Tik Tak – Short horror film

Tik Tak – Short horror film

The plot creation of the film is ingenious. The film was shot, played and produced by the director without any costs, in which a story of a man’s encountering strange things after waking up at midnight was illustrated. Although the whole film only lasts three minutes, it integrates the strange story and the circle of time and space into it, which is indeed creative.

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50 Responses to Tik Tak – Short horror film

  1. Gigatony says:

    Is this guy suppose to be a robot or something ?
    because the way he’s acting looks so unnatural…

  2. Iteeng Tengik says:

    damn its so cool

  3. Melissa Saar says:

    So he’s stuck in a time loop?

  4. Moebetta thagoddess says:

    why would he turn off the light ??!

  5. sue montgomery says:

    Could’ve been better honestly

  6. jennifer hernandez says:

    I wasted 3 min of my life. 😂😂😂

  7. Billy Bones says:

    uhh dont get it

  8. Emma says:

    he was so stiff, the acting looked really scripted, good plot, more explanation to it would’ve been cool

  9. natalia solorzano says:

    soy la unica que no habla ingles aquí!!!???

  10. Vicky gilhooley says:

    your dick is a tic tak

  11. KinGxSpookS 5150 says:

    Really dude?? Who turns all their lights off after being scared??

  12. Dionne Danzey says:

    The moral of the story is give the bus pass back to the person that dropped it!! 🙂

  13. Jealous says:

    The angles make it look scare


    oh come onnn

  15. Nawel Benrezzah says:

    G trop peur

  16. Park shin-hye says:

    Are you Korean ? ? :)))

  17. Lennise Fuller says:

    😊This wasn’t bad actually

  18. Viney Lou says:

    Great audio / musical scoring! Very effective.

  19. Timothy Vallejos says:

    um he can’t leave the house unless he goes out that door…

  20. Tracy Buxton says:

    I don’t get it!!!!!

  21. Vaggelopanagioto Kremmidi says:

    He was stupid , right after the first knock I would have got my ass out of the house and go shit myself in a pizzaria for the rest of the night

  22. Filipo Auva'a says:

    NOW WAIT A MINUTE! Dis was supposed to be scary…oh…

  23. Melon Jordan says:

    loved it…very good!!!!!

  24. srgnt _mcdonald says:

    wait a minute this means he is scared to look in the mirror because he can’t stand the look of his own face😂

  25. WolvesAtYourDoor says:

    sorry but this was bad

  26. Mega Faggit says:

    Why did he act like a fish out of water when he tried to hop back in the bed? I’m like goddamn

  27. Ezekiel Thompson says:

    Bitch who tf goes towards the door.my ass would’ve went towards my phone and speed dial the damn police

  28. Mateusz T says:

    it wasn’t scary ;_;

  29. Paul Mccafffery says:

    More tension in a tramp’s underpants.

  30. ayush chawla says:

    he was drinking water like he was having a cup of tea or coffee😂😂

  31. Moonlight Glow says:

    ummmmmm,am I missing something here???

  32. Trần Thùy Dung Art says:

    sợ quá

  33. theshipsails c: says:

    Me, when he saw himself. Omg it’s you from the fuutttuurreee!

  34. Quinntus79 says:

    The door sounds like it’s in need of some wd40.

  35. TheHiddenClues says:

    the true horror is how he drinks water

  36. Thon 3301 says:

    time is flat circle…

  37. Indi Sugar Taufik says:

    This is actually great idea. So he stuck in the time loop (term?). But the acting kinda stiff.

  38. sweetie621 angela says:

    ….i didnt get the whole damn thing.gosh…
    well i will just have some greetings to bts armies over here!!!!im an army!!!!!

  39. Airhead 1971 says:

    Im going to take lots of drugs then watch this again , then maybe ill have a clue what its all about ….

  40. Randall Carmichael says:

    don’t check if you hear something at night

  41. TheTickingTimebomb//TTTB says:

    He opens the door to see true horror!…nothing…SERIOUSLY?!?!

  42. T Fal says:

    if fucked up shit was happening why would you hide underneath the covers let alone turn the light off, stupid.

  43. TheUnatuber says:

    At least it wasn’t 3 AM.

  44. Praise the Sun says:

    This looks like it was made by someone who just pirated a copy of Vegas and had no clue what they were doing.

  45. jennifer hernandez says:

    Maybe the girl was going to rape him.😂😂😂

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