Top 10 Body Horror Movies

Top 10 Body Horror Movies

Nothing is more horrifying than watching human flesh be mutilated and damaged. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Body Horror Movies. WARNING: Contains mature content. Check us out at, and Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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50 Responses to Top 10 Body Horror Movies

  1. Natasha White says:

    nu01 I have a0

  2. Night Wings says:

    facehuggers for the go 👽

  3. gatsby sol says:

    the fly should be RE done. I like the movie

  4. jordynliketheriver says:

    Tusk should’ve been on here.

  5. Valeriy Sinev says:

    то чувство когда один россиянский среди америкосов

  6. Drakonìa Inchain says:

    Tokyo Gore Police? Society. the Horror?

  7. Michael Rose says:

    superb list love every movie on it.

  8. Josh Vargas says:

    Should’ve included a nightmare on elm street 2 with Freddy coming out of the kids chest

  9. Boss0ne says:

    50 shades of grey?

  10. kildare97 says:

    I would put either The Thing or Videodrome at no.1

  11. Justin Case says:

    night breed

  12. Michael Rose says:

    David Lynch’s Eraserhead should be number one.

  13. Jonah_Intertainment says:

    One of the Saws should’ve been mentioned.

  14. Chan Polatis says:

    How come saw wasnt on there?

  15. david ndiaye says:

    Wzf u forgot sae

  16. Dave R says:

    cronenberg! see one of his films for the first time, you are hooked! no pun intended lol

  17. LOLZY 123 says:

    I hate zombies, and the biting…? yeah, I hate it. and there’s nothing real about these. I mean there’s no real acting, no real editing, no real makeup, its all not real all there are is: Jumpscares, drugs, bad acting, screaming, grossness. see? nothing is actually good in these "Movies" and ain’t they suppose to be "Horror Movies " they’re not even scary, they’re gross! (in my head) *I wish these dumb movies will go, and mostly ones that are like the twin one where she bites the scar and takes loads of blood and skin with her like an canible. WAIT, is she!? and zombies? why zombies!? but they don’t even look real, but, I’m still scared of it. I’m going back to todays funny horrors like Chucky and Scream and shit, byeeeeee* also I think I’ve watched "Hellraiser" but I don’t know. It seems… familiar to me. from somewhere I guess. and "Alien" that ain’t body-horror thats some other type just ’cause ONE CLIP looks like it doesn’t mean it actually is! and in "Alien" when the little one jumps out of the guys belly, to me it looks so cute and I love this little sound that it makes then quickly slivers away.
    *squeaky voice* (pops out) "ahhhh" *sliver, sliver* :3
    so cute when you think about it just don’t imagine that it comes out the guys… errrr… belly :/ yea… bye now!!!
    *zooms out like an cartoon character*

  18. Grayson Voorhees says:

    no scanners you guys suck!

  19. Mary says:

    Honestly, im not judging but you must be messed up to willingly sit and watch these movies. I don’t even understand why body horror is a thing. I personally prefer more psychological thrillers because slasher movies or these on this list look way too fake (and gross) for me but I guess some people might find psychological horror movies weird too

  20. Enten puffi says:

    the clown film should have made it

  21. Juanita Cason says:

    suck your mom pusy

  22. Bob Rifo's fan says:

    Final Destination or Saw?

  23. Brandon Clemson says:

    i think the fly should be #3 and the thing be #1 but other than that great list…

  24. xx BonnleGames the drawing Bunny says:

    this is 2017 #Lol

  25. YamahaYEP321S says:

    All Saw movies????

  26. Kuja717155 says:

    cronenberg rulez

  27. Juanita Cason says:

    i no write

  28. Noah Brannen says:

    Good list imo. Favourite type of movie right here

  29. Flying_Pikmin says:


  30. Bob Mage says:

    The first one on the list reminds me of Akira

    (Thumbs up if you watched Akira)

  31. Wendy Carlson says:

    How is Tusk not here?

  32. John Taylor says:

    Notice David Cronenberg directed a full half of this list?

  33. rebecca bayaird says:

    What about Leviathan with Earnie Hudson and Peter Weller. That was a good one too.

  34. Tuppiei&Gaming says:

    well… that made my stomach turn

  35. Lord Toxic says:

    The Human Centipede isn’t body horror, it’s torture porn… there’s a difference

  36. Mikayla Blantz says:

    What part of the cockroach is talking? Does it have a mouth or is its voice coming from the asshole like thing on its back

  37. Leda Sierra says:

    Cabin Fever?

  38. Ryley L says:

    I’ve never seen teeth but I’m going to guess her vagina had teeth and bit his dick off??? Idk…

  39. Killkitty says:

    the fly is so so good

  40. Jacob Hoss says:

    I find your lack of Eraserhead disturbing.

  41. ZugZug says:

    where’s fucking spy kids

  42. DeathByUmbrella says:

    I’m surprised there weren’t more Japanese movies on this list, they make some of the best body horror I’ve ever seen. Gyo and Tokyo Gore Police are two of my personal favorites.

  43. Outer Macaroon52 says:

    Imagine a planet of cronenbergs,

  44. Andrew-V/Ellnats says:

    can you make a top 10 david cronenberg movies?

  45. Andrew-V/Ellnats says:

    is alien really a body horror movie, cause it only has that one scene

  46. Woody Jaffa says:

    why isn’t saw on here

  47. LOLZY 123 says:

    No not the biting! I hate this, its nothing. there’s no real deal… if you know what I mean. there’s no real acting, no real editing, on real people. and there ment to be "Horror Movies" they’re not even scary just gross. who made these? I need to know cuz they did a hell of a bad job, honesty.

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