Top 10 best horror movies of all time with trailers.

Top 10 best horror movies of all time with trailers.

This is my favorite horror movies list. All the films i mentioned in this video are really scary and interesting. please click the “Subscribe” button right below your video and also like it. Thank you 🙂
The order of the films are:
1- Sinister
2- Mama
3- The Conjuring
4- The Orphanage
5- Grudge-2
6- The Unborn
7- Grave Encounters (2011)
8- Dark Skies
9- The Others
10-The Awakening

Enjoy the movies 🙂

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48 Responses to Top 10 best horror movies of all time with trailers.

  1. 88Meava88 says:

    the dark skies, is that a true story and where does it play

  2. izzyboo says:

    I saw mama it wasn’t really scary at all

  3. zCermonDax says:

    Sinister,TheConjuring ang Grave Encounters is the bests

  4. click and tell says:

    i watch all the movies

  5. macias9 says:

    wow, really…. first 3 positions should have easily been Rec, VHS and 28 Days/Weeks Later.

  6. Annie Culley says:

    The Conhuring trailer shown here wasn’t even that good, and wasn’t even the actual trailer :/

  7. MaskoftheWraith says:

    I’ve shat plenty of things out scarier than these films.

  8. Vijesh Nair says:


  9. Ethan Perry says:

    Where’s insidious

  10. Niall Thersnodogthere says:

    When I watched the conjuring I didn’t sleep for 3 days

  11. Paul SZ says:

    Very good list, saw Sinister, The Conjuring, The Others and The Awakening and they are all awesome Imo. I’ll watch Orphanage next.

  12. twistedmetalplayer21 says:

    As Above, So Below was a good movie. It scared me parts, and I understood what the title meant.

  13. DJisGOD 2015 says:

    sinister the best horror movie of all time? fuck out of here. most of the films are trash. dark skies in a top ten horror films of all time? and yet no evil dead or Halloween or friday the 13th or nightmare on elm street or night/day/dawn of the living dead. you sir know nothing about horror movies.

  14. Woland94 says:

    I always mix up Sinister and Insidious because the titles sound similar to me and they both have sequels and people appreciating them, though I haven’t seen either (did watch the trailers though). Can anyone who’s seen them tell me what they think about them and what comparisons would be possible between them?

  15. Alex Man says:

    who said these are good horror movies…. most of them are crap
    couple of them are average and thats it

  16. DragonBg ™ says:

    conjuring is mveri scary watch film

  17. sportshistorybuff says:

    Mama’s ending was so nauseatingly corny, melodramatic and over the top, I almost contracted diabetes. Pretty scary ghoul floating around in the kids’ bedroom though.

  18. cool girls says:

    I hate scary movies😰

  19. Mckenzie Klamik says:

    The only place I can watch videos like these is if I’m in the middle of a park full of people during the day when it’s light out


    you need to expand your knowledge to movies before 2000s. incomplete fail. few good suggestions though. stay scared. N

  21. TwistedTKD91 says:

    I would be careful with the phrase "of all time"….

  22. click and tell says:

    guys where is sinster 2 it’s horrible and crimson peak and insidious and the awaiking …. there’s a lot of horror movies and maybe more then that

  23. Dave Ryder says:

    Watermark smack dab right in the center of the screen? Really?

  24. Charlie Oliver says:

    All of these are in the 21st century and are fucking garbage lmao

  25. sh7012 says:

    Sinister was shit

  26. WMS23 says:

    mama is the worst thing iv ever seen

  27. Teri Sauers says:

    The second grave encounters was a shit hole to me but the first one was good

  28. I only made a account to subscribe to people says:

    You forgot about The last airbender

  29. nick junior says:

    fucking love sinister

  30. Kaleeka Hans says:

    share google

  31. woody26manc says:

    I’m sorry to disagree but I’ve been watching horror movies since the 80s my top 10 are
    1) Exorcist.
    2) the conjuring.
    3) American werewolf in London.
    4) psycho
    5) Halloween
    6) nightmare on elm street
    7) rec
    8) saw
    9) the grudge
    10) The Amityville Horror

  32. Gabriel Riveros says:

    no way man! what about the shining? poltergeist? the omen or the exorcist? suspiria or stephen king’s "It", or maybe friday the 13th? the thing or the entity? its true man you need to do your research.. or watch better movies definitely..
    i recommend also the babadook, or lucio fulci’s "house by the cementery" that shit scares..

  33. Casey Taylor says:

    The only one I agree with is Sinister. My list is below, in no particular order:
    3-The Possession of Michael King
    4-The Exorcist
    5-Fright Night (the 80s original)
    6-It Follows
    7-House of the Devil
    8-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Beginning
    9-A Nightmare On Elm Street
    10-Paranormal Activity

  34. BlackArro Cartoons says:

    Good, but "Of all time"? This would be scarier without the "Wondershare" logo in the middle of the screen.

  35. muhannad hassan says:

    you forget important one
    the exorcism of emily rose

  36. Maddoxx x says:

    nah…not that cool

  37. CelticPred1997 says:

    Best horror movies of all time?
    You missed a lot of brilliant ones.

    The Ring
    The Omen
    A Nightmare on Elm Street
    The Thing
    The Hills Have Eyes
    The Evil Dead
    The Uninvited (lesser known but really good)
    Friday the 13th
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  38. Raeyne Jaymeson says:

    1. Sinister gave me chills, the killings of the families were quite disturbing. When he started dwelling into something extremely dark and something he couldn’t escape from that where ever he would go, Mr. Boogie and his doomed children would follow the family. The idea that he is a eater of children is beyond frightening.. The music that went with it was terrifying.
    2. This one is very terrifying, the ghostly woman who is looking for children and when she jumps off the cliff with one is heartbreaking.. But the woman has such a bond with the 2 girls that she won’t let anyone get to them and will kill them if she gets the chance and she almost did. If you watch this for the 1st time, be prepared not to sleep.
    3. The conjuring is the ultimate haunted house movie, 5 girls with their 2 parents and a house haunted by a demon named Bethsheba who possesses anyone who has children and comes to live in her house and makes them kill their children. It shows how far the reach is for demons, it goes after the Warrens’ daughter Judy. And does so with an illusion of Annabelle.
    4. I haven’t seen this so I’ll just go by the trailer. This seems very much like The Devil’s Backbone. The story matches, the scares match but the children do not.
    5. The Grudge 2 and The Grudge 1 were very boring. I enjoyed the original Japanese versions alot more than this BS. The American remakes have a way to take whatever was scary about the original stories and strip them of anything terrifying.
    6. I saw this right after seeing Drag me to Hell, my sister-in-law and my brother suggested it to me.. It was total shit! Nothing scary about it, no story, no good atmosphere.. It was lame. I enjoyed Drag me to Hell alot more than this BS and I now do not watch the same movies they do because they said this scared them.. Please, Return of the living dead 2 scared my sister-in-law.
    7. The ghosts were absolutely terrifying in this one. I still have a hard time watching it all the way, it still frightens me. The asylum might have something to do with that.. But it was the way the ghosts moved and that one in the corner turning around didn’t help me much.
    8. I saw this movie thinking it was a movie was part of the paranormal/supernatural genre of horror, but it was about aliens.. I wasted my money on something I thought was about ghosts and demons only to find out it was about aliens. It felt too much like a remake of Invasion of the body snatchers.
    9. Two genres of horror that go together so well.. Psychological horror and paranormal horror. Putting these 2 genres in this movie made it incredibly unsettling. It began to feel like a ghost movie for most parts of the movie and psychological horror towards the end.
    10. I haven’t seen this, but I’ll judge the trailer. It feels like an english version of Susperia in that, the school teachers and head masters are what’s causing the problems.

  39. Teri Sauers says:

    My sister and I laughed at the conjuring because of Sean’s like when she got hit in the head

  40. Doodle Jam says:

    The American version of the grudge is weird maybe cause I’ve seen the Japanese versions and its just weird

  41. بابراهيم مامون says:


  42. kaan aydın says:

    conjuring and grave encounters are the bests

  43. Raul fight says:

    Its called grudge

  44. Pot Princess says:

    Rip sleep

  45. ReefTV says:

    Came here hoping to find some good movies, just the same old dull things I’ve seen before

  46. SHELBY GT says:

    this is really sad. had watched them all before

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