Top 10 Best Modern Horror Movie Remakes

Top 10 Best Modern Horror Movie Remakes

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Bloodbath and Beyond breaks down the top 10 best modern horror movie remakes meaning anything after 2000.

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49 Responses to Top 10 Best Modern Horror Movie Remakes

  1. PTGKChrisHD says:

    10. House of Wax (2005)
    09. Prom Night (2008)
    08. Silent Night (2012)
    07. The Town that Dreaded Sundown (2014)
    06. Sorority Row (2009)
    05. My Bloody Valentine (2009)
    04. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
    03. Halloween (2007)
    02. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

    Honorable Mentions:
    Black Christmas (2006)
    Toolbox Murders (2004)

    01. Friday the 13th (2009)

  2. Geoffrey Smith says:

    So, Jay, why don’t you go by James instead of Jay?

  3. Vibhav Krishna says:

    Great List…. Gonna check My Bloody Valentine and Stage Fright

  4. Janell Vorrhes says:

    My favorite horror movie is Jason x michael mierrerys Freddy ghostface and the grim reaper!

  5. Armin Sanjana says:

    wow,, awesome choice.. although as far as making of a movie goes, I would rate Evil Dead by Fede Alvarez as my top pick along with Halloween..

  6. Darth Zado says:

    My Bloody Valentine is my favorite slasher film.

  7. YouTube blubber says:

    Again idk why Carrie wasn’t in it but it’s ok I just lived the 2013 remake

  8. MstPlayz_MC says:

    How is Halloween on 1?!?!

  9. Xempilogy says:

    everyone says Jason is the scariest, fudge no, Michael makes me shit myself everytime.

  10. RobRocks TV says:

    do you like cabin in th woods,cabin fever?

  11. Lone Wolf says:

    I would put the Wolfman remake in my top 10 list. I never understood the hate for it.

  12. Seth Winters says:

    I liked the remake of Terror Train. Hate me all you want, but I thought it was great

  13. BladeBuzzard says:

    IMO RZ’s Halloween is not at all brilliant. It’s ok.

    My list (mainly based on personal preference):

    1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original storyline, great cast, characters, and acting. Best remake there is)

    2. Hills Have Eyes (Classic)

    3. Nightmare on Elm Street (INCREDIBLY underrated. Original story, great cast, characters and acting. Jackie Earle Hayley did a phenomenal job. He played the role the way he wanted to and it paid off)

    4. Friday the 13th (Underrated. Mostly an original story. Great cast, characters and acting. Entertaining and included slight comedy.)

    5. My Bloody Valentine. (Solid remake. ’nuff said)

    6. Dawn of the Dead (Classic)

    7. I Spit on Your Grave (Classic)

    8. Fright Night (Not bad at all. Solid remake)

    9. Evil Dead (Classic)

    10. Piranha 3D (Entertaining to say the least)

  14. Kyle Styres says:

    huge letdown bro. tcm and dotd top picks easily. sacrilege even comparing the old halloween to the mediocre re(tard) imagining from zombie

  15. brianna vil says:

    how do yyou do this all day

  16. Master J says:

    as one of the guys that saw many of the originals in theaters..i agreed with many of your pics..the top 3 not so much..(my bloody valentine) a waste of time (evil dead) remake, was only a ok movie not better then the original and finally (halloween remake) the biggest garbage ever…DAWN OF THE DEAD would have been number one in my book for excellent remakes

  17. Travis Webb says:

    Rings would’ve been a great idea for the list

  18. Jai Hateley says:

    Friday the 13 was fucking amazing

  19. Austin Trench says:

    I still loved it, but again michael bay.

  20. Ewonopolis says:

    I see you showed Jack Stickman here. Good taste

  21. IsraelKyel says:

    Halloween can swop with evil dead

  22. Raven House Mystery says:

    Wait a minute, Stage Fright was a remake?

  23. QuazyBreaks75 Predator says:

    Nightmare on Elm Street from 2010 is great, but this horror should be in this list.

  24. The Dark Knight says:

    one of my favorite horror remakes are halloween, texas chainsaw massacre, friday the 13th & hate me all you want a nightmare elm street

  25. Awesome Ryder2 says:

    Halloween as #1!!!!

  26. trent coleman says:

    Fright night 2011?

  27. Dirkschneider says:

    I haven’t seen the remakes of Evil Dead and The Hills Have Eyes but from the remakes I have seen I think The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the best. The cinematography in that film was extraordinary in it’s choice of colour palette and camera movement.  But the best thing about it was R. Lee Ermey. He was the one who really brought back the feel of the original with his portrayal of the sadistic sheriff. I would certainly rank this movie above the My Bloody Valentine and Friday the 13th remakes.

  28. This Is My Boomstick says:

    I’m a huge evil dead trilogy and Bruce Campbell fan. I watch them over and over and over. When the reboot came around I was really skeptical. I saw that Bruce and Bob were going to produce it, and I felt a little better. Despite others like me hating it, I fucking loved it. So many cool Easter eggs, it was fucking intense and the whole chainsaw arm thing was one of the most brutal scenes I’ve ever seen. Plus, I love Jane Levy.

  29. lil starrboy says:

    am mad thay are not making Nightmare on elm street one

  30. joe lisiecki says:

    I agree, I loved rob zombies halloween

  31. TheTonyahawk says:

    Revisited this one, well because you guys Rock!! I can agree with you to some degree and disagree as well, but this is how we say the ball bounces. My takes on these
    I Spit On Your Grave: On par with the first, neither are great but both watchable
    Hills Have Eyes: Better and gritter then the original
    Piranha 3D- Good and lacks that cheap feel of the original
    TCM: Not as gritty and dirty feeling as the original but good in it own merits
    Friday the 13th: Too much lore jammed into one film, two openings and 3 chapters in one but o.k.
    Dawn of the Dead: Nice but Andy (Boots to Reboots) said it best
    Stagefright: Haven’t seen, can’t see them all. But from your take looks good
    My Bloody Valentine: Original was better, 3D gives me headaches, plus killer was too blah
    Evil Dead: Mia had some issues but solid remake
    Halloween: The Original is one of my favorite movies as well, not horrible but not spectacular either. Opening was an interesting take, while the end was meh.
    My opinions in a nutshell, Keep up the awesome work!

  32. DreamWarriorPaige says:

    Pleased as punch to see Train To Busan so high up there! Its gonna be a classic years from now

  33. HeavyProfessor says:

    Didn’t think Evil Dead was that good, but I definitely love Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Saw the original when I was like 10. Very fond memories of childhood sleepovers during which we’d watch the entire Halloween movie marathons.

  34. Adam T says:

    I 100% agree with Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I love the backstory and overall ‘feel’ of the movie

  35. Aspen Rose says:

    Halloween is one of my favourite horror movies!!! Rob Zombie is my favourite director 😍

  36. jtymusic100 says:

    Texas chainsaw massacre should be number one.

  37. Austin Trench says:

    The fans didn’t want hollywood to remake their slashers, they just didn’t want michael bay attached.

  38. mr.angel. montes says:

    Sorority Row 2009 Should Have Been In Here!

  39. JasonVoorhees6661 says:

    Derek Mears simply owned that Jason hockey mask, and delivered one of the most painful deaths, chewie gets the screwdriver to the neck/throat. Tyler Mane, more like call him Tyler Beast Mane, because Michael was destruction personified, not creepy by a tornado in a shatner mask and boiler suit

  40. Rayn Wolfsbane says:

    Glad to see others giving praise to Rob Zombie’s Halloween

  41. Hugh says:

    I enjoyed all of these movies apart from my bloody valentine. Thought that one was awful.

  42. Marty McFly says:

    You put Halloween over Friday the 13th?????

  43. Dean Doom says:

    To bad that amino limited it’s poll options to 5

  44. Wes says:

    The only good horror remake post-2000, is "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"; all others suck out loud.

  45. brett johnson says:

    The only good remake even horror fans and evil dead fans agree is Evil Dead.

    Halloween is watchable.
    Mbv 3d I fell asleep watching.
    Black xmas wtf is that butchering

  46. Elsianna Queen says:

    i love the remakes of a Nightmare on Elm Street and Carrie :):) I also like the remake of The Amityville Horror :):) and i know that it makes me an out cast for saying that, but i love all these so much, and I’ve already been hated on for my opinion in other videos, but i still stand by my opinion :):)

  47. Logan Meyer says:

    make another video about this video

  48. Natalie Gatto says:

    Last house on the left! That movie I was terrified but glued to the screen at the same time. The ending was also awesome!

  49. IsraelKyel says:

    Evil dead is so good

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