Top 10 Horror Movies: 1970s

Top 10 Horror Movies: 1970s

These’ll keep your beds shaking and your chainsaws revving. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Horror Movies of the 1970s. WARNING: Contains mature content. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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49 Responses to Top 10 Horror Movies: 1970s

  1. Darth Zado says:

    where the hell is Phantasm?!?!?! and once again wm jacks off to the Exorcist.

  2. Buggmaster9000 says:

    What about don’t look in the basement

  3. Chris Williams says:

    Halloween is the best horror movie of all time, so therefore it should be #1

  4. Area Man says:

    No love for "The Changelling", with George C. Scott?

  5. justin daniels says:

    I didn’t find the exorcist that scary it shouldn’t be number 1 and why did they put jaws before Texas chainsaw like wtf a big ass shark eating people is not scary

  6. Ned Kelsey says:

    08:32- couldn’t the Doctor regenerate?

  7. rick hunter says:

    The original Carrie film is the only good Carrie film they got to stop trying to remake it, the original is unremakecable

  8. Sage Page says:

    I’ve watched The Exorcist, it’s not that scary. Maybe it’s because I watched it in the day. Either way no screams came from me but I would like to see it again.

  9. denise nuno says:

    4)aminyville horror story 3)Carrie 2)Halloween 1)the exorcist

  10. Dm Kirwin says:

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  11. lars ulrich says:

    where the fuck is salems lot

  12. Lachlan W says:

    I hate the Texas chainsaw massacre, ( no offence to ttcm fans out there) scared me all the way to hell,

  13. Juan José Carreño says:

    this list contains mature content. watchmojo puts it like the watchers of this video like retardeds

  14. Karly jones says:

    But jaws isn’t a horror movie 🙁

  15. Ben Fruit says:

    It’s a shame, but I figured they would leave out some cult classics. When I was younger, movies like The Brood, Blood on Satan’s Claw, and Eraserhead were the basis of my nightmares. Glad the original Wickerman got a nod though. That movie was way ahead of its time.

  16. PJ Angels says:

    Black Christmas, totally underrated!!!

  17. WreckedHavok says:

    why the hell isn’t Alien #2?

  18. TheOFamily5 says:

    Top 10 Watchmojo Top 10 Top 10 Lists

  19. kim damrill says:

    halloween should be number one

  20. Jakegaming 361 says:

    where’s it

  21. PJ Angels says:

    Messiah of Evil, another quiet masterpiece.

  22. amy clarke says:

    Love the omen

  23. irina1296 says:

    My faves: Alien, Black Christmas, Halloween, Suspiria, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Jaws, Carrie

  24. Roller Coaster says:

    No way, Halloween is the best.

  25. Axl Foley says:

    honestly I disagree with #1 Texas Chainsaw should have been #2 and Halloween #1. I normally agree or enjoy the show but this time i had to give my opinion

  26. Kai G 26814 says:

    A Thief in the Night, it wasn’t horror genre but it scared the hell out of me as a child.

  27. 熊仔 says:

    Carrie desserve no. 1

  28. Vincent Tapia says:

    Jaws # 1,Alien # 2

  29. That Figure Reviewer says:

    The Texas chainsaw massacre should have been number one

  30. Cakes says:

    Best horror decade

  31. thatdopegirl says:

    Halloween should’ve been number one. The original 1979 audience reaction from the theatre should’ve been proof that it was, not if, one of the best horror movies of that time.

  32. Ramses Contreras says:

    cool, your the best of them all

  33. dmassaskrill says:

    I don’t see how you guys aren’t scared of the exorcist. I can see how it’s funny to some but I had to scroll to the comments just to make sure it’s #1 and I still don’t know if it is or not. I refuse to look I can’t tolerate her face or her voice. I know it’s easily top 3

  34. CO 68 says:

    Why in the hell are Alien and Jaws 5 and 4 when they should be 1 and 2? Everybody knows this.

  35. Skits & Vlogs says:

    I know you may not think im human. But I didnt find the exorcist that scary.

  36. Reed Sampson says:

    A man and his dog?

  37. Malyssa Trouble says:

    How the fuck am I supposed to take this seriously when you put Jaws and Alien on the list? Seriously? Why not add Godzilla vs. Megalon? Toss in a couple fucking Ultraman episodes or something. Jesus fucking steve, is this for real?

  38. Amy-Lou The Princess says:

    The Omen should have been number 1

  39. Chad Sarazin says:

    I’ve watched horror movies consistent and religiously for years and I’ve never heard of the tenant..

  40. pup lover says:

    For all you young’uns complaining about the Exorcist, you have no idea what a revolutionary movie it was. People were getting sick, fainting, having panic attacks in the theater. There were lines around the block in every city. I recall my parents telling me they sat next to a woman who was rocking back and forth praying to Jesus. Nothing of it’s kind before or since.

  41. Scalpkiller77 says:

    I never liked Argento’s movies! So, I would put "The Amityville Horror" instead of "Suspiria". But pretty good list in overall!
    10)- The Hill Have Eyes
    09)- Carrie
    08)- Dawn of the Dead
    07)- The Amityville Horror
    06)- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    05)- The Omen
    04)- The Exorcist
    03)- Jaws
    02)- Halloween
    01)- Alien

  42. azure adams says:

    Wasnt’ Carrie form the 1960s????

  43. Dan Camp says:


  44. villaparis2 says:

    1.A Clockwork Orange, 2.Don’t Look Now, 3. The Wicker man, 4. The Exorcist. 5.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 6.Jaws, 7.Carrie, 8.The Omen, 9.Halloween, 10. Alien

  45. LinkMEP says:

    10. Carrie
    9. Suspiria
    8. The Exorcist
    7. Halloween
    6. Jaws
    5. The Fury (different)
    4. Black Christmas
    3. The Hills Have Eyes
    2. Alien
    1. Dawn of The Dead

    Honorable Mentions

    Invasion of The Body Snatchers
    The Wicker Man
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    The Amnityville Horror
    The Omen

  46. Mariano Felan says:

    Don’t look Now?

  47. Theron Kousek says:

    The Sentinel. also, "Lets scare Jessica to death". "Profundo Rosso" is good too since they mentioned Suspiria. And the highly underrated "Burnt Offerings" with Karen Black and Oliver Reed.

  48. Miles Mares says:

    Jaws should be at least number 3 or 2

  49. Tomtastic's Videos says:

    Halloween should have been first

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