Top 10 Best Modern Horror Movie Franchises

Top 10 Best Modern Horror Movie Franchises


Horror films have been popular for decades in Hollywood, but of all the new movies coming out today, which will truly stand the test of time? WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Modern Horror Movie Franchises. But what will take the top spot on our list? Insidious, The Conjuring, or Saw? Watch to find out!

00:50 #10. “Hatchet” franchise (2006-13)
01:53 #9. “V/H/S” franchise (2012-14)
02:56 #8. “[REC]” franchise (2007-14)
03:51 #7. “Final Destination” franchise (2000-)
04:53 #6. “The Purge” franchise (2013-)
05:54 #5. “28 Days Later” / “28 Weeks Later” franchise (2002-07)
06:54 #4. “Paranormal Activity” franchise (2007-15)
07:58 #3, #2, #1 ????

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49 Responses to Top 10 Best Modern Horror Movie Franchises

  1. T Hertz says:

    I liked the first three Saw movies when Leigh Whanell wrote them, after he stopped writing and James stopped directing they turned to shit. I even liked the third one for Tobin and Shawnees performances alone.

  2. Ryan Nayr says:

    i would say insidious as a franchise is better than the Conjuring, mostly because annabelle was not good

  3. EmoTheKid says:

    Rec went down the drain after the 2nd one.

  4. says:

    Stream these movies now!
    Final Destination
    28 Days Later

  5. 13thmistral says:

    how is the grudge not nr 1 ?
    way scarier then paranormal activity after getting trough 2 movies

  6. My Name says:

    The Hatchet series <3 Love it and highly recomment it to those wanting a fresh horror/comedy movie!

    Just goes to show you how a small budget trilogy could be 10 times funnier than a multi million dollar budget movie (Ahm Marvel)

  7. JBA Growtopia says:


  8. EssenemVevo Shadab says:

    Where is hostel ? This are the best hostel 2 hostel 3

  9. ginger psycho says:

    28 days is so underrated

    Far better than saw in my opinion.

  10. Adult TV 1 says:

    Well done! I love these horror movies! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Evil Taco says:

    The Collector not only deserved a place on this list, I’d argue that it should be at the top.

  12. Goth Moth says:

    honestly nothing beats saw.

    why the shit is final destination so low on the list?
    paranormal activity isn’t even 1/3 as good as final destination.

    the fucks with the number 1 choice? none of those movies are even good.

    any horror movie that focuses on possession, ghost etc is bound to be boring. there’s no way to make that shit scary, unnerving or good in the gore department.

  13. GentlemanGaGa29 says:

    This list is bullshit.

  14. SpeedDaysTV says:

    Sorry, but SAW and The Grudge are the best. Insidious isn`t Horror, I mean it isn`t scary

  15. Josue Ascencio says:

    the first sinister scared the shit out of me to me a very underrated film

  16. David Angeletti says:

    The Purge franchise is awful

  17. larissa mack says:

    Final destination should not have been #7. it deserves at least top five.

  18. robert nator3000 says:

    i can see you hiding in the comments

  19. BlackBeautyTears says:


  20. Lee Zi Xuan says:

    On a sidenote
    Those who have only watched one zombie movie — "Train to Busan", and say that it is the best zombie movie ever due to it’s take on humanity, they really have no idea, they should at least watch the 28 Days/Weeks later before they make such ignorant comments
    A movie with a cast of Koreans do not make it a great movie; TTB is lacking in the scary department(I almost predicted all the jumpscare moments) and lacks of originality in the discussion of humanity in a zombie infested apocalyptic world

  21. Dee Ward says:

    this is game theory

  22. Tylo says:

    Unforunately for me anything with someone being possessed, a ghost, haunted anything, etc is just spurious. Can’t get into anything so ludicrious and I love my horror movies

  23. Suheb Khan says:

    Where the fuck is Wrong Turn Franchise?

  24. JOE513E says:

    I would take a 12 hour vaca to Canada.

  25. Sharity Delgado says:

    El conjuro es una de las películas mas malas que he visto en mi vida… las de Destino final al menos hacían reir.

  26. Corey Molina says:

    vhs is one of my favorite horror movies ever glad it made the list

  27. Thomas Harding says:

    Final Destination and Saw and The Purge are all just effing RIDICULOUS though.

  28. Tuğran Elalmış says:

    final destination series very booring

  29. MidnightMike715 says:

    My top 3 franchises are paranormal activity, insidious, and the conjuring. I am more into supernatural horror, slasher and gore are not really my taste in horror films.

  30. PANTYEATR1 says:

    damn VHS technology is out??? what will I watch now??? 🙁

  31. Brianna Black says:

    My bro says paranormal activity is the most boring movie franchise ever.

  32. says:

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  33. Madnessonman says:

    Wait a sec. They can show all this blood, guts and violence but YT will not even allow one very brief female nipple shot from a movie?
    Oh yeah.
    The children! Think of the children!

  34. gokusondbz says:

    for me number one is Insidious franchise. you can’t beat the Darth Maul demon. and who would have ever imagined you can make Tiptoe Through the Tulips the theme for a horror movie franchise. but I don’t have too much of a problem with Conjuring being number 1 it’s also really good. big fan of James Wan.

  35. Pedro Espinoza says:

    I knew that y’all were gonna put the Conjuring on top, and honestly I beg to differ. The #1 #3 & #4 were all way too high on the list maybe top 10 sure, but not even on top 5. The Saw franchise is pretty good, but not top 3, rather top 5.

  36. Anita Pea says:

    The fact that paranormal activity is on here makes me sad.

  37. Connor Clark says:

    Why isn’t the Hash-Slinging Slasher on this list

  38. says:

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  39. jennifer vets says:

    pretty disappointed that sinister didn’t make the list and is only an honorable mention

  40. Johnny Bryan says:

    Final destination at 7 that’s bullshit

  41. kratoscallofduty says:

    Final Destination should be in the top 5. It’s easily better than the Purge and Paranormal Activity.

  42. bandgeek89 says:

    only the first 3 films of Paranormal Activity are worth watching…

  43. BirthdayBoy ! says:

    The Conjuring is boring, SAW should of been No 1.

  44. The Hooded Magician says:

    the best horror storie is my life

  45. Matt Green says:

    I mostly agree with your list, but seriously? Annabelle? While The Conjuring ist really awesome, Annabelle is a pain in the but. I can’t believe that a second movie is coming out soon 😳

  46. Imam Khoirur Rozaq says:

    press like when i see SAW.

  47. Thrall Fan says:

    I guess watch mojo is still only looking at box office numbers because no sane person would put paranormal activity in a top 10 best list.

  48. Intensity says:

    The moment when you watched at least one of the movie in every of these franchises

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