TOP 10 – Best Horror Movies (2000-2013)

TOP 10 – Best Horror Movies (2000-2013)

List of our 10 favourite horror films. Comment and rate, but please remember this is just our opinion. Hope U like it!

10th – The Fourth Kind
9th – Sinister
8th – Evil Dead
7th – The Others
6th – [REC]
5th – Mama
4th – The Awakening
3rd – Julia’s Eyes
2nd – The Woman In Black
1st – The Orphanage

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The tracks we used in the video are, in order;
Charlie Clouser – Dead Silence Theme
Evanescence – Haunted
Nightwish – The Siren

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50 Responses to TOP 10 – Best Horror Movies (2000-2013)

  1. Jenny Stark says:

    I love these kinds of horror movies, but where is The Conjuring?

  2. malik ali says:

    I hate that sort of horror movies In which children are playing ghost role …totally fearless movies …

  3. Ryan Kensinger says:

    America sucks at making horror movies.

  4. Dm Kirwin says:

    Horror Fan? Check out my handmade Giallo poster art. As it gets made.

  5. the DUDE says:

    I saw a horror movie few years ago and i can’t remember the title,
    was three different stories with some psycho clowns. I need help please!
    anyone who can remember the movie?

  6. Caleb T says:

    dude the evil dead look like something that would scare the fuck out of me lol. Lets go watch it hehe

  7. Crazy Coala44 says:

    The Conjuring is the best i watched , this movies looking same to me.

  8. black cookie says:

    who made this list? whoever that is.,is not a true fan of horror movies !
    so we have :
    2 british/american ,
    3 spanish , 1 of them english speaking
    5 hollywood/ameri productions?????????????

    – Hollywood productions do not deserve to be on this list .
    – SHocked no french movies made it , i can give you 3 that can easily be in the top5 ( High Tension, Martyrs, Inside )

  9. Jeremy Estey says:

    more than half of these are drama mystery and barely even scary I don’t under stand why the called it horror movies

  10. dae epbin says:

    All of these are generic ghost movies

  11. KingdomOfSenpai says:

    The orphanage is better than julia’s eyes?

  12. palemaster6000 says:

    Thirteen years of shitty horror movies. None are memorable or cling to the psyche.

  13. Jovan Tomic says:

    best horror of this milenium: 1408 (from 2007)

  14. jazznerz 93 says:


  15. Fredj Aziz says:

    The others is the best i’ve ever seen with a very unexpected ending 🙂

  16. Paka Lolo says:

    Before I Love Horror Movies….. Today Horror Movies use Unknown Actors, Many Can’t Act.!!!! Also Beginning of New Horror Movies Starts Very Slow and Drag On To Long.!!!!!

  17. HS Tomasso says:

    Mama is ridiculous.

  18. Anna Smith says:

    i hate this song!!!

  19. Nikolas Mikulka says:

    Where is the Ring ?…

  20. Psychotic Kate says:

    Their reactions and screams though. XD

  21. Bolsonaro Presidente says:

    shit list

  22. Yogesh Kumar says:

    Horrible than maths

  23. Chelsea Kyrell Tupas says:


  24. John Rayker says:


  25. narisa amel says:

    The forth kind fucked me up

  26. Maurice says:

    What is the highest rated horror movie since 2000?

  27. Kosala Ravihara says:

    are u forgot wrong turn?

  28. TenLepszyCzłowiek TM says:

    Where is babadook? 🙁 (profile.. 🙁 )

  29. DWD Wizard says:

    The Evil Dead = Scared the shit out of me

  30. josh Halgren says:

    Am I the only one who thinks The Woman In Black sucked?

  31. Alex B says:

    soooo many ghost movies now a day’s 😧

  32. Bob Figglehorn says:

    Anyone recommend me a good supernatural movie? As many enjoyable ones as you’ve seen.

  33. hemanth gopi says:

    women in black is scrarier than sinister? you are pathetic.

  34. mr Stevenson says:

    rec is not scaru

  35. Newhistory says:

    I Download these types…. then never watch…. coz I am afraid

  36. Austin .S says:

    The others sucks ass don’t watch it.

  37. Femma Nagh says:

    not agreed with most of your list.

  38. gnihtonsiereht says:

    Evil dead is the best movie in the world i never seen better

  39. Harambe says:

    When you watch the ending of The Others…

  40. Alin Danny says:

    the woman in black is a shittttttttt

  41. BlaCkPoWeR 275 says:

    Shit my ex girlfriend is scarier than most of these

  42. William Levy says:

    All of these movies are trash

  43. Don Dinesh says:

    Dai idiiot waste of time da

  44. Nadav Guy says:

    God such shit movies
    Same stuff every time
    1. Super natural shit
    2. Cheep jump scares
    3 . Creepy kids that say weird shit that turned out to be related to the super natural
    4. Shit scripts and acting
    5. Recycled stories
    6. Trying to be different by doing a bad ending

  45. stranger2two says:

    Besides ‘Sinister’, and ‘The Woman in Black’. The rest are not scary; I would rather add them to my comedy series.

  46. Tupelo Rose says:

    Abduction – Hollywood attempt to scare humans into hating our intergalactic family…pure bs…   We are all one.

  47. DooOgE MlgCXd says:

    i always thought orpahange is not scary at all coz only thib that it scary is her mask but can someone who watched whole movie pls explain me what is it about

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