Thin Walls (2016) Short Horror Film

Thin Walls (2016) Short Horror Film

Official Selection – Los Angeles Cinefest

A young woman hums to herself in her apartment and hears a neighbor hum the same tune back. Thin walls. However, maybe that hum wasn’t coming from another apartment…

Twitter: @jayruzicka

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50 Responses to Thin Walls (2016) Short Horror Film

  1. Inagami Kun says:

    You know, she just told whoever hummed back at her "Sorry, thin walls." And then she told the 911 Operator that she lives alone.

  2. The Original Mucko says:

    911 call was the best….chilling. Just getting into these short films, loving it. Thanks to all who share their art with the rest of us! Closing my doors right now.

  3. Postghost says:

    The core creepiness was extremely effective and executed perfectly.
    The ending … well, nothing’s perfect, so, whatever right?

  4. Nils Thorkelsson Persson says:

    The best part was the 911 call, clever!

  5. Quoc Dat says:

    The only thing is bad is the make up and ending

  6. Tabitha Abby says:

    Pretty creepy good job 🙂

  7. The cup Rapmon throws in the Run MV says:

    I was pretty predictable but still scary good job

  8. Lesly Avila says:


  9. Face Less says:

    if I saw that and heard the 991 call I would’ve jumped out that window like xD nah bruh not today

  10. Barbie Barbie says:

    nice…..but…need a little more shooting skills

  11. monster jam shreds says:

    I would’ve got tf out of there lmao

  12. parthasarathi ghosh says:

    awesome work keep up the good work dear

  13. Spellcaster86 says:

    Not the worst singer.

  14. Pip xx says:

    Would’ve been great if we didn’t see anything!

  15. Crysta Lacerate says:

    For some reason, I really love that little tune that she’s humming.

  16. Pyro Bear says:

    lol that ending though, she was all like "well bye than"

  17. Razamataz Snazzysaz says:

    She just wanted a duet.

  18. Undead Lust says:

    I cannot sleep without my door closed all the way….

  19. Oliwia Green says:

    ok, it looked scary, but it didn’r

  20. I AM GAY says:

    One word


  21. Samuel Moreira says:

    ta de sacanagem né

  22. NightyCORE says:

    "Okay the first thing I need you to do is unlock your door"
    what the bloody fucking hell are you talking about our mighty lord is not ready for this girl what the fuck you talking about opening that door wth?

  23. Erzengel says:

    I really would upvote some more of these short horrors if they weren’t ALL THE FUCKING SAME 😕

  24. Racer Hex says:

    It was ok but the girl in the closet didn’t look scary, Cheap make up !

  25. daniella carola says:

    When she was on the phone I so wanted her to hum that tune at her that would be creepy

  26. Orojugen says:

    I mean yeah, it saves space, but who wants to be in between the walls?

  27. Avery Peterson says:

    I liked this a lot but my one peice of feedback is use less cliche music

  28. InBenja GT says:

    I assume the lady was just a lesbian…

  29. 44883 says:

    1:16 "911, what´s your emergency ?" "Yes"

  30. Le Déviant says:

    Of course she keeps the light off.

  31. Gaivota Play says:

    When I see that I’m going to get scared I just put my Pepsi in the table and put my hands in the air

  32. Diane Winchester says:

    Good actor.  Thanks for casting her instead of a no-talent bimbo.

  33. CrushingOnChloe says:


  34. Razamataz Snazzysaz says:

    That Shane Dawson conspiracy video music tho…

  35. Taliyah Jenkins says:

    Started off so nice and innocent XD

  36. Sandeep Mann says:

    nice but …..I think lady ghost is lesbian

  37. Ria Ria says:

    i wasn’t expecting her to come out the closet Lol

  38. Kevin Couteau says:

    That 911 call was awsome.

  39. K2 Fitness says:

    Thin Walls horror… when your parents are in the next room… Bangin sounds get to you… Rape your EARS! thats horror 😀

  40. CliqueCupcake says:

    i was more freaked out about the girls name than the actual ending 😱

  41. Taliyah Jenkins says:

    Started off so nice and innocent XD

  42. Mervyn Lourdes says:

    Great movie but the ending kinda……………..

  43. I AM GAY says:

    I’m watching this in the dark by myself

  44. Kinza Dar says:

    this freaked the hell out of me cant even sleep at night anymore!!!

  45. Hannah Cruz says:

    imagine that response from 911 lol

  46. Carly Tess says:

    I liked the ending👌🏻

  47. Leslie Arnelle TV says:

    very good!

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