Top 10 EPIC Final Showdowns In Horror Movies

Top 10 EPIC Final Showdowns In Horror Movies


Finales of horror films in which we see one last battle between characters. WatchMojo presents the top 10 final showdowns in horror movies, but what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be the mayhem at the end of The Cabin in the Woods, Martin Brody vs Jaws, or Ellen Ripley taking on the Alien Queen in Aliens? Watch to find out!

00:27 #10. Sidney Prescott vs. Billy Loomis & Stu Macher in “Scream” (1996)
01:21 #9. Laurie Strode vs. Michael Myers in “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later” (1998)
02:22 #8. Jay, Paul, Kelly & Yara vs. the Entity in “It Follows” (2014)
02:25 #7. R.J. MacReady vs. the Thing in “The Thing” (1982)
04:24 #6. Father Damien Karras S.J. vs. Pazuzu in “The Exorcist” (1973)
05:25 #5. Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees in “Freddy vs. Jason” (2003)
06:19 #4. Mia Allen vs. the Abomination in “Evil Dead” (2013)
07:18 #3, #2, #1 ???

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49 Responses to Top 10 EPIC Final Showdowns In Horror Movies

  1. Chrisbajs says:

    "Motherfucker!!" not ok. Chainsaw to the mouth: OK. Welcome to america.

  2. Nord Wastelander says:

    It’s too bad that after the awesomeness of Freddy vs Jason they rebooted Nightmare on Elm street… which was horrible

  3. The Jaff says:

    Aliens is more of an action movie than a horror film. But it is a great showdown.

  4. Leo Bergmiller says:

    The Babadook ending definitely should’ve been in the 10

  5. mk6rfc1 says:

    ‘Double teaming is never fair’

    Also aliens is a sci fi-action movie not a horror movie

  6. Eric Cartman says:

    How was Me vs Your mom not on this list?

  7. Scwurt says:

    hearing the line "Get away from her you BITCH!" never gets old. it’s a classic.

  8. says:

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  9. Blue Striker says:

    wait no I’ve seen that evil dead film so many times she doesn’t take her hand of what is going on

  10. Yoel Prieto, Jr. says:

    Aliens isn’t a horror movie

  11. Slasher McGee says:

    Now I know where those scenes came from (cabin in the woods)

  12. Vandal EBP says:

    I knew the thing had to be in this one

  13. SpaceWaifuu says:

    Omg It Follows, I keep trying to forget that movie but it`s like… it chases me *ba dum pss*

  14. Enzyme says:

    I think they should add Get Out to this list

  15. GackutoG says:

    What? More epic doesn’t mean better, not for horror movies. I love Aliens, but the first instalment is A classic.

  16. says:

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  17. Little Fire says:

    More Like top 10 anime battles

  18. {DB} DYNAMICBOMB says:

    02:22 its tomato

  19. Teenage Hustler says:

    Nope, I don’t not agree. Freddy vs Jason was the best

  20. says:

    Check out some of the movies featured in this video!
    Scream 1996
    The Exorcist 1973
    Cabin in the Woods 2012

  21. Sonny says:

    New Evil Dead didn’t deserve on that list

  22. Mr Sushi says:

    [Spoiler Alert] Don’t watch #4 at night.

  23. Daniel Cano says:

    Ellen Ripley is a badass

  24. Fallen says:

    The Hills Have Eyes remake should’ve been in the top 3

  25. bro Sam Dan kid the cool guy says:

    watch goanimate movie on my channel

  26. Joseph Garcia says:

    freddy vs jason should have gotten a sequel!!!

  27. Hockey Badger 6 says:

    Actually the shark in Jaws is named Bruce.

  28. Eboni Napalm says:

    Disliked solely for the fact that you picked the new Evil Dead protagonist over Ash.

  29. da beebs says:

    The thing from it follows is a succubus, a sex demon

  30. abdalminator says:

    is there any theory on how to defeat entity on it follow?

  31. The Mad Hatteress says:

    Sweeney Todd Vs Judge Turpin

  32. Connor Brennan says:

    Actually, in Freddy vs. Jason, it’s easy to root for either one of them, since just about every teenage character in that movie is fake and poorly-acted.

  33. Belinda Tews says: oh man, now we’re going to be looking over our shoulders now!
    Me: not me. (Looks over shoulder) hump just my imagination DAM IT!!!! THAT DOSEN’T COUNT!!

  34. hyper Sonico says:

    Awesome picks😆

  35. Roman Pankov says:

    I knew Ripley vs Queen will be number 1, it deserve to be 😀

  36. Eli Ellington says:

    What about Chris killing the entire family in get out?

  37. Calvin Matthews says:

    What about Chucky vs. Nica Pierce?

  38. EliBloodthirst says:

    The thing should have been higher, such a fucking good ending

  39. isaac herrera says:

    Light out that one was interesting and tragic along with The Visit

  40. Ethan Pelz says:

    Where was alien vs predator

  41. DrAkuIa1 says:

    Child’s Play 2. The doll factory scene was epic!

  42. VenDeath says:

    You forgot Arkin vs the Collector in both The Collector and The Collection.

  43. Amin Abdurakhmonov says:

    Predator vs Dutch anyone?

  44. DonnieDarko Requiem says:

    Saw what you want about "It Follows" , that soundtrack is the TITS.

  45. Miss Kimberly says:

    It Follows was terrible.

  46. Brady Honeycutt says:

    Freddy vs Jason should have been number 1

  47. bro Sam Dan kid the cool guy says:

    watch my channel

  48. Milan Minárech says:

    Finally, Evil dead 2013 get some atention and respect from watchmojo 🙂

  49. Alaskan Assassin says:

    how about schwarzenegger vs the predator???

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