Top 10 Best Horror Movie Endings of ALL TIME!

Top 10 Best Horror Movie Endings of ALL TIME!


Scary, shocking, and memorable, the greatest endings to your favourite classic and modern horror films! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 most amazing endings to horror movies ever! But what will take the top spot on our list? Carrie, The Sixth Sense, or Psycho?

00:47 #10. “[•REC]” (2007)
01:39 #9. “The Thing” (1982)
02:42 #8. “Saw” (2004)
03:41 #7. “The Blair Witch Project” (1999)
04:34 #6. “The Mist” (2007)
05:37 #5. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)
06:32 #4. “Sleepaway Camp” (1983)
07:35 #3, #2, #1 ????

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50 Responses to Top 10 Best Horror Movie Endings of ALL TIME!

  1. Pikachu Jackson / Gaming and More says:


  2. Banana D. Bonkers says:

    What about the ending of Jeepers Creepers ??? 😑😑

  3. JS526 says:

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers anyone?

  4. Hector Mangione says:

    Michael and Don Vito Corleone wouldn’t be afraid of the Blair Witch. They’re always packing, so they’d be alright against some weirdo in the woods.

  5. Maddie King says:


  6. SubjectULTIMA says:

    "7:44" Oh! Hey sora, how many dead people have you been seeing?

  7. Makayla Koehler says:

    You should make more videos about scary movies!

  8. Sammy Lane says:

    Spoiler Alert but did anyone else notice that skull covering Norman’s face at the end credits??You pause it at the right moment though.


    halloween (1978) has one of the best endings in horror history.

  10. Shalise Shaw says:

    I like Halloween, Saw, etc(cue the Halloween theme 🎬🎥🎦🎞️📽️🎶🎃). There should be a list of Top 10 Twist Endings, Top 10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Celebrities, etc. 🎬🎥📺🎦🖥️

  11. Krystal Figueredo says:

    I love the ending for Drag Me To Hell. It should have been on the list! Definitely subtle and gives the title its name lol. Brilliant x)

  12. Aaron Young says:

    kill list….

  13. Nicholas 809 says:

    In honor of the Blair witch Project there was a crappy sequel.

  14. RICO RODRIGUEZ says:

    sleep away camp scared the shit outta me, I couldn’t sleep for 4 fucking days

  15. psteeg says:

    Blair witch project is fun and well made and stuff, but #8 best horror ending of all time? For me the last scene/shot was so anticlimactic I thought to myself, "huh…so that’s it..?" I don’t understand

  16. CBear624 says:

    I’m guessing the narrator lost motivation and didn’t bother to make this more entertaining by bringing more oomf to his voice

    Sounds like he hasn’t slept for days

  17. Jessica Wade says:

    I just realized Norman bates looks like officer Alex Romero in the show.

  18. Ewerton Almeida says:

    who the *** is this Guy? where is the other voice?

  19. lastearendil says:

    WTF Where is sinister???

  20. Hayden Flynn says:

    Sleepaway Camp better be number 1

  21. Ben Clish says:

    How the fuck was the joke of a movie called Cabin in the Woods an honorable mention and the Shining wasn’t even mentioned?!?

  22. Edward Egan says:

    Watchmojo, you should do a top 10 mad max characters. Here’s my list:

    1. Max Rockatansky
    2. Furiosa
    3. The Gyro Captain
    4. Jim Goose
    5. Wez
    6. Feral Kid
    7. Immortan Joe
    8. Toecutter
    9. Nux
    10. Auntie Entity

  23. Redrover aceflux says:

    I didn’t know you could avenge yourself when you get killed.

  24. Trueblade1423 says:

    Angela wasn’t a disguise. That was like saying it was his choice to appear as a girl. Peter, his actual name, was forced to be a girl by his crazy aunt. Since she already had a son, she just said two boys won’t do. Making Peter "Angela." The daughter she always wanted.

  25. Sammy Lane says:

    "Angela" had to have confused some guys and girls,right??"Angela" had the pretty face like a girl but had the wang of guy.

  26. hitlerboy anton says:

    hahahahahaha! some of the horror movies are funny even it’s disturbing

  27. Joseph Harris says:

    The Mist without a doubt is the horror ending that leaves you just so much in awe of what just happened! It was literally seconds away from being a happy ending and instead turned into the most tragic ending in horror film history!

  28. Joseph Simkus says:

    #4 is #1

  29. ThePotatoDoc says:

    do the same list but with video games

  30. Matthew Dunn says:

    Any list that places the boring "Blair Witch Project" as best of anything – let alone Horror Movies – doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Thumbs down!

  31. NoRegretsForOurYouth says:

    Don’t Look Now

  32. cornell murray says:


  33. Heloísa Cristhinne says:

    Sleepaway camp <3

  34. Toucan SonofSam says:

    how is the Blair bitch project ranked higher than the thing and saw

  35. Dark Dude says:

    You forgot to mention Rosemary’s Baby’s ending! Where she finds out her child was the devil’s all along and she ends up walking into a room with a knife to find out all of her neighbours are part of a satanic cult, that was probably a bizarre best horror movie ending of all time, it’s a shame it’s not on here! Roman Polanski classic! apart from that, I do second all these endings, especially Sleepaway Camp’s, that ending creeped me out!

  36. Keith says:

    YES! As much as I still love the original *Saw, The Mist, Carrie,* and *The Sixth Sense,* I think any horror fan could’ve guessed *Psycho* would likely be # 1. Classics aren’t given enough credit these days and, while this 1960 gem certainly isn’t perfect or beyond criticism in cinematography or storytelling, that final twist and ending solely belongs to it forever.

  37. Mr. Muffin says:

    psycho is number uno are the kidding I could name 10 more film that surpasses mojo’s number 1

  38. Kayla Arthur says:

    I’m surprised that Friday the 13th was only an honorable mention

  39. Rosa Perin says:

    The ending of Saw was ridiculously awful

  40. Juan Zara says:

    Seriously? Did the narrator say a "dead" corpse??? 3:08

  41. Val Cuenca says:

    That Angela we thought she is a man so scaaary!

  42. Tommy O says:

    The Mist had such a stupid contrived ending. I’m always surprised how many people think it’s good just because it’s "dark".

  43. Joseph Moore says:

    holy shit! I never heard of sleepaway camp before but that ending was so fucking good. It actually gave me some chills and horror movies rarely do that to me.

  44. HilariousHugo TV says:


  45. PromotingTheBeat says:

    There was 1 movie I was hoping to see that has been on my mind for so many years and I can’t remember which movie it was for the life of me.

    The ending was of a girl ( 1 of the main characters ) that people thought died I think, and she is facing the camera, lying down and her eyes open, her face I think peels off or comes off on one side, and she is a robot. This was from the 80’s.

    For some reason I think the actress was Elizabeth Shue but I’m not 100%

    I hope someone sees this and can remember it.

  46. UndeadThrasher447 says:

    I feel that Jeepers Creepers deserves at LEAST an honorable mention?! Darry (Justin Long) screaming in agony as he gets tortured by the Creeper & then it reveals his eyeless corpse as the Jeepers Creepers tune plays in the background! One of my personal favourite horror endings by far!

  47. ShadyTay says:

    I don’t even watch horror films, I only clicked because dat face wtf.

  48. Mike Pantaleo says:

    The mist was truly fucked up

  49. ghostninja nl says:

    i just cant watch the psycho ending with a straight face because when ever i see it i see mistern changs face fron southpark 😂😂

  50. Dick An. says:

    I hate that ‘found footage’ is used in the least literal sense for these disasters.

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