ലാം പ്രശനങ്ങൾ

  31. Mr. Infenyx says:

    None of them were really scary

  32. Joe Kurr says:

    You either have terrible taste or haven’t seen enough horror films. the conjuring at number one? the fuck ? are u 12?

  33. 323 morteza says:

    wow! really fuck!

  34. tyri sanders says:

    Bruh I seen the grudge when I was 11 years old at 2 in the morning, never again 😂

  35. JordanRathboneOfficial says:

    that fucking last scene had me shook

  36. Pastel Kei says:

    This is shit.

  37. Hans Landa says:

    Lol, insidious is a joke

  38. Dustin Carter says:

    Worst list ever. Please rename, failure tries to make a horror list.

  39. Clash of Tube says:

    1:50 what the heck is that

  40. muhammad ahmad says:

    i think 5 is the most scariest scene from the rest

  41. Its All About Entertainment Yash says:

    the Conjuring I & II series is best horror movies

  42. Shen Loony says:

    Sorry, nothing scary there. What about The Changeling, with George C Scott (Not the rubbish Angelina Jolie film), a lot scarier then all of these.

  43. faithdivides deathunites says:

    im giving a thumbs up on the fact that you dont have an "im the cool kid" annoying ass narrator

  44. pixels CREATIONz says:

    I LOVE PONIEES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Jamie Pardoe says:

    Only no.4 was a tiny bit scary

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