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10 – Charlie’s Farm
09 – Treehouse
08 – The Pyramid
07 – Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension
06 – Jessabelle
05 – Sinister 2
04 – Insidious: Chapter 3
03 – The Woman in Black: Angel of Death
02 – Amityville The Awakening
01 – The Babadook

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49 Responses to TOP 10 – BEST HORROR MOVIE – 2015 HD

  1. Rush Rage says:

    You know its a shit list when its got treehouse smh student loan ass movie

  2. Jason Smith says:

    its a lie paranormal activity its in 2012

  3. David Ibarra says:

    This list is complete crap!

  4. PReFiRe_sYs says:

    Worst intro music of all time .

  5. Isra Tibu says:

    good movies

  6. iamLordAce says:

    seeing treehouse there means this list is shitty. only the insidious 3 is good (as well as 1 and 2). babadook is shitty as fuck too

  7. Michael Cortez says:

    the song that played at the beginning of #9

  8. Hussain- R says:

    Thank you so much bro 🙂 keep it up

  9. Valentine Lynch says:

    The best is the Silent Hill siren style 😀

  10. OptimistHunter Reel says:

    The Pyramid was pure shit

  11. Isabely Fernandes says:


  12. djentleman57 says:

    The babadook was quite honestly not very scary at all. you must have been pretty high or something

  13. Daniel Miser says:

    all besides one are all ghost movies? Get as fuck

  14. cutthr0ats says:

    babadook 1 really?
    did you see the movie?

  15. Louis Darilla says:

    Fuckin Babadook, most overrated movie of 2015. Even more than Star War VII

  16. thetakeover51 says:

    What’s the song name for the transition between 10 and 9?

  17. Humans inpain says:

    charlies famn sucked a holez…

  18. Isabely Fernandes says:


  19. Acsa Graziele says:

    Esse canal é brazileiro???

  20. Liam Wallis says:

    The best and scariest movie I have seen and would recommend is shutter (2004) it in subtitles but awsome don’t watch the American remake it garbage

  21. KandiBarz says:

    Okay, seriously? Amityville: The Awakening doesn’t even come out until 2017 and the trailer for Sinister 2 is actually just a preview Sinister 1.

    Get your facts straight, please.

  22. Mandy Diepstraten says:

    babadook sucked!!! and where the hell is "headless" 2015 ??? That was a good horror Flick!

  23. Tomas Beramendi says:

    YAS THE BABADOOK IS GENIUS! And then you read the analysis, and it’s even more genius

  24. Jhon Jhonson says:

    what is that music of the treehouse?

  25. Vizzy King says:

    I have never heard about the new amenity horror film

  26. maimalinta Salmatau says:

    are these realll . …..what !!!!!!! mom

  27. Luffy one piece Kirumi X hunter X says:

    Insidious 3 is number one

  28. Gracie Murguia says:

    Did anybody else find that thumbnail creepy as h*ll?

  29. ThomasBauer95 says:

    this has been the worst video ive seen on youtube 😀 those cuts are like the hell for my ears and you took the wrong trailer for at least sinister 2, cant say what other trailers have been wrong, because i havent seen them all

  30. Rachel Bicket says:

    They uploaded the wrong trailer for "Sinister 2" They uploaded "Sinister" the first one. Everyone makes mistakes no drama Just letting others know in case they haven’t seen the first movie. I’ve seen both. People who seen the first expected to know the details of the second one but it wasn’t the case at all. Personally I preferred the first one because I knew what the creepy man looked like so I think that’s why I had jump scares in the first one.

  31. Tre Rollin says:

    Tree house looks interesting, The Baabadooo9k was a very very very very very very very very very Great Movie

  32. Gabriel Angela Alice Fisika says:

    For the Sinister Film is wrong, because it is a Sinister 1 (2012)

  33. Le Croissant says:

    *checks description* "Oh look Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension is on this list" *gets the fuck out*

  34. حيدر كولد Gg says:

    Babadook really scary movie

  35. Clorox Bleach says:

    Lol I’m probably the only one here that actually likes paranormal activity

  36. xDelusional Conseptsx says:

    I love how no horror movies scare me . they can get creepy . but they ain’t scary . but it’s funny how I can play a horror game and it havw the shittyest graphics but makes me not wanna play xD

  37. Jose Antonio Rodriguez Sanchez says:

    amazing 🙂 not a single good movie

  38. nahum garcia says:

    what movie is the guy from the thumbnail from?

  39. Malaak Adel says:

    زفت والله

  40. حسن سعدون says:


  41. Phurba Dorjee Sherpa says:

    The babdook is one of the worst horror movie i ever seen and why this shit movie is in no.1

  42. KyganLT says:

    amityville the awakening 2017 die in fire

  43. thetakeover51 says:

    Music for the transition of 9 is extreme music – combat ready

  44. Dusty Reviews says:

    the list was just ok.. but the editing gave me a headache. Less is more, why do you cut every 5 seconds?

  45. coldblooded kidder says:

    sinister 2? my god that is the worst film of any category. i say that cuz it definitely isn’t a horror movie its a bore and a snooze fest , but mostly it was such a huge disappointment cuz i liked the 1st one. belay that remark. i hadn’t watched it thru but that was the 1st sinister film they showed here why they called it 2 ????

  46. Gabriela Cruz says:

    AMityville the awakening us released in 2017 not 2015

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