Top 10 Horror Movies: 1980s

Top 10 Horror Movies: 1980s

Prepare to be afraid. Be very afraid. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Horror Movies of the 1980s. WARNING: Contains mature content. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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49 Responses to Top 10 Horror Movies: 1980s

  1. Chronyx says:

    What music is this?

  2. above all odds says:

    The Thing did scare the hell out of me as a kid tho!

  3. ian paddey says:

    poltergiest is rubbish.yet i remember thinking it was brilliant

  4. MickeyMic Boss says:

    Where’s The Lost Boys?!?!

  5. Scorpion122178 says:

    80’s was easily the best decade for horror. Now its just all CGI crap. No practical effects anywhere.

  6. zeregaa says:

    anyone know any good movies like Evil dead & Braindead (dead alive)?

  7. Космет Србија / Крим Русија says:


  8. Lukas Madukas says:

    Wait a minute… the guy who became chucky’s real name was Charles… but peppermint patty calls CHARLIE brown… OH MY GOD

  9. Random Videos says:


  10. Joe Hickey says:

    ugh. this list was so bad

  11. Dawson Ringkob says:

    What is the moving vhs tape at 11:14 from?

  12. natester n28 says:

    Pet cemetary and Christine should be on this list

  13. syamil jamil says:

    I remembered when I was a boy, I watched these movies by accident when it was playing on the tv. Sometimes it was played by my parents through tapes and CDs. I’m telling ya these movies felt so real that I had nightmares every single night. The graphics, the animations, everything was, IS so disgusting and horrific. Ahhh the 80’s. Watching these movies again as adult is still pretty creepy but I like the feeling when watching as a kid more. It felt different. Anyone has ideas how to get that feeling back? Don’t tell me drugs is the only option. 😛

  14. Fabiana Urbina says:

    Why It is not in this video?

  15. Alexis Noir says:

    I thought Childs Play was in the 70’s. O.O Huh. Now I know. XD

  16. Banshee Hawk says:

    scary fuckerz huh??

  17. CO 68 says:

    Your stupid rule excludes movies like Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, The Lost Boys, and Gremlins. I’d replace Child’s Play and Friday the 13th with Twilight Zone: The Movie, and Aliens at #1. It’s sci-fi/horror.

  18. CuddlyBear says:

    WatchMojo never fails to fuck up these top 10 lists.

  19. Dieseluk2k says:

    The golden era of horror movies

  20. Scalpkiller77 says:

    The best decade for Horror movies! Good list but I think "Poltergeist" deserves a much higher ranking! And I also think that movies like "Christine" or "The Lost Boys" should be on the list! (or at least in the honorable mentions) My own top10:
    10)- Evil Dead 2
    09)- The Fly
    08)- Child’s Play
    07)- The Lost Boys
    06)- Christine
    05)- Fright Night
    04)- An American Werewolf in London
    03)- A Nightmare on Elm Street
    02)- Poltergeist
    01)- The Thing

    Honorable mentions: "The Shining", "Halloween II", "The Return of the Living Dead", "Elm Street 2 & 3", "The Fog", "The Howling", "Pet Sematary", "Friday the 13th", "The Final Chapter" "Jason Lives ", "The New Blood", "Re-Animator" & "Creepshow 2".


    Night of the demons

  22. Richard Bain says:

    The first time i saw The Shining i was 17 i had nightmares for months about those 2 girls~

  23. TvTunerBoy says:

    There’s a lot of horror movies I seen and a lot I haven’t seen. And I love the 80s too after all I was born in it lol I have Child’s Play .. All in fact. I have 1, 2, 3 and 4 on vhses. And all 6 on dvds. part 1, and 2 & 3 double feature, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky and the last film of the series was released in 2013 but this was weird though it had not gone to theaters and it is Curse of Chucky. They are now working on a 7th one as we speak. I heard that the film will be where the 6th one left off at. My mom was a fan of the Chucky movies too but she said to me that she didn’t care for the 6th one or didn’t care for it much. And Night of the Comet I know that film for a longtime every sense before my mom and dad got a divorce. The Fun House is one of my favorites and my mom especially. She love that one. Now Fun Land that’s one I haven’t seen or heard of before. I guess you can say that movie is added on my list to see. Deranged and Motel Hell. That’s the double feature I already knew about. I just haven’t got around to getting it yet. I talk to my dad a while back. He told me that he’s got that one. I haven’t seen both of those movies at all yet. I viewed the trailer of Motel Hell before on youtube and I just viewed it again and I viewed Deranged trailer. It looks like pretty good campy horror classics whatever that means hahaha. There’s another good horror classic I don’t think you mentioned in video but Slugs pretty good but gruesome. Slimy little creatures .. EEEYUCK!!! lol Creepshow 1 & 2 I have on vhses and 3 on dvd Part 3 was released in 2007. Sleepaway Camp box set like the one in your video but without the x on the front of case. And I heard that the box set with the 4th disc was only exclusive at best buy. I think that was at the time when they first released that set but I had no idea that there was a 4th disc in that set otherwise I would of got it at the time when me and my mom first seen it on the shelf. Me and my mom never knew that they were supposed to released a 4th film years ago to the first 3. But I do have also Return to Sleepaway Camp I thought that was part 4 but I guess now we can consider that one as part 5. They Live director of the original Halloween and Christine. That film was good. It had some mix of horror, comedy, action and sci-fi. But sad though the main guy who discovered the aliens first past away awhile back I think it was last year of 2015. Forgot what he died from. I never knew that he was a former wrestler star. I guess I should of figured. He was build like one. (Roddy Piper) is his name just in case you all don’t know who he is. Well that’s pretty much what I had to say or share. But I am a horror maniac too. And the classics or the 80s. And the other movie I forgot but Pet Sematary that is one I love too. me and my mom love. and part Two. There’s a double feature with both of them together I would love get a hold of. Don’t have it yet. But you too though Thanks! for sharing your video with the 80s horror. love it. Thanks!

  24. Hunter Kitty says:

    Hahaha 😂 10:06

  25. Masked Guy says:

    The 1980s were the best time for horror films.

  26. above all odds says:

    The Fog was the best!

  27. Carmen .T. Baldacchino says:

    I really wanna watch "Hellriser" , "The Fly" and "Saw". Gore really doesn’t scare me it’s more disturbing, I can’t watch slasher movies alone though they freak me out…weird

  28. Richard Bain says:

    What about Halloween 2 and Terror Train no mention of Aliens

  29. Spookrockcity says:

    Thing should have gotten #1 despite being a remake.

  30. Космет Србија / Крим Русија says:

    Where is Alien and Hellowwen

  31. MetalPunk98 says:

    Evil Dead 2

  32. Radu Dracula says:

    Am I the only who thought that Jason was gonna be here?

  33. LinkMEP says:

    10. The Thing (same)
    9. The Fly (same)
    8. The Shining (same)
    7. The Lost Boys
    6. Prom Night
    5. Lifeforce
    4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (same)
    3. Poltergeist (same)
    2. Hellbound: Hellraiser II
    1. Aliens

    Honorable Mentions

    Day of The Dead (same)
    They Live
    Night of The Comet
    Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (same)

    Special Mentions (Films that would have been in the list, but I disqualified for sharing a series with another film)

    Hellraiser (same)
    A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors

  34. Jake Lapp says:

    the blob, return of the living dead and creepshow should have been honorable mentions.

  35. Josh Harris says:


  36. Jorge Meza says:

    CGI ruined horror films

  37. identités secretes says:

    friday 13th is the must dumbest shit Ive seen

  38. Niilo Selin says:

    Curtains and State Fright? both of those are very underrated movies.

  39. Eric B says:

    1) Hellraiser is #10? are you fucking kidding me? and Childsplay is #9? Get the fuck out of my face
    2) Evil Dead 2? hey, look baby, i’m one groovy guy just like the rest of us, but it’s not horror you faggots. Evil Dead 1 is horror and should be on this list. It’s like adding "this is the end" as a horror when it’s a fucking comedy.
    3) the shining is #1? really? are you fucking kidding me? I’ve watched The Fly at age 22, in 2012 and pissed my fucking pants. Same with The Thing in around 2012-2013, but the Shining is like Exorcist, it hasn’t aged well and it was never scary to begin with. Long, boring and full of crap, all you need to know is "HERE’S JONNY!" and you don’t have to watch it. Hell, Tommyknockers was scarrier (yes it’s 1993 but still) looking back at your previous list, you said Shining just cause it’s "acceptable" and "full of consensus". Hell, Mad Max and Mad Max 2 had people running out of the theatres throwing up. Bullshit WatchMOJO, bullshit.

  40. Ryan Cox says:

    My personal top 15:

    15. Silent Night, Deadly Night
    14. Day Of The Dead
    13. The Fog
    12. Night Of The Demons
    11. Child’s Play
    10. Demons
    9. The Prowler
    8. My Bloody Valentine
    7. Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
    6. The Evil Dead
    5. Halloween II
    4. The Shining
    3. Hellraiser
    2. John Carpenter’s The Thing
    1. A Nightmare On Elm Street

  41. TheSouffléGirl says:

    No Happy Birthday To Me? ._.

  42. Tim Treakle says:

    i love all these films.however I haven’t seen hellraser or evil dead 2 yet.

  43. Adrienne Gurge says:

    I think The Lost Boys should be on the list or at least given an honorable mention.

  44. justin daniels says:

    WTF evil dead 2 should of been wayyy higher on the list like number 3

  45. Ercan ÖZEK says:

    This wrong 1 to Friday The 13TH

  46. Conversation Club says:

    The shining ? omg what a lack of imagination. the shining aint even scary.

  47. Panda Animations says:

    I love the 1980s so much!

  48. amy clarke says:

    nightmare but robert in real lifei is nice

  49. Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews says:

    The Changeling?  Ghost Story?  Altered States? Scanners?

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