Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies | Hindi best horror movies list | media hits

Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies | Hindi best horror movies list | media hits

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Top 10 Bollywood Best Horror Movies media hits
indian movies list 2015 Bollywood Best horror films have been a subgenre of the Hindi film industry since its early days. As is common with international horror films, the themes explored within these films consist of haunted houses, evil spirits and demonic forces. Although critics have cited the films’ violence, some have garnered a niche audience whereas others have surprisingly gone on to become mainstream box office hits. Welcome to media hits. Today we provide you a list of “top 10 horror movies” of bollywood of all time list of 2015 films .

Top 10 Bollywood Best Horror Movies list of 2015 horror films The movies on this list are ranked according to their success ,
their popularity, and their true greatness from a directing/writing standpiont.
This movie list are not based on my own personal favorites; they are based on the
true greatness and/or success of the person, place, or thing being ranked.
Top 10 Bollywood Best Horror Movies List bollywood movies list 2015 are also based on the opinions of experienced professionals who are involved in whatever I am ranking.
For example, many professional and/or famous actors, directors, writers, and producers.

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39 Responses to Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies | Hindi best horror movies list | media hits

  1. Nawa Nawa says:

    My top ten:

    1. Kafan (1990)
    2. Veerana
    3. Ek thi Daayan
    4. Phoonk
    5. Bhoot
    6. Shaapit
    7. Haunted
    8. Shutter
    9. Woh phir aayegi
    10. Khamosiyan

  2. David Sapkota says:

    bhool bholaiyan was the best movie with horror comedy and nice story

  3. King Chen says:

    raat 1971 is wrong please fix it

  4. Prakash Shirsat says:

    raaz is Best scary movie

  5. Faraz Khan says:

    1920 should be on no1

  6. Troubles Valli says:

    Guest house, hotel, bhoot, 13b,1920,raaz.. Classics

  7. farrukh imtiaz says:

    darr@ mall is really scary

  8. school of rock says:

    the best is bhool bhulaiya

  9. Gunita Soram says:

    i want to watch DARR@mall but I can’t find the movie in youtube…..damn

  10. Tera Baap says:

    How the hell is Vastu Shashtra not on the list

  11. hono says:

    best horror of bollywood – raaz and bhoot

    worst horror – haunted , 1920 etc

  12. Amit Paudel says:

    I think purana Mandir ‘ virana purani haweli is the best

  13. Amit Sinha says:

    Raat is 1991 movie

  14. Alisikander Mawani says:

    Another was Krishna Cottage you fools …

  15. Mitesh Siyani says:

    hv wached all of them the most scariest is haunted followed by 1920

  16. subash pandey says:

    chuthiya jaise english use kar rahe ho

  17. Aryadeep Debnath says:

    Raat should be first no

  18. Aryadeep Debnath says:

    Only raat and little bit bhoot and darna mana hai!!!

  19. farhan haq says:

    so boring just show something that is not trash

  20. Yashmeet Singh says:

    put haunted at the top

  21. Tequila TINO says:

    What’s the name of the first movie

  22. Dwhat Tever says:

    Bollywood: Unacceptably high volume levels and overdriven vocal sound. Whats up with that?

  23. M.mehtab M.mehtab says:

    haunted is most hooror

  24. Yash Modi says:

    It’s wrong!
    5-Bhul Bhulaiyaa
    then etc

  25. adameant says:

    for some strange reason a ghost or demon of indian origin makes me crack up instead of scaring me, when he/she speaks in english.
    hmmm wonder why

  26. Denz Rodrigues says:

    Nothing was more scary than the narration.

  27. Amit Biswas says:

    Boolbolaiya and 13B , classic horror movie with nice plot. Without nice story only haha hihiii seems useless like a joke !!!

  28. Reema Nundoosing says:

    raazadi is the most scary

  29. نور الحياة says:

    I like bhool buhaileya it is awesom and Raaz 1-2-3 and hunted & atmaa

  30. Nawa Nawa says:

    Bhool Bhulaiya is remake of 1993 Malayalam movie,Raaz is copy of What lies beneath,

  31. magnetdance says:

    The real horror here is the narrator

  32. Yo Yo Honey Singh says:


  33. Gunita Soram says:

    can anyone help me out with Darr@mall….PLIZZZZZZZ

  34. Media Hits says:

    A Big Thank You For All Your Support!
    media hits
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  35. Vshal - S - R says:

    Is the narrator shitting in the loo and narrating @ z same time???

  36. The Hunter says:

    13 B is really a good movie

  37. Ali Raza says:

    Raat, veerna, hathiyaran, horror story, hotel, purani haveli, raaz 1 were good else were just ok …

  38. 7H4E6R5A says:

    watched all of them and the most scariest one was 1920.

  39. Kshitij Basod says:

    I would loved it if U had included Krishna cottage n SHAAPIT in the list….. all are desrving but instead of Bhoot n Raat,… it could be Shaapit n Krishna Cottage…….

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